Panzer 58 Mutz review! Is it WORTH the gold?

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 83, GTX 760,
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  1. NOOOO… they bought Foch too… 🙁

    Also, talking about the wolf in the sheeps clothes…. (Foch in the yellow
    stat tank..) … ;D

  2. I can’t believe we are getting a balanced premium tank. Did they fire the
    balancing team?

  3. Absolutely loved the gradual transition! You should do that with every

  4. nuclearsharkattack

    Foch — great review as usual, and good to see you [finally!] get the new
    tanks in the game early to test & review along with the other famous

  5. foch plz show us some of ur game play on the buffed 113
    u are probably the best 113 player on earth and i want to see whether i
    should move on from my wz11114 have nearly got enough experience
    wz11114 has been very nice and so far 100% solo with 59% win rate
    but the first hit on your front plate takes out ur ammo rack is fucking

  6. Foch.. The best youtuber to review tanks

  7. Hey Sir! I loved the start of the review 🙂 Armor is enough for a russian,
    everything else is just playing with words.

  8. Congrats on being accepted as a community contributer, Foch. I subbed to
    you for your no bullshit reviews and opinions and that’s exactly what you
    give. Here’s to a new start as a community contributer.

  9. That completely unnecessary standing rear view mirror though. I get the
    headlights but why did WG make the mirror that can be folded down block the
    gun depression?

  10. more new tanks to shit on my type59 :D

  11. Congratulations on becoming the community contributor! Now Wargaming can
    actually invite you to gamescom, hooray! I am very surprised the community
    team offered you to become contributor, since your opinions are always
    honest and very often against what WG does, but maybe this means Wargaming
    actually started to realize they need people like you to work with the
    community 😉 Best of luck to your next battles and please stay being
    yourself. We love you for that. And btw. as usual very nice review, honest
    and frank as we all like it ^.^

  12. loved the transitiona actually :D

  13. Christian Broehmer

    Foch is a reliable lad. Taking no WG BS

  14. So they basically sell the Indienpanzer for gold and with a different name?

  15. That bs rng on the t34. Cry every time… 🙁 6:30

  16. So wargaming does appreciate your opinions about tanks? LOL

  17. Hello, Ladys and mentaljeans– soo recist for man :(

  18. With 100% BIA, vents, and rammer…….dpm 2100+.


  20. They might add a tank called Chieftain/T95

  21. great video foch I love you new upload frequency!

  22. frank and to the point, you make no bones about listing the weak points of
    tanks, i find your analysis to be the best on youtube

  23. meanwhile in America waiting on new tonk….

  24. You are a CC?

  25. Lmao foch community contributor? wg is so fucking weird, fuck my life. I do
    love You foch, but thats so weird xD

  26. Oh man Serb has the EU community contributors by the balls. Jingles,
    Quickybaby and Foch all upload the same review within like 2 hours of each
    other. Shits scary yo.

  27. A tier 8 premium medium is never really worth its money. Except for the CDC
    maybe. Or if you really, really need a crew trainer. Otherwise, it has the
    same problem as any tier 8 medium tank: It is a tier 8 medium tank.
    Tier 8 mediums are in general just underwhelming tanks. Never liked playing
    them much.

  28. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    sirfoch is gunah lighten up the comunity contributer team 😀
    he is just too damn funny. he gets to the point, no bullsit, no ifs no buts
    just to the point. thats what makes him awesome…coz fuck yeah

  29. Great review . Thanks Foch.

  30. hah sirFoch communoty collaborator …..

  31. The only review of this thing that matters.

  32. Ahh, another video from Commissar Foch of the WG Propaganda department, I

  33. wtf WG will not do a marathon for this tank? fuckin WG hungry for money…

  34. Isn’t this gonna be a mission reward ?

  35. I don’t even play this game anymore but I still watch your stream and video
    cause you’re epic

  36. Why this tank dont have more penetration than cdc? Cos fuck logic.

  37. looks like just another useless prem tank

  38. the Name from this bear it’s mutz

  39. it is a switzerland Tank. the bear on the side is on fhe flag from Bern

  40. Foch I recommend to install the mods by a guy called Foch (a very very
    salty Twitch streamer) – then you don’t have to work with that shitty
    server reticle alone!

  41. Nice Gameplay, nice Teamwork with the Type, he seems to have played well.
    Keep it coming. <3

  42. Damn epic prem tank i want it :D

  43. is it worth the gold? not if they over price it… 🙂 nice

  44. Straight outta stream

  45. 1 minute late before QB.

  46. also the commentary is like 10s late :D

  47. the transition between the garage and game is fucked but i’m too lazy to
    reupload it/

  48. thatbattlefield dude

    oh shit
    I am buying this for sure

  49. stil watching 4th minute, but cant not get rid of the feeling: is this
    indie pz. ?

  50. How does it hold up against three T-54s? :D

  51. Adolf Oliver Nipple


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