Patience – LT-432

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  1. Uraaaah!
    NO patience, Comrade! FORWARRRRRDDDD!

  2. Loving this new tank. thanks for the Gameplay Circon.

  3. Patience? You mean hacks?…

  4. Can we get a “Circonflexes
    totally fails” video?

  5. 6:15 in and got bored. left

  6. Why don’t you use the “T” key to designate target and request ally fire with enemy tanks.??

  7. Oh the memes…????

  8. WG could have replaced the LTTB with this thing in the techtree and sold the LTTB as a premium instead, so that the premium wouldn’t be stronger than the standard tank but no lets keep going the pay2win line.

    • Now all WG needs is to replace us with Circonflexes driving the tanks and then even the LTTB will look overpowered. It’s the player playing the tank in this one.

    • Ap is 178 there’s nothing OP about this light. Good tank tho

    • +4WeeKs Highlights hmmm… better gun handling, dpm, depression, and autobounce armor when using ~5 degrees of your 7.
      But the “low” (bulldog has 5mm more pen and a much slower round) pen holds it back. Lol

    • +4WeeKs Highlights yes because as we all know, the penetration is the key factor for a tank to determine whether its op or not…

    • KennyRGB Assloadofjello

      E25 has poor penetration, guess its not OP

  9. They will see the beard in their nightmares.

  10. How you geth master badge for this?

  11. I got to say that was nice game to watch.

  12. Tired of HP bars? Damn WT ad.

    • I love War Thunder, but I must concede that the ads don’t show it in a good light. It has so much going for it and yet they don’t hit on any of their features in their ad they just attack another company.

  13. I love your content man, been watching for years, thanks for some great gameplay 😀

  14. Thanks for playing with the 432. Gg man.

  15. Circon twitch chat have some really tight love for him and his beard…. “no homo” 🙂 😀

  16. that T10 and conway at K1 all game make me fucking sick , goddamn passive bobs

  17. let a M for us please 😀

  18. 2:26 I noticed the same in other videos: you get spotted and drive away in a straight line. Why not jinx as to not eat the arty shell?

  19. Wow…those heavy tanks on your team…

  20. Patience is something I really lack, the more I like watching videos from those who have it ?

  21. Always love the streams and u2be content

  22. This is one of the rare games where the chat is just as much fun to watch as the action…

  23. “once this guy” posted the video on youtube, we all knew it would be a great game! <3

  24. you get ace every game ?

  25. Can you teach me how to choice the crew skill thx 🙂

  26. Superb LT play.

  27. This map confuses me why are there Hurricane fighters and WW1 tanks on the same map?

  28. At 9:35 it feels like the tank increases in speed significantly even though he is making a turn!?

  29. Another day at the office.

  30. Hey, what happened to ‘playing on the computer all day and virtually ignoring his entire family’?

  31. @Circonflexes Do you maybe know what is the story about these gifts wg is giving out? For t50-2, on site says it will be available for claiming until December 2019. I am asking because if I wait until January it will be my 4th year and I would get the tank, but if its a typo I dont want to wait, could use those credits…

    • Give away starts on 11/28. The gift your get is already determined for this year. You just have up to a year to claim it before you lose it.

      Waiting will not give you a better gift. They are hopefully going to do something like this every year, so that if you stick with the game longer, you will get better gifts.

  32. Like you need the pen mod.

  33. That was an interesting game

  34. That was a sweet game

  35. Just wait, I can see it now !!

    Wot News Release

    “An old favourite the Obj 268 4 has been power creeped so it will be released as the new Premium Obj 268 4/A, that will be equally good in all rolls except for Arty and what’s the A stand for you may ask ? well it stands for Autoloader. It comes with a 5 shot magazine so you can destroy those pesky German Maus tanks in one clip ! And it can be yours for only $100 euro or if your from the motherland, $20 ! It will only be on sale for a short time or till we makes something better !!! So get it now and PTW your way to a high WN8 score !!!”

  36. Well played bud. Well played.

  37. Have you ever heard of a town in England called high Barnet ?

  38. fountleroy tinkertoy

    another beg stream … fuck off.

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