PANZERWERFER 42 – Rockets On NEW MAP Stalingrad Factory! – War Thunder 1.53 New German Vehicles

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PANZERWERFER 42 – Rockets On Stalingrad Factory! – War Thunder 1.53 New German Vehicles

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  1. damm phily 50 sec ago



  4. Ayy lmao

  5. This is a Panzerwerfer. It werfs Panzers.

  6. Yuo see Ivan,
    even Panzerwerfer is stronk to small tanks

  7. how to get the 1.53 update ??

  8. I’m so earl.

  9. Phly the destruction is only in Berlin.

  10. Phly! make an per bandit episode

  11. Is the panzerwerfer werft it

  12. can you try to get the new tier v tank destroyer


  14. I hate Gaijen for moving the vampire and venom before the hunter. allready
    brought the eagles to get the f1 :(

  15. Would love to try out dev server, I have the client working but the
    download is so big to catch up with (Still need to download 1.51 and then
    1.53 for my Dev Server client).

  16. Hah! epic vid Phly that looked so dang fun. Kinda brown trousers time
    hearing those rockets coming your way. Custom battle during Phlyday have
    epic fun potential 🙂 I hope you, slick and baron team up in these sometime
    soon !

  17. the only fault you made when you tried to say Panzerwefer is you didnt yell
    it xD

  18. I believe Berlin is the only map with a destructible environment right now.


  20. I hope it can pen an IS-2 , because you have to expose yourself allot to
    get a hit at all.

  21. I want a new redicle for the Panzerwerfer 42

  22. Hitler’s favorite video game: Mein Kraft

  23. God damn Russian devs. Always making German vehicles with high BR ratings
    so they are underpowered for their matches.

  24. It’s not panzer weffe it’s WERFER not weffe

  25. T26 T99 masterrace

  26. You and baron are very clear speakers with a great vocabulary

  27. I wish we’d gotten to see that killshot at the end of the vid. When he hit
    you, you did that swing around like he tracked you with the shot.

  28. it sais my account is not registered or something for the dev. does this
    just mean that the server is offline or?

  29. panzuh wuffuh 42 best vehicle.

  30. WHY DONT YOU USE THE FUCKING 5 BUTTON PHLY??!? it looks like a top down
    view cause you’re in an artillery you know….

  31. I hope they will fix the ranging in the reticle

  32. I want to try the Panzerwerfer 42 on the Hoth Map. I think it could be
    effective against Infantry and ATST. Would be fun to see the MG3 Shooting
    on rebels or stormtroopers.

  33. lol that one guy that disliked the video XD

  34. How the hell do you even get into the Dev servers ;-;

  35. You should do a custom battle with the Panzerwerfer, where one team
    barrages a another team


  37. Expect me in game firing these!

  38. The sound effects sound like a tie fighter flying past

  39. The new graphics look AMAZING in my opinion!

  40. poly could you do some aa battles with the panzerwerfer

  41. how kane you play in the def server i need 2 now!?

  42. you do know you have a range number in the scope, and a distance number on
    the enemy. just mach them

  43. honestly think the way to play this vehicle is to unload all 12 rockets on
    1 target and run away to reload lol that accuracy

  44. that fucking stupid becuse 2 front guys die you die they need to fix that
    with all fucking tanks. if you have one crew man your tank should still
    work but you have to twitch him what you need done

  45. It would be cool to fire all of them at the same time or rapid fire them

  46. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Phly I’m here to tell you you suck at aiming with rockets so much.

