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  1. Very cool

  2. Best Player!

  3. Can NA also not get the Obj. 780 plz

    • I will be fun blowing them up with 183mm HESH .. that’s become my new joy in this game. “Oh Look another neigh-invulnerable Russian tank.. aim..a im.. aim.. bloop!

    • petehjr1 Sounds like fun!

    • Tbh there’s still the seemingly broken object 752. Tier 9 Russian heavy tank with 8 degrees of gun depression, 350 frontal turret armor and a 3 shell 390 alpha auto loader.

  4. I’m not first
    I’m not last
    but dang did I click fast

  5. I’d bet 50t is another reward tank for CW – I actually like the crew skins

  6. Is-4 e100 and t110e5 buff??

  7. Did he just said Czechoslovenia ? 6:57

  8. Sorry for the random question but i have a question about the Tankrewards. Will it go on forever or it will eventually end?

  9. RIP encounter empire’s border, easily the best encounter map

  10. geez 100 million credits; im down to like 30k cant even repair most of my garage

  11. TheGuard Lorenzo

    i got so many tier check blueprints that i unironically almost unlocked the tier 10 without ever playing a czeck tank

  12. When will the announced KV-4 buff come to the game? Its been quite while since they have written about it.

  13. 5:20 My problem with the skins is that non of them got voice overs . while the possible option is showing with them.

  14. I hate the Empire border map and have it turned off. so its great news that I don’t get put on that map for encounter games now.

  15. They buffed the Covenanter and my Crusader!?

  16. if the bounty equipment really end up being worse than bond equip in equipment 2.0, everybody should reconsider dumping 6.5k Gold and 3 million credits for a sub-par improved optics.

  17. but can i drive my even 90 under that dumbass object thing?

  18. LOL Circon just invented new country called Cechoslovenia we just need Cechslovenian tech tree in wot.🤣

  19. *yawn* when does E100 and IS4 buff come out or did they just jettison those into the sun

  20. what is the name of the camo on is3 u have? and where can u purchase him?.thx

  21. Bounty equipment = nerf to casual players

    • I mean it’s still a regular rammer but can be upgraded to improved status for 3 million credits. Its definitely not worth it.

  22. the op object tanks should have “Raidboss status” and when killed they pay out prizes and more exp then non op objects would.. unless your clubbing objects in objects they get regular earnings.

  23. I like tacos

  24. Getting tired of them releasing objects with their desired stats rather than the stats they achieved in the prototype test. If they made it that far

  25. I only got to 26…I did miss like 3 weeks…so…I guess I can try and do better. I guess…the battle pass is ok…for now.

  26. The bunker on Berlin map is going to be memes when something like 430u goes there…or anything w/ strong turret…maybe new ban candidate?

  27. Ragebased Gaming

    Minor buffs to garbage tanks hardly anyone plays and a completely broken Russian heavy added, so glad I don’t play this game anymore

  28. So say I get to stage 10 before buying the battle pass, would I get the premium stuff up to stage 10 instantly?

  29. lorr 50t maybe as a collectibe tank ?
    or how ever you call them the tanks that are not in the tech tree

  30. The M48 skin reminds me of the tank from Tank Girl after the modifications even though the one from the film was an M5.

  31. No Comment!

  32. Proud to say that I got a warning from WG after complaining that the Brit commander from the last battle pass had a beard, and the British army doesn’t allow beards. Actually I also said that I didn’t care how stupid they made the Russian commander look, because he’d never look as stupid as a real Russian. Maybe that was what got me the warning 🙂

  33. Load the Skill rounds

    That Pipeline skin for the M48 is my favourite in the entire game I can’t wait to get that!

  34. I miss your videos 🙁 they are the first thing I look for in the morning. Rest in peace me being an American so its really hard to catch a stream 🙁

  35. Another buff for my 1S?

  36. 1:10 “but, i mean, it’s a heavy, not a medium” MURDERED ME ahahah

  37. I would absolutely take Muppet crew reskins! I’ll take Gonzo in my easy 8 and Ms. Piggy in my Arty 🤣🤣

  38. 6:57 ChezosloVenia LoooooL

  39. Battle pass truly is one of the best additions to the game recently. Amazing rewards even for free and if you’re willing to spend 6.5k gold every 3 months the rewards more than double. Sucks that equipment is behind the paywall, but if it wasn’t, no one would spend any gold on the battle pass.

  40. Like number 666. I will never have a more important moment in my life.

  41. I dont want the object, I dont need it. We have enough of them.

  42. The skins have a bit too much stuff on them, I think a simpler more tasteful skin would look better. This doesnt feel very creative, you are just adding a bunch of things on top of it, instead of tuning it slightly to make it more unique. You need to find a balance between painting tanks black and calling them new and these freakshow tanks with everything put on them. Its details that matter. You should have just put a funky camo on the patton, add a surfboard and thats it, everything else you just detail, for example make the fenders look brand new instead of bent. Add a small license plate. Make the light turn on. Small things like that. Its details. You dont want to overdo it and make a freakshow that is completely different than the regular tank. The TVP skin doesnt look like a TVP at all, its a freakshow.

  43. The more I hear about WoT the happier I am that I don’t play anymore.

  44. Currently on the tvp vtu. This is gonna be great

  45. 2:30 Careful naming some Tank WG makes AIDS SirFoch really got into trouble for that a couple years ago.

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