^^| Patriot – Road to 3 Marks. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. This tank would have been a good premium with either the gun OR the armor, giving it both is just obnoxious.

  2. The Patriot is OP?
    So play it like a donkey and see if it is OP.
    Don’t forget this tank meets tier9s and tier10s.
    The Patriot is a solid tank vs tier6s and 7s but vs tier8s,9s and 10s you must be playing this tank in hulldown positions to use turret armour other ways the hull armour don’t gonna save you the tier9s and 10s uses tier 10s guns with high penetration maybe other tanks like Tiger2 or T32 and the Caernarvon must be buffed.

  3. GG Wargayming, tier 8 medium sold for the price of a heavy, well balanced comrades

  4. Love your channel SirCircon! The fact you have content everyday is savage.

  5. Im stuck at 2. send help

  6. Wow, ending the video at the EXACT moment you clicked “stats” to see how your marks are doing…you are just screwing with us at this point circon 😀

  7. What the hell was the Jumbo trying to do face hugging an UltraPershing with a flimsy upgraded turret and no derp gun…. By the way, I don’t now if it is just from some angles or situations, but shooting a derp round into the space where the Patriot’s turret joins the hull really messes up their day. Doesn’t do full damage, but it seems to do 175+ versus the +/-100 of hitting anywhere else (rear being the exception).

  8. They better buff this tank, a 90 mm should do at LEAST 750 alpha.

  9. Circon do you thing the 175 standard pen on the is-6 and 112 should be buffed slightly? Also after the release of the obj 252 in 9.17.1 the is-6 seems irrelevant. Thoughts?

  10. hi bro you should make a live video ???

  11. T32 is a joke in comparision to this…

  12. I am repeatedly amazed by the OP ness of the newer prems… Ridiculous…

  13. Doesn’t Circon have like 1550 average EXP in his Patriot? How the hell does he not have 3 marks already?

  14. What is this whole bits stuff?

  15. This thing reloads for 5.7 seconds????!!!

  16. i hope they will never again introduce an E5 tank…
    they are stupidly broken.

  17. That Tank’s reload is way to good. It should be like a pershing’s reload since it has the same kind of turret and same kind of gun but no this thing reloads 1.5 secs faster

  18. Does the t26e5 count as a different tank for marks?

  19. obvious p2w tank, gg wg

  20. Yo, 4 euros for beer is a lot of money

  21. ahhhh!!! Circon and coffee is how i wake up in the morning

  22. Patriot has E5 in it’s name and the t110e5 has E5 too and are broken american heavy/med/td/light tanks….Illuminati confirmed?

  23. Dont you love tanks that just SIT there and repeatedly bounce shots on you while they take hit after hit without ever ONCE thinking about retreating to cover? And people wounder whats wrong with the player base lol….. SMH

  24. keep up the good work circon

  25. one of many nice memes on this stream

  26. Christ I’m early. Nice vid Circon.

  27. holy shit i’m early

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