Party like it’s 2012 – Jagdtiger 8.8 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Today we are going to party like itÙs 2012, because me and Jedi Platoon up in 8.8’s and make a peculiar move..


  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I remember when this was the best credit farming premium back in 2013. You would just hide your lower plate and go to town. Now tier 8’s have enough base pen to go through the mantlet.

    • Pretty sure I’d prefer to chop off some of my vital reproductive organs than to play a Jagd 88 in the current state of the game and I don’t even have that tank

    • it’s still very good at farming credits due to low caliber

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Wahngott it’s actually pretty good now.


      +Wahngott its better than before, but you have better alternatives like the t26e5. Better in every way except dpm. It also has s turret

    • I haven’t played 4 matches in my jag 88 since the defender was released. Even after the buffs, it’s still wack. Makes decent money when you can find something that doesn’t require apcr on its weak spots though.

  3. This was one of my first premiums!

  4. dat capping teammate tho. lol

  5. so based on this, seems like I was play Jag 88 wrong lol

  6. Ahhh, memories

  7. Love the Comet at the corner of the banana road: “It’s alright chaps, I will hold this flank against a Defender and ONi in my superior British medium tank no bother. See you for a cup of tea later”


  9. Gareth Fairclough

    Capped a winning game?

  10. Ah the meme JT 8.8 vs the idiot-proof Defender

  11. What happened to sn00ze. Did he get killed or worse, married?

  12. As a (mostly) FTP player this was my first and only premium tank. This past choice has left me with some moments of joy…but mainly pain, suffering and regrets ?

  13. That was close! That M6 almost made a comeback

  14. It reminds me when I, in a Strv S1, ate a whole Jagdtiger 8.8 ?
    The guy didn’t knew where to shoot (cupola) and just kept bouncing, if it was Circon I’m pretty sure he would track me, climb on me and make me his bitch

  15. General Gao's Chicken

    The slower, suckier TD version of a slow, sucky tank.

  16. Sinterklaas En Zwarte Piet

    The title on itself makes this a good vid

  17. Great use of Jedi as spaced armor.

  18. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    This makes me so proud and happy

  19. Jandre Labuschagne

    Wait Wtf. Circon I see you are platooning. Did they fix the mm or something??? Haven’t followed world of trash for months

  20. Like that movie when he says .. I wanted quarters. … all they had was nickels…. firing monet down barrels..


  22. Nothing beats JT 8.8 in a city map going ham. there is something really pleasant in it!

  23. You know something is wrong with you when you read “pointyhairedjedi” as “pantyhairedjedi”

  24. That traverse speed tho.

  25. Great game Circon but PHJ need to get his act together to play with the master.

  26. Man that wz really sucked circons dick hard LUL

  27. Circon drives down almost the entire length of the 2 line and when he reaches the end of the buildings the enemy Chinese TD is still not pointed in his direction. May we all face off against such enemies.


      Its a bold move. The enemy just had to take turns in scooting around the corner to shoot at circon. Jedi and the team wouldnt be able to hit the enemy as circon would be blocking the shots. Circon was just lucky in this case; they happen all the time

  28. i had wanted this tank for years and finally got it. first fight got ace in it. totally worthless in tier 9 fights but sometimes you can do it because higher tiers ignore you til late.

  29. Good thing that O-Ni with 0 damage got in the cap as well,, or that could have been an easy loss.(Sarcasm inserted, dry)

  30. circon and his girlfriend on 3:44 he finished on 5:44

  31. Bummer Jedi died but at least you got the Defender.

  32. Christos Segkounas

    I remember when WG gave us a free rental period for this tank.
    Good as it may be, it is sooooooooo boring I’d rather slash my wrists than play this thing.
    The tier 9 Jagdtiger on the other hand is pure sex.
    I guess it all comes down to the gun.

  33. Top tier Jag88, smash 3500 dmg. Bottom tier Jag88, return to garage and pick new vehicle

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