Patch 1.0.2 Review! + Mods – World of Tanks

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  1. The 268.4 should be removed from the game. End of story!

  2. Customization for tier VI and VIII?!?!?
    *cries in empty wallet*

  3. MM not a known issue……lol. love it.

  4. Why the fuck does it take them 6 months to nerf a T110E3 that goes 55 km/h?

  5. Cheers Circon😃

  6. so… still no change. guess I will have to stay banned. he hehe

  7. Congrats Wargamening! You managed to fix everything, except those things that badly needed to be fixed.
    Never mind bd MM, OP tanks, ruined maps, maps like the abomination called “Province” but you did manage to update the color schemes of Tier VI tanks! BRAVO!

    • the silver earnings of the game too, without a premium account you lose up to 60k in tier8 against tier10, if you want to be competitive

    • Connor Reaccon losing 60k? are you shooting all your premium ammo on a rock and then get killed? As bad as you can in a tier 8-10, losing 60k is over exaggerated. If WG buffs tier 8-10 credit earnings, then there will be more people playing high tiers and the lower tiers will soon be a barren wasteland, and new players won’t be able to progress because there are less people queueing for lower and mid tiers, which will kill the game.

  8. Of course they know about the match making, that’s why they are “perfecting” the premium tanks. It’s a well known fact that it’s all the tier 8 premium tanks fault that the match maker is messed up XD

  9. 277 sadly is shit 🙁 wasted my exp and credits on that shit… FU WG.

  10. How do I download the modpack again? 😀

  11. Now I can put Lightning camo on the TIGER 2!

  12. do people still play this game? woooow

  13. Is the mod pack WG approved?

  14. WG release OP tanks on purpose so that people grind that line using free XP, so basically spend MONEY on the game then when enough people have paid the OP tax or the complaints from the masses of players get too loud they nerf the line but introduce another OP line / Tank. They’ve been doing this for years, it’s not new information. It’s how they make money as a company and if you put up with it the joke is on you, you can’t blame them for being who they are but you can blame yourself for allowing them to keep getting away with it at your own expense…….

  15. They’re changing the fuel tank or whatever for the Object 277, but they’re not bothering to do something about that horrible transmission killing the engine for the german vehicles… alright then.

    • Cosmin Tirlea cause on germans that was a normal thing the 277 was basically getting caught on fire with almost everyshot received

    • Normal? No it wasn’t. Then all Russians need to be knocked out the whole time as well. We know why not.

    • Calabi-Yau Manifold

      There has and always be a bias against German tanks in WoT and WT. Unsurprisingly both are related to Russia in one way or another.

  16. I agree, WT auf E 100 was ridiculous with the autoloader, but at least everyone could penetrate it with HE. At least it felt good to do 500 damage to it with my IS-3…

  17. Wg made e 50 ‘m gun depression the same on the front and the side a long time ago. I might be wrong

  18. What are in the mods files? What mods are we downloading? It doesnt say any.

    “It has the other stuff”- I am not a usual at your streams, but a follower of your videos on YT, so IDK which mods are in there.

  19. Fuck all of you who cried about obj.277, I hate you.
    Now they nerfed it for no reason, cry about the 5A you morons.

  20. Chandler Kristoff

    Heheheh, Can’t wait to see all the crazy Tier 6 paintjobs people are going to come up with, my Cromwell and Sherman Jumbo are going to look VERY nice…

  21. How overpowered Bobject was? They had to cut almost all its stats by 30% or 40%…. OMG, what have they been smoking when they released it initially?

  22. Hooooo custom on tier 6, mega troll KV-2 incoming :3

  23. 3/5/7 still there? not reinstalling. pretty simple

  24. Chandler Kristoff

    FML didn’t see the heading “Known issues” i thought that whole list was what they fixed, it sucks not hearing when you get shot, and screw me for trying to use multiple Z messages but some A-hole can ping the map constantly like wtf, but i did think it’s funny how you can train crew for tanks not in the game like the Obj 726 haha.

  25. Daniel Turtlepudding

    Matchmaking is not a known issue because it is the fault of the pref MM Tanks that we have and are still for sale 😉 Thanks for the vid

  26. All we need is more Object WTF & Russian tanks. Oh the joy!!!!

  27. I also have the 268.4 in the garage since release, and never played it. I hope there are many plebs who are now crying because their precious shittank got a bit “adjusted”.

