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  1. *Going to see hearl parbor today ill let you know how it is!*

  2. does anyone know if i can transfer my ps4 acc to pc?

  3. Thank you Benny for spreading the joy

  4. Asking to play with phlopy 85

  5. This might be the funniest intro yet, and I smell a meme to rival “go avay” in the making

  6. During WW2 the Germans were revolutionary
    – OddBawz 2020

  7. love benyee laughs, makes me laugh more XD

  8. Benny’s laugh is the best thing I heard all day.

  9. The worst thing i think about, is that Phly will die in my lifetime ;(

  10. i love how at 11:18 it says ammo stowage

  11. benedictus pramudana jesudas himawan

    Wow almost 1M subscribe

  12. Spookie

  13. hearl parbor oh my lord KEKW

  14. Benny is just too funny man great content great community great friends keep it coming

  15. please make benny’s laugh a soundbite

  16. Warthunder needs more vehicles like this.

  17. You, Odd and Benny are the best together.

  18. ScreamingGermania YT

    Phly is playing with a Scottish guy and the laughing Spanish dude XD

  19. 0:24 you got that laughing guy in your squad or what 😀

  20. Herbert Karschunke

    Phly pls dont make jokes over pearl harbour it is not witzig

  21. I think thats the ONLY german vehicle is with a MG 42

  22. Imagine a milk truck that give repairs, crew members, ammo and have a bonus for captures but is slow. Would be really fun in squads.

  23. Imagine being met with that level of firepower at 3:46

  24. day 5: P-61, no radar, no a.i. controlled turret. Night time fight

  25. Play the P-36A

  26. Bunjamin betton was at hearl parbour.

  27. Today its my 18th birthday ^^

  28. “Now” that you had a taste of the phrench 90mm armor piercing baguettes with the Bat Chat, why don’t try out the heat croissants oph the AMX-13-90?

    Attempt #205

  29. You should use thease as mlrs and wreck the cap zone

  30. World war 3 be like in 2025 soldier with YouTube channel’s and TikTok lol

  31. ThunderCats Gaming

    hey phly you and bo time gaming adds a marker to point a enemy

  32. Great group to watch!! Thanks for the great videos

  33. Play su5-1 at top teir, even with how much I suck at ground vehicles, I managed to get a kill.

  34. These get togethers are my favorite, you guys crack each other up. It’s priceless.

  35. 30 seconds in and I’m cry laughing!

  36. New Trailer for WT came out today

  37. Hey this is Malaysia_Army i watch war thunder have new update new sweden plane jet

  38. I love Benny’s laugh! Very contagious!

  39. DaVolf DaVolfDirector

    The best thing when you hear that laugh of benny

  40. Thank you for making me laugh in these strange times.

  41. Benny laughtrack……..

  42. bro the new update

  43. Benny’s laughter is the greatest, genuine and uncontrollable.

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