Patch 9.22 – Round 2! Lets take a look..

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  1. So, that SU-101… Felt like they where about to work on it but then went out for lunch and came back to continue work on the obj. 263 lmao.

    • Circonflexes lol love how everybody just hates the 257 and TD line.. but look at the 430 pen.. rly? 270? On a tier 9 russian med?

    • MirCorporation its prem shell

    • Nebojsa Kmezic that’s the point. Other meds get 330. How tf am I supposed to pen Type 5 or other shit frontally.. I guess I can’t.

    • MirCorporation other meds get 100mm gun.
      Type 5 concerning, dint fight it from the front i guess? Do something else untill you can change the angle

    • Nebojsa Kmezic what exactly am I supposed to do in late game when I meet it frontaly 1v1, long distance, low hp (that happens quite often). I can’t really spot him with russian view range, so using my camo isn’t the best idea and trying to make him miss isn’t 100% sure thing

  2. So 257 got nerved so what with 705A? The only weakspot is the lower plate and when you sidescrape you can’t hit it. So how about fixing that

  3. DOES WARGAMING THINK? i agree the 257 should be the new line, is8 shouldnt have been changed out. just makes no freaking sense!

  4. Russian tank shit thanks to circon bitching and complaining

  5. fuck u circon

  6. no circon, don’t wish for the 257 to get its own line. I can already see it leading to the Obj 279

  7. BTW worst armor from Tier 7 to Tier 8: Look at A-44 and then Obj. 416!
    Thanks for your infos, Circon.

  8. Conclusion: WG staff are high on coke (and not the Pepsi type).

  9. The 257 is still broken. Either introduce a new tank that doesn’t have a V-shaped hull or nerf the side armor completely so that the armor is not V-shaped. Or, ignore that and change the MM to -1/+1 so that people with tier 7s do not face this thing that is better than most of the tier 10s in this game. This entire update is not needed while there are other problems that needs to be seriously addressed.

  10. Yeah, it turns out that angled-sides creates a nightmarishly cramped and difficult-to-use interior, which is why literally every nation abandoned them for tank design. There are good reasons this design never made it off the drawing board, at least one of which is almost certainly “there’s way too little usable space for the crew inside”.

    Wargaming including this tank as a perfectly viable and usable tank with absurdly good armor is a slap in the face to reality/history and really indicative that they don’t care about balance or even a semblance of realism, and just want to include every Russian thing that sounds or looks awesome at a glance, with none of its logical flaws.

  11. At first i looked at the stats of the new t10 TD and tought: meh. But then 2 JagdPanzerE100 bounced with HEAT and i was like: Rasha blyat

  12. I thought they should change the side hull to 40mm and they did. Thats a sign wargaming is listening

  13. It’s stupid that they changed it to 40 mm because the thing can’t sidescrape anymore

  14. I think they should have left the t-10 just buff the armor and nerf mobility

  15. SU-101 now has only 2.2 gun depression so they actually gave it a little more if it now has 3 on the test server

  16. Remember circon, the su101 had 2 degree of depression before it was buffed this patch

  17. I really hope that WG will listen one day and make the game better…

  18. So it’s basically the child of the original Type59 and a Defender on steroids ???

  19. Tier 10s have trouble penetrating the Obj 263 so WG nerfed it’s DPM and dropped it down to tier 9. Like WTFF are tier 7 and 8s supposed to do against this thing??? It’s worse than Russian bias! Oh wait…it’s fucking a Russian tank

    • It’s a turretless TD with utter garbage as side/rear armor WITH AN OPEN TOP, it has to have SOMETHING going on xD It’s only strong from the front, everything else could be penned by tier 5s

  20. I am glad I watched this video for the SU101, not playing that anymore lol. Wasn’t much anyways since I was grinding towards the 263 which I have yet to lose in it in the few games I have played :D.

  21. I think that you are overreacting about the Obj. 257…

    Maybe we should talk about how goddamn annoying/broken UDES 03 camo is or the fact that STRV 103Bs can literally bounce all shots in some cases… Or maybe we can talk about how the game has become campy AF, even more so than normal.. World of TDs. lol
    The 257 is no problem, really.

  22. Thanks Circon for making us know the bullshit that WG was trying to implement o7!

  23. WTF have they done to the DPM Russian TD line… RIP

  24. Bullshit tank after bullshit tank, only to get players to buy more gold ammo and in the end spend more money. Just wait until they introduce the Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte into the game because of “historical accuracy” or whatever bullshit excuse WG uses for implementing all these stupid tanks and buffs/nerfs we’ve seen the last year or so.

  25. @circonflexes can you make a video about your thoughts on the new developer diaries and what you think about the new auto loader mechanics for the new tree

  26. I get the feeling that all of the 9.22 replacements are complete BS. The T-10 is way more logical to be in the IS-7 line than the 257, the current 430 could get an alternate gun without needing to put in the 430U, and the new TD line is a mess. They’re trying hard to be turret-less heavies and maybe that works once in a while, but not just play an actual heavy with a turret instead? I say keep the current line as-is and just buff depression and gun sweeps. The 430U, 257, and 268v4 can be CW or mission rewards.

  27. its all broken !!

  28. Poor tier 7s just sad..

  29. all russia again bigg seprise?

  30. 2 periods at the end of a title, Circonflexes is trying really hard to make a point here…

  31. I really think they screwed up that Russian TD line with the changes. That total nerf to DPM, gun accuracy, and traverse speed throughout the lineup, is NOT offset by the level of armor that these TD’s have. It’s not like the Badger line, for example, which has much higher armor, DPM, gun accuracy, and maybe not traverse speed, but you see my point. This Russian TD line used to be worth it for the high DPM and decently armored Object 263 at tier 10, but now, this line seems kind of pointless.

