^^| Patriot. HELLO TEAM? (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. you have to send me some of dutch tee you are using for patience xD

  2. Say nice meme again mother fucker i fucking dare you!

  3. Robert “Hammer Drop” Marshall

    all you ppl quit playing two years ago…. your lose u prolly weren’t good
    anyways this games practice and skill and patience but most ppl don’t have
    that u can’t just run up and knife kill huh?

  4. Wot and skill based MM… does not work becasue skill is only one factor.
    How good is your tank, how good is your crew, how good is your loadout, how
    good is your tank for the map, are you in a platoon and the RNG are also
    very important.

  5. +SirCircon I think that Skorp tried to streamsnipe you just before you
    killed him. You were unspotted and they shot right in front of you

  6. He caught fire underwater.

  7. WoW has better ai than all those 0’s played…

  8. the camping IS-3 did a huge 48 damage lol

  9. I just compared the stats of the Caravan and this stupid tank….
    Wargaming…hello? HELLO!?

  10. patriot or is3? kappa

  11. nice meme

  12. Hey circon, what is you opinion on cdc’s gun ?

  13. I once had a game in my Hellcat in quite a t6 game where I did 3100dmg and
    the rest of team only little over that combined. Teams like this happens.
    There are SO MANY games you have to carry even getting to 52,75% winrate as
    I have on my 12k games.

  14. 12:50 “Should WG remove premium ammo from the game?”
    Well of course they can’t remove it without replacing it or reworking all
    the tanks

  15. Circ, where is homefor you?

  16. Patrick “Kryptic775” Krypt

    I just love that mentally disable IS-3 driver. No use alive to the team
    whatsoever. I didn’t know Circon played on the NA servers. Dumb shit like
    that happens all the time here. Sorry about the defeat, although this
    proves the Wot needs skill based MM and skill based progression past tier

  17. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    dont see why he complains. when they would have done dmg he wouldnt be
    enabled to do 5k dmg on its own.

  18. Do you run Optics on your heavys Circon ?

  19. Mikael “Temotodochi” Levoniemi

    Thanks for these, haven’t played WOT regularly in 16 months, but it’s nice
    to keep up how it develops. Teams are all the same it seems. Played twice
    last year for maybe 20 games both times and it seems that they have slowed
    down tank speeds a lot, really noticeable when i had a long pause between

  20. Chester Snapdragon McPhisticuff

    Jesus. KV-4 armor is irrelevant in its own tier.

  21. How the hell does arty not hit him? Out in the open for so long

  22. Pls like

  23. IS3 sniper in B9 ? and no push… hahahaha, best player of WE :)

  24. What a bunch of whining brats here ^^

  25. Some players are just there to lose games on purpose.

  26. I wish I could sell my T34 for the Patriot

  27. this is NA server all-day every day on both teams. that’s why I quit.
    playing op Russian meds with full heat still yeilds no results.

  28. Why every tank you play looks 10times better than it really is? xD

  29. I have so much stuff to do for school, but here I am watching this

  30. driving around for 6 min in the end for no reason gives me incredible
    anxiety. you should just sit in a bush and wait

  31. circon dude you are a god. the amount of patience you have on this game to
    deal with these tomatoes is just astounding. In world of warships I sing
    uchuu senkan YAAAAMAAAATOOOOO in world of tanks it’s uchuu senkan

  32. was that Steve in the IS-3?

  33. The thing that gets me is, if I drove up to the hill like that, and took
    that position looking over the cap, i’d be spotted, focused and shot to
    fuck in less than a minute. Yet Circon just gets ignored. Witchcraft

  34. All this shit could be fixed whith ranked MM… but wargaming doesnt give a

  35. Patriot such a bad tank. Cant win easy game like that. 0/5 dont buy. Kappa

  36. The patriot should have the nickname “Iron Patriot” because it’s hard as
    iron Lolz ^w^

  37. And this replay shows the games i have 99% of the time because WG MM is
    total trash 24/7!

  38. Team? You have played so many games allready, that you should know there is
    none. All red warriors in same matchmaking ruins this game, its sad but
    true. There should be some skill stairs in matchmaking, now you need to
    play with all kurwas. They are funny to some point when they are enemies,
    but you dont want to play with them all the time. Its much funnier to have
    tight games, where you need to play as good as you can. I dont want to even
    try this game anymore without platoon, because its so hard to say, is there
    anyone else in “team” who can even shoot or use regular shells instead of
    shooting HE. Some days you can have 70% wins, some days 10%. Its nice to
    get next tank with Xp what you got from losses. And how about too much RNG
    in aiming and armor…

  39. and that’s why i stopped playing WoT. Too many potatoes and tomatoes who
    make me lose faith in humanity

  40. You’re playing WOT. What is team?

  41. Basically a better Pershing

  42. god that rhm was trash it legit made my head hurt lol

  43. Syahareen Sha Rani

    ugh the feeling of a top tier heavy tanks camping behind the TD what a game
    (I’m talking to the IS-3)

  44. Premium tank not better than normal tank

  45. I bet the Legend27 could have performed better in the Patriot :P

  46. was his hairline always that high?
    mine’s getting higher

  47. What music do you use while streaming if I may ask?

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