^^| Patriot – All Them Bushes (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. Such balance, much wow

  2. SirCircon pls 3 marks A-43

  3. “We’re gonna lose this one because we don’t have any heavies. Hold on, let me carry this…”

  4. the second i saw the map i knew which cancerous position you would go to

  5. Why is it, Circon never shows replays were Arty focuses fire on him, and how he deals with it?

  6. very impressive game

  7. I came back to WoT after a pretty long hiatus to find that this machine and the Skorp G straight up ruining my tier eight games.

  8. can’t wait to see obj-252U other OP premium tank

  9. awesome game

  10. very well played ! enjoyed that

  11. very good game circ, like a pro,congrats,

  12. (Slow clap) Good one

  13. How did he change the color?

  14. Circon can I send you a replay? I’d like some tips, I had a potential kolobanovs and I was one shell short. If you could comment on it that would be great. It’s here: http://wotreplays.com/site/3353436#prokhorovka-shaz786-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t

  15. there had to been a loooooot of salt in the enemy chat

  16. With BIA and food you can get the reload down to 5.7….very nice.  I need to start putting a better crew in mine instead of using it like a trainer.  My current reload is 6+ something.  Great game, nice Kolobanov’s and very pro of them to come at you one at a time.

  17. meh…. trump tank

  18. thomasshh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Incredible game.. ;_; WP MATE

  19. The plays. THE FUCKING PLAYS.

  20. T26E5, the signature tank of power creep

  21. If only I could play half as good as Circon I would be happy

  22. damn .. that is exactly what u call greed 🙂
    well played

  23. Patriot is dropping democracy:P

  24. Got my 1st Kolobanov’s yesterday, 1vs8… Not a great game like this, but i managed to hold off the enemies long enough and the time ran out (defending on Erlemberg)

  25. Gross Domestic Plums

    Frozen Webcam confirmed OP

  26. hey circon what’s your equipment loadout on the the patriot? thanks. 🙂

  27. Ik kan maar één ding zeggen; Jij bent irritant geweldig…. lol. Geweldig om naar die wedstrijden van je te kijken. Maar dan vraag ik me af… heb je ook wel eens een slechte wedstrijd? Lijkt me niet…. AWESOME!!! 😉

  28. omg u are the devil :O

  29. who was in the stream too? like.

  30. WOW. Just. Wow!

  31. What do I have to do to get random people to send me premium time? I’m not as awsome as foch is :/

  32. Great game Circon!!

  33. What is up with the weird headdress? He looks like some kind of dark priest ^^

  34. this tank is what the super Pershing should be

  35. I love how you couldnt pen E75 commander hatch with gold but then you pen 3 times in a row vkb hatch LOL RNG memes to the max

  36. that e75’s luck though

  37. george spiliopoulos

    5,7 sec reload ? with that turret armour mobility and decent hull ??? gg wg…fcm with bia vents and rammer is at 6.3 sec..but fcm is op i guess

  38. circonbushes 🙂 nice one

  39. Circon Heights, lol.

  40. LOL all his crew members are named “Salt”
    The memes

  41. Seriously there is no point in having Patton KR since they have introduced Patriot.
    Patriot is better in all aspects except minor mobility advantage and better dispersion values on the KR.

  42. You only have 5 kolobanov’s? I thought you would have way more than that. Still 5 more than me though.

  43. What mod does Circon use to get the purple server reticle ?

  44. Much memes, Such bush

  45. You make it look so effortless… ;(

  46. another epic kolobanovs circon. the memes made it possible

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