    • I really do like the new Object 430U line, and the idea of having a dedicated rear turreted medium line, I like too. Depending on the execution of the tier 10, of course.

  32. Lol the 257 has the worst gun compared to its other brothers, that armour was the only redeeming factor of it being competitive, u complain about t7’s not being able to pet it anywhere? Well how about the e75 angled or the st1, the mauschen? Or the conquer hull down. This tanks turret is shit it’s littered with weak spots it’s a weaker turret overall, who cares if it’s 350mm thick, u don’t shoot the strongest part of the turret because most turrets are just untouchable without high pen gold rounds. Since this tanks side on the lower area is now 40mm, this tank cannot side scrap with tanks packing over 121mm guns which is literally most tanks high tier these days, it can’t even angle because someone will simply either shoot it’s side where they can over match or it’s lower plate which is trash, and having that trash of a lower plate for the mobility it has is just horrible

    Fair enough they nerf the side armour but why would they nerf the heat pen which is literally the same gun as the t10 and st1 when it’s stats of the gun is already weak??

    The st1 can go hull down and be untouchable, the t10 is quick and is pretty much a medium, this tank is what….
    people hop on the band wagon these days and call everything op which is released and if it’s balanced they fucking hate it and demand a buff, this community is just feral and will never be satisfied.
    HOWEVER They have to change the not being able to track and do dmg problem but other than that it’s a strong tank.

    • yeah i tried explaining this exact same thing on the last video, i was told that the “best players of this game” said otherwise and that i am an idiot

    • That may be the case, but the point Circon is making, and he’s right about this, is that the 257 disrupts gameplay as the IS-3 successor.
      The simple fix is to let the T-10 where it is, and make a new branch from tier VII or VIIi that leads into this V-shaped design.
      I have played it on the test server, it did feel quite borken armor wise, but the gun was kinda derpy. Don’t even get me started on mobility.
      While I agree it’s a bad design for the game due to tracking w/damage shots being in the game since launch, I also think it’s a bit too much drama. I mean, yeah, on the test server it seemed broken, but since it isn’t a tier VIII or X to affect ranked or clan wars, we should see how it does on live before coming to harsh conclusions.

      P.S. HANDS OFF OBJ.263

  33. They only forgot about the su101 because that’s the next tank for me to grind on that russian td line.

  34. Anatoly Productions

    The balance department needs to be fired, all of them. Then hire people who actually play the game and take opinions from people seriously.

    • THe problem is they have 800 people in the make premium tank department and only 1 overworked mexican working in balance dept.

  35. I just don’t care for this update it was pointless

  36. It should of been 45mm not 40mm. Because now every fucking Chinese and Russian gun auto pens you. I’d rather then completely choose a different tank than put this in now. The overmatch mechanic is stupid. But whatever guess screw you’re player base over even more, alienate them more and more. Gj WG

  37. Who cares if you can’t do damage while tracking. Adapt!

  38. I’m not complaining but all I wanted was a buff for the t-10’s hull armor and the 122mm for the is-7. Never thought this would happen.

  39. WG’s point was that “T-10 has bad armor”, but actually T-10’s frontal hull effective armor against AP is just a little bit lower than standard pen of T9 and T10 heavy. I think they can just simply increase T-10’s frontal hull armor to like 130 or 135. I won’t blame them for doing this as the game is no longer historical.

  40. The Mighty Trenthan

    I like how they made the side of the 257 at the perfect thickness to be overmatched by Soviet 122mm guns but not American and British 120mm

  41. Load the Skill rounds

    The 257 doesn’t fit. I don’t know why we can’t just have is3 t10 is7. I agree with you 100%

  42. resurrected t22 model?

  43. I think tier7s should never meet tier9s because all tier9s are OP vs tier7s and about that V hull should never be in the game because it doesn’t make sense to shot some tank in the tracks and don’t damage it.

  44. S100m1 get pen next to the gun with 150 pen . Su101 clearly requires some buff at least on turet even 1-2 gun depression, doesn’t feel like a t8.
    OBJ 269 v4 they need to nerf the cupola at least a bit more.
    257 most definitely require track smg hitbox too
    New patches just bring more & more sadness

  45. Random number generator even when updating stats on tanks. i want pretty easy thing. EXAMPLE: wider tracks= better drive ability, bigger calliber= lower accuracy, less armor= better ground performance, longer barrel= higher muzzle speed. Nation with superior industry have precise gun handling. No more SSSR or Allied units are better because no one knows why. Only machine and physics.And you know what? you be able to recognise this tanks by simple look on battlefield… nowdays is only wiki or etc. unnecessarily complicated. some formula for other things like they did with armor penetration.
    What do you think?
    Zobrazit méně

  46. Again. I will be watching this carefully and if these 257s are just utterly broken. I just gonna go do other stuff. And if you say so what who cares….war gaming cares. I spend a lot of money on this game and WoWs. They will care trust me lol.

  47. The 257 is probably the worst tier 9 heavy now tbh. The T-10 now has better armor, a better gun, better mohility and it can use more positions. Sure, the 257 was op before but really, any angling in the 257 now gives your enemy a free pen and going in frontally gives your enemy a free penning shot in the lower plate. Sure the t-10 has the same weak frontal armor but at least it can sidescrape or reversed sidescrape and it doesnt have 2 weakspot beacons on top.
    And a tank like the wz 111 1/4 is infinitely better.

  48. i dont get why WG thought it was necessary to nerf the SU-101, especially as hard as they are. i love that tank but now its just not gonna be worth playing or even keeping!

  49. I think wg buffed super structure of obj 268 v4. I could be wrong tho but I think that before it had 250 armor

  50. Ahh now its just a bad defender.. imagine that a defender that faces tier 6 tanks has a better hull armor.. AND it is tier 8

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