Patch 1.0 First Impressions Highlights!

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Source: Circonflexes

Part 1!

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  1. Good to know I’m not the only one with the loading problem

  2. The Joker Channel

    Damn it Elliot wrong title! It’s weekly funny moments with Circon!

  3. I do love your streams. However constant complaining about matchmaking and maps starts to be a bit annoying. You are right, but hearing about it over and over every stream is not cool. Bring good vibes back please 🙂

  4. The Joker Channel

    Welcome to my life Circon low fps and takes 100 years to fire

  5. Yes it’s hard to see people and it’s hard to get tank outlines

  6. Claudiu Razvan Vanan

    The Dank3sT T1m3l1n3 confirmed!

  7. My recommendation is that nobody play mines from tier 6 onward. Just go make some coffee or open a beer. If that keeps going on long enough they will get they hint

  8. there are so little positive wot streamers left.. Circon went the foch way of being salty and complaining all the time.. too bad

  9. Even maps got Russian bias now…

  10. At start up i went blue when was moving along with no tank in front of me but bang he appeared from no where

  11. Chandler Kristoff

    10:49 At this very moment, the Conqueror knew, HE SCREWED UP.

  12. Chandler Kristoff

    “Cleanup on aisle two” i’m dead XD

  13. Kinda funny how chat reacted to server lag on a new patch release… any decent game has fucked servers on every patch day. Really shows the popularity of WoT these days.

  14. LOL you are hilarious I haven’t laughed so much

  15. switched my game to SSD and it stopped the loading cancer …might be too much for a stranded HDD

  16. The game is currently unplayable because everyone is just yoloing to be in top 10 for that shitty Intel competition.

  17. the mines has became a castle?

  18. “havok engine, I’m living it” *building simply disappears when touched by the tank*

  19. I can Talk BOUMMM 😛

  20. Does the tracer show when your not spotted? Would mean all those camping bitch Swedish red liners would be in some trouble

  21. Good vid. always like yours. THX for showing load out on 263. ot should help. GLHF

  22. The new map they added and the reworked 2 sided map with the castle (even more of a camp fest now) are crap imo.

  23. It’s sad watching a ‘man-baby’ laugh of his own ‘jokes'(?)
    U look scary

  24. So the new meta is all about HE mediums and direct-fire obj261? I might redownload the game just for that purple flower patch.

  25. The loading issues are the same on my PC. Tried on another PC and also the same…. I hope it’s sorted out soon!!

  26. I thought I would never say this but please bring back 9.22.

  27. Lol, man I wish I had watched that stream 😀

  28. Da, is not glitched blyat. Is feature blyat. Buy bundles blyat.

  29. Glad I watched this as I thought my graphics card was playing up with ghost tanks.

  30. I have the same loading issue. Is there a fix for it?

  31. LOL ‘they made mines worse…’ Of course they did. Because reasons. Loved it today.

  32. Best comments ever

  33. I thought it was only the US severs that were glitching, WG needs to update their servers.

  34. I’m glad to see that you are also having some loading issues. I have pretty beast PC but I tought somethings gone sideways cuz I can’t fucking load in time. That lag spike after loading is just retarded, drove into a lake twice already and few times into the open, flipped sideways against a rock once or then turned around and driving against a fucking wall or something. And I’d like to know what went wrong with the fps, on test server i got steady 144 with v-sync, without it at best i peaked 350fps in some locations, now that the patch is live I’m forced to lock the fps to 60 ??? Fucking fix this shit. Also the games loaded normally on test server.

  35. More of this please!

  36. Lots of problems with loading into the game and mini map has ghost tanks or teammates don’t show up, it took me over 24 hours to download the update, just to look pretty lol what a waste of time and money.

  37. yeah, i thought, check 1.0 out. So, after 1.5 years i startet WoT again.
    Looks nice indeed, but as soon as i played my elc, i canceld. Bye Bye World of Tanks

  38. WoT TF?? ? Nice meme!!!

  39. I get that kind of lag too. It stinks.

  40. Really nice video! This time the colors are crisp af, eeelliottttt!

  41. Awesome edit. Love the fast-paced commentary as edited together. Awesome!

  42. I was having all the loading issues as well, moving the game to an SSD solved all the issues.

  43. There’s a reason why I always load my first few matches in arty after 1.0.

  44. First game in 1.0 and I turn to leave the cap circle and I’m stuck and taking ramming damage and then *Blink* a tank appears in front of me. Weird.
    Also: its kind of reassuring that my potato laptop has pretty much the same game performance as Circon’s Beastly Gaming Rig.

  45. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    You are funny guy I like you

  46. Oh yea, I got killed a few times just because I was admiring the scenery too much to pay attention to enemy tanks…………oy!

  47. “Maps are flatter, so tanks with like 4 degrees of gun depression…”
    *GASP* MY SU-122-4… Oh, wait, it has shit pen, nevermind, I’ll just stick to the WZ-120-1G FT…

  48. Welcome to NA Server performance, Circon! We have experienced the same problems that you showed in the video since the update, weird hitboxes, odd effects, load in lag, tanks not rendering (imagine hitting an invisible friendly O-I in your poor little Chaffee at full speed…it was not pretty.) Worst of all is the game freeze up where you could very well end up upside down in a lake because it freezes. It feels like they rushed the patch out and didn’t properly optimize it. P.S. An ssd may help, it may not (I’ve heard complaints there too) but turning off all sound does seem to help, but why should we even have to do that?
    However I distinctly recall the witlings at wargaming saying that not only would it not terribly crash existing computers, but performance might even be improved.

  49. The Yellow Pages A to K

    Loved the video Circon same thing happened to me with spawning int oa game.

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