^^| Patriot ‘We the people’. (World of Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. pascal vogler (BossTeck)

    Why is there the German State Hessen Flag in up on the Facecam can sombody
    tell me why

  2. Painted like a clown car. Ridiculous.

  3. Damn. Totally rampage. Up until the last couple of mins at least.

  4. Maybe for New Years we can stop the stupid “Meme” thing?

  5. SirRippingtonEsquire

    the release of this tank as well as the other new premiums really turned me
    off of this game. power creep on stuff you have to pay money for is too big
    a red flag for me. it’s a shame WoT doesn’t have any threatening

  6. I have the T32, M26 Pershing and the T26E5. I still enjoy playing them as
    well but more then ever my T32 is made more and more blatant in it’s
    underpowered form right now. Would it REALLY fucking kill WGing to just
    give it a pen boost? The Pershing on the other hand I still feel is fine
    and is a solid mix of stats.

  7. Low roll to lose the top gun. I’ve done that and it always sucks

  8. that was a massacre!

  9. ugliest tank in the game?

  10. circonflexes vrolijk kerstfeesr en een gelukkig nieuwjaar

  11. The bully is real

  12. He makes it look all so easy. Rarely if ever are my games like this. Almost
    makes me want to go out and buy this tank.

  13. Die AMX CDC op het laatst was ikk!

  14. never mind the e25 been op this thing is op as fuck

  15. Ah yes, the Donald Trump Tank: We are gonna build a meme, and make Circon
    pay for it!

  16. Normal tier 8 heavys getting powercreeped by premiums? Nothing wrong here.
    Nothing to see. Buy bundles!

  17. Y U bully? :P

  18. easily the 2nd best tier 8 after IS3. i dont get how people say the AMX M4
    is op

  19. All inwant for Christmas is some Powercreep Lul

  20. Merry Christmas Circon. Have a great day awesome game. Have you seen the
    object 252 super test stats? It’s practically immune on its front armour
    with only tiny commander hatches as viable weak spots.

  21. Merry Christmas Circon :-)

  22. Rich King (RICH KING)

    4962 damage + 4650 blocked + 2195 spotting. 11907 combined. GG bois

  23. I guess unbalanced is a type of balance…

  24. Yeah in the meantime Tiger 2 is in the corner crying tears,nice meme.

  25. Hai Circon

  26. LesDeplorables.Tonk

  27. If only they sold it without the godawful pant job on the EU server..

  28. Fair and balanced KAPPA

  29. well thats a bully tank when its top tier. merry xmas all
    if u havent yet got ur codes here they r hurry and redeem them

  30. Couldn’t care less how OP it is. Not buying it wearing that clown costume.

  31. 0:44 “looks like you (E-25) drowned” lol.

  32. Merry Christmas everybody and voor Sircon Prettige Kerstdagen ook voor mijn
    landgenoten zoals dat heet.

  33. Lol No power creep here, Pershing is still totally viable compared to this

  34. Stupid tank. I need it XD.
    Getting the Liberte first and waiting for this beast to be back in the shop

  35. thank you santaflexes! :)

  36. fijne kerst, circ!

  37. Supp Circon, second like 🙂
    Marry Christmas and I think that Patriot is just overpowered especially
    when top tier, Amx 49 L too.

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