Path to Purple #8 – STB 1 – Two Live 5400+ Damage Games in a Row

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STB1 and commentary per request. Sorry about my being quiet, i boosted it all I could in maker. Ive been sick for the last couple days.
As always Id love to answer any questions or comments that you might have.


  1. How can you be so calm when getting clicked on by a pig? Do you ever rage?

  2. i may be “just“ a blue player but i know for sure no matter how good my STB
    1 camo would be, 9 out of 10 times i d be spotted latest at 12:30 (and dead
    at 12:31) by 3 tank destroyers that would scan the fields for the entire
    game. Well played tho :)

  3. I haven’t been commenting as much, but I watch every video and like it. You
    must stream Tuesdays, because that is the day I get invites. Unfortunately
    Wednesday is Rotary at 7 am for me, so I call it early.

    Your tips have helped me improve though. I’m working on getting better at
    my M41 Walker Bulldog. So fun.

  4. More of these pretty please! :)

  5. I love the STB-1. It’s nice to see how you play it, and how you think while
    playing. Hopefully watching this improves my game 🙂 Thanks Lemming

  6. nice! love this tank, it’s a lil beastie

  7. i have a crew for the 215b but not for the stb1 i have enough free xp for
    both what do you recommend me to fo

  8. “I could`ve done better” he says, after playing games most of us consider
    awesome when we play that well 😀

    really helpful to all of us pubies, as always, thx mate

  9. Your voice is fine. Always interesting to see live game plays. Tired of
    those once in a thousand 12 kill videos that everyone else is posting.

  10. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    *A wise men once said: “Rations loose games”… Gets Burnt out :D* <3

  11. Dude this Live commentary is so dope. We are hearing what’s in the mind of
    a Unicum.

  12. over 5k damage but cannot even match the experience gained for 0 damage
    1390 on opposite team… feelsbadman

  13. hey, any game that you can make a profit on in a T10 match is a good

  14. lemming do you consider more easy to increase your winrate by playing
    medium and light tanks ore playing the other rolls because i see many good
    players playing light tanks and medium tanks,thx for your time

  15. tog2 or ht no 6 for the September rewards

  16. movie maker, the stuff that unicumz use

  17. I am not first, fuck no.

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