PANZER VIII MAUS – Simulator Battle (War Thunder Maus Tank Gameplay)

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PANZER VIII – Simulator Battle ( Tank Gameplay)

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  1. MAUS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. more sim

  3. Sir, there is an emergency in the kingdom. The Fockers are doing some shady things in Europe and we need you to take our latest Beaufighter and a squad of Spitfires for cover to see what the enemy is up to. It may be a challenge but I believe you can accomplish this task. And the Queen needs you…
    Contact Attempt 3

  4. “OMG! i did it!” -PhlyDaily 2017

  5. Killer. Duck.

  6. Need so much more of this Sim battles stuff. It’s what brought me to your channel years ago, and I’d love more co-op Sim battles with Devildog.

  7. Very impressive, pleasure to watch.
    You know what would be epic? If you put a “radio chat” filter on what you guys say.

  8. #OLDINTRO i dont like the new intro not as good but its still alright

  9. dude why you gotta trick me like that man 🙁 wanted to add you on MySpace. guess my creepy uncle will be the only person to see my posts

  10. I would like to see eather the F4u or P 61

  11. why did u WEP all the time (」゚ロ゚)」

  12. i sometimes playing simulation gameplay. well i good at kill teammate XD.

  13. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    At the end, he shot your upper front plate

  14. phlydailies don’t know what deflection shots off gun barrels into engine block are

  15. 4:21 I have a stu-stutter

  16. Phlee and Dgg are life

  17. Kristian čolak-barać

    T44 can’t pen maus fly

  18. Sup Phly
    I got a question
    the sound mod you have where do I download it?
    your gameplay have been intesified sence you applied it 🙂

  19. where’s the lawnmower​ intro attempt #1

  20. hey phly what was the tank with the op rear end i think on the Russian team i cant find the video of it that you made on it .

  21. Guten tag mein Freund, Phly. The Eastern front has stalled out and your Panzer has been knocked out. You have commandeered a T-34-747 (r) but unfortunately the gunner sight has been destroyed. You must become an ace from the zoomed commander seat only, during the entire battle. Luckily for you, legendary pilot Hans Ulrich Rudel is providing air support in the AO from his JU 87 D-5. (For BR)

    Thanks for all the videos and good hunting!
    Attempt #5

  22. hey phly play tankionline 4 me

  23. Scharfschutze 99

    just a tip for you phly don’t know if you gonna read it or response to it, for the tanks with offset optics like maus has optics on the roof, for this tanks use sight distance control and lift the gun to 400 meters, then you can shoot normally like RB, but yeah you still have to shoot a little left, vertical offset will be fixed

  24. Scharfschutze 99

    and for Maus, use the 75 to track those tanks normal 80mm pen will do

  25. jad tiger and fully camouflage with bushhh plsss

  26. Phly I tried downloading Borris’s sound mod but I have 1.69, do the 1.67 files available still work for 1.69 war thunder or do we have to wait for a new version of the mod?

  27. Blackwood Security

    you and Devil are my favourite youtubers right now besides the Node crew.
    I remember when devil stopped war thunder videos, and it made me sad cause you two work really well together.
    Good to see you guys kicking it around again!


  29. 我爱你!

  30. war thunder scope button ?

  31. phly, could you possibly link the sound mod to me please? Thanks!

  32. intro never goes out of style

  33. man when you zoom in it feels like battleship cannon xD

  34. phly how do you make that tag on the left of your screen? i have always wondered how you do it

  35. I like the maus.

  36. #attempt 1
    i have a challenge for you, hunt ground targets with the Do 217 n-2 i did it. so can you

  37. How can these t-44s even pen a maus

  38. Too lame, but you tried.

  39. Do sim battles more Phlyisimo, this is intense as fuck, great video as always !

  40. I really like the sound mod that you have but I can’t find it anywhere

  41. Tiago D'Agostini

    On THIS mode.. and only on these conditiosn the maus is godlike fun

  42. what sound mod are you using Phly?
    i would like to use it

  43. thing you should never try on MAUS – cross a country bridge.

  44. Did phly used the 45 mm coaxial gun ?

  45. What sound mod is this?

  46. Алексей Бабушкин

    Which sound mod r u using?

  47. Enjoyable team work!

  48. I wonder why u guys don’t use the little numbers in the top of the screen when u in binos or sights to give info about enemy? idk what its called xddd

  49. Even tho he missed a few times, I am always left in wonder how he typically always has direct hits from any distance.

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