  28. I have the 277 and went 20+ games in it so far and its absulutely garbage. The armor is nonexistant i get penned by is-3 s and lorr 40t s in the upper hull and the turret, and the gun is like the is-7 with better pen. I think this tank is the second worse russian tank after the is-4

  29. K-91 – rear turret, -9 gun depression.
    WZ-120 – mid turret, -3 ….

  30. The lower lower plate was supposed to be nerfed and tested on the common test but in fact if you look up in tanks gg it wasn’t and i still think it ain’t so waiting for the live server collision model to come out to check.

  31. Hey Circon, loved the video. On the map criticisms you have. Wouldn’t it be more conducive to spend more time on the changes you think would be better for certain maps rather than how bad the changes they did make are?

  32. Wargaming devs: *Ignores community asking for specific fixes to the game*
    Wargaming devs: *give players the ability to paint their T-34-85’s like giant, armoured, fluorescent penises*
    Wargaming devs: “Why does our community hate us?”

  33. On Blitz the K-91 is a mid turret autoloading heavy

  34. My JP E100 cries every time he sees the V4 statistics

  35. 3,5,7 still exists.. so technically nothing is fixed?

  36. Trevor Renkevens

    Ok wargaming, cool! Now you have to fix ruined or forgotten maps, bad mm, credit earning mechanic, power creeped tier 8s and 10s. Oh wait, thats pretty much the whole game. I stopped playing this game 3 months ago, and to be honest I’m not going back.

    By the way, the reason why they are not doing tier 7 and 9 for customization is because tier 7 and 9 are the only tier that are non-frustrating to play. So, they are bitching about it.

  37. 3-5-7 is still in game
    268v4 still OP, nerfs insignifficant
    Maps not really changed, just minor twitches
    Hitboxes still screwed
    So, what’s really new?

  38. Honestly i never understood the notion that the 268 v4 is some ungodly opponent impossible to combat, it had a shit gun, and good armer, if you are not willing to aim for any of the multitude of weakspots, like the engine deck for example, thats great to shoot btw. Honestly never have i had any huge issues dealing with it nor have i felt like a maus playing it.

  39. i don’t understand why WG will nerf obj277 ??? it’s not even competitive with 5A or IS-7 and now they will nerf it to the ground ! “2.7” aiming time? and “12.5” sec reload time with 2300 DPM xD ??? really’s even wors than the T-10 now .
    sorry but i started to hate this game specially after nerfing the T110E5, and the 268 4, and now 277,… after 10 days of grinding XP on T10 i’ll never buy
    this underpowerd tank :'(

  40. You need to talk ABOUT new euia

  41. 277 nerfs are a step too far for a T-10 successor. Now there’s very little reason, if any, to take it over the IS-7 and definitely none to take it over the 5a. It doesn’t have the armour or gun depression for those gun handling stats. Bear in mind that not everyone is an all-tier X-unlocked long term player who’re just considering a new addition to a populated garage, and many of us are grinding towards viable 10s for inclusion in clans. I was expecting a 277 nerf as it was justified, but this just seems to have made it incapable of competing in its designated role! Nerfs to other aspects would have made a lot more sense to me. For now I consider myself jebaited into farming 220k XP on my T-10 which I’m not going to use, and instead I’ll just keep grinding towards the 110 for now.

  42. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Really good? The Obj277 of now? At best it’s good dude, come on, now it’s just a god damn IS-7 with some pros and cons to it.

    • Calabi-Yau Manifold

      Good to know Obj277 is just a T-10 with armor. They nerfed too many things. Typical of WG monkeys to overbuff a tank and overnerf another, K91 and 277

  43. Thanks Circ, please keep these types of vids coming 🙂

  44. Lol, people bitch about everything these days.
    How did we fight T110E3s way back without gold ammo……..

  45. “Love” how they changed mm on the NA server, 3/3/9 gotta “love” it.

  46. Hi Circon I really appreciate your videos and comments on wot. I downloaded the mods for the mark excellence and I would like to know how can I do setting on this mods, also I see it display on the current percentage without the percentage you need to achieve. I do like the zoom back (sorry for my English, I’m Italian) its very useful when you want see enemy around the wall:) Ittogami NA server

  47. I was expecting some love for rhm panzerwagen or tiger II, or even reparing erlenberg and fjords but yeah … painting for t6

  48. 277 got nerfed far bellow the wz-111-5a rightfully so. Really?

  49. That feel when your tanks to OP, that your lower plate weak-spot, needs a lower plate weak-spot of its own xD

  50. Now only if they would update console as fast as they update pc.

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