  47. Red Orchestra was my first impression too :D

  48. oh my god those screaming memes ^^

  49. CoD 2 The Big Red One (best cod ever)

  50. B-17 that wanted to be a fighter tried to hard. xD

  51. You pronounced its name really nicley Fry, thanks :-D

  52. Matthew Bainbridge

    looks cool. when is the new update coming out btw, thanks

  53. You can follow rockets by holding U just like with bombs. :)

  54. phly is this update 1.53 is on or when please answer me

  55. Is 1.53 out or is this the dev server

  56. Hey plhy please phly the new p-38’s next :)

  57. warthunder needs the Gustav rail cannon

  58. Ply can you talk about how tier 5s are now 7.7 so they face tiger 2s. Is 2s
    and perishing and they can’t pen those top tier tanks

  59. The sound reminds me of star wars.

  60. If the name has brackets then it means its AI so technically all u killed
    was a T-34-85 which was a 1 in a million shot hitting the roof of the
    engine and a whirbelwind making this the most useless tank along side the
    ZUT-37. Btw dont get your hopes up for destructible environment….remember
    when the ice in Finland was breakable but it turned out to be an extremely
    glitchy death field because you will get caught on nothing? Good old Gaijin

  61. useless, anything and everything will one shot you.

  62. I see epic custom battles

  63. This will be perfect for my 4.3 germans. It will now be the kv1b, the
    german Sherman, and the panzerwerfer 

  64. Do a video on the Hunter next plzzz!

  65. i fapped to this

  66. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    phly you better do hawker hunter gameplay or I’m gonna slit more bags of
    tea than throats

  67. I hope you’ll make the video with comparison of kinds of explosives in the

  68. GrayDog ofDarkRumors

    Maybe the rockets will be a bit OP here. Meh, something to fight the
    Russians with though :D

  69. Please do a Hunter video phly

  70. One. Does. Not. Simply. Mix. Call Of Duty. And RO2. PLS :D

  71. 1:20 Fazeclan Symbol O_O

  72. Pan-Zuh-WuPhuFuhPuhFuh = best tank lol

  73. phly please run the pershing with rocket pods on the turret please!!

  74. you know what you have got to do when we all have these don’t you bombers

  75. I want this so much, how many golden eagles?

  76. The part when he tried to shoot a b 17 give me an idea. Do a custom game of
    rocket artillery tanks vs planes

  77. “Pensa werfa”

  78. phly you can do a hell fire with that thing

  79. If you hold u you can follow the rocket in its flight. Can you try that

  80. jeez this is a good year for games and updates for games

  81. 3:19 New voice acting?

  82. how do you set AI to something other than reserve in custom battles?

  83. Phyla doesnt your sight say how far the rocket will go? I think it’s in
    Yard though, but to the right and a little bit up from the center of the
    sight has numbers and it lower when you aim down and raises when you aim

  84. The custom battles with these lined up and all firing at once

  85. how many golden eagels? some 1 plzzzz tell me

  86. how do you get onto the dev server

  87. i want a ship in war thunder!

  88. +PhlyDaily All ground vehicles require two living crewmen to operate. It
    doesn’t matter their position. Once you’re left with one survivor, the tank
    is considered “Knocked out”.

  89. “the thing is, anything can penatrate me” phly 2015

  90. How to get in the dev server

  91. Looks cool Phly! I noticed you had artillery.. I think it would make more
    sense if you had some custom artillery where you were the actual gun that
    fired, when clicked on the map.. Instead of an artillery support vehicle
    having access to external artillery..

  92. 1.53? When is it released for us normal mortals?

  93. how r u able to play the patch??

  94. COD 2 is easily the greatest COD game

  95. I can not update the game

  96. Please do a custom battle with Baron where your team is in Rocket vehicles
    and the planes are biplanes or something and they can only ram.

  97. that sound man

  98. the name like “[boris]” its an ai
    so anyon with ” [ ] ” is AI

  99. Kristofer Cunningham

    how much will the panzerwerfer cost ?

  100. I want to see british tanks very much!

  101. Виктор «VarVarith» Тюрин

    Not Ivan, it sounds like Eevan.

  102. i bet they will make it so they dont spawn with shells loaded so they cant
    cross map the enemy spawn

  103. Panzerwerfer VS biplanes.

  104. is it just me or whenever he killed someome, the crew of the tank would say
    something, like in wot?

  105. Are the rockets the rocket key or mouse click

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