Patch 9.21 preview

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Source: Zeven


  1. i’m watching now. I hope there is some coverage of the “paint” function in this video (-:

    • The only thing you need to know is. It costs the same for all tanks now, so less on high tiers for full camo. And you don’t have to buy one set for each tank. You can take it off and move it around for free, inc the paint. So I Bought Black for the E100 on all seasons. Took it off and used it on the Lowe. No issues or costs to do so. So don’t buy for all your tanks. Just move it to the few you play. And take of the camo on the gun on low tiers. As you can’t see it, like on the T7CC. And gather a few and give it to other tanks. As the camo bonus value is only given if you have it on the hull, you don’t need it on all parts to get it, like the gun.

    • I gave you a thumbs up because you were super helpful, even though i wasn’t looking for it. I was mostly joking about the ability for my kids to turn my tanks pink and purple, but your input was greatly appreciated! You will potentially save me a fortune and help improve my light tank play. TY

    • Yeah there are some confusion on how it works. Some say WG got more greedy, as they don’t know they can take it off for free.

  2. Well the tier 8 French HT was not changed from CT, and it still sucks. And the armor is 100% useless. Running the stock turret on it atm, as the rangefinder weakspot is way way smaller, and it bounces more tbh.

  3. you should apply for job on some radio station

  4. The tier VIII has shite terrain resistances though. So weird to see a 50 120 hull to move so sluggishly even without any significant hull armor upgrades.

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