PATTON – M48A5 Patton

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Its 720P because i am streaming from an older pc for 2 weeks back here in NL. Enjoy none the less! <3

  2. MusicEngineTheSeventh


  3. What mod does circon use?

  4. Feeling HOT HOT HOT

  5. C/D 1 are the most important grid squares on this map, and I cannot understand why the vast majority of players do not know that.

  6. 7K dmg – not enough to Ace. I had to do 7 or 8k to get my only Ace on that tank in almost 100 games. Just to see how stupid hard tier 10 are to ace..

  7. I’ve got the same experience on the T-44 as I do on the Pershing, but I also have 200,000 free exp. Would your recommend the Patton or the Obj 430U?

    • frhjtfetgtt3345671 gfhfdhdfhdf

      Nate the Great 430U

    • I have both and love playing my Patton more as it has a laser gun and great DPM, but the 430U is a more solid choice with better armour, is a bit faster and much smaller. For most people I would suggest the 430U.

    • If you want to not think when you play, get the 430U. If you like being challenged, the Patton will reward you for playing smart

    • If there’s ever any question between singing Russian and something not-ish, always opt for the Russian vehicle: it’s 100% more likely to be OP than the other choice, both on paper and in game.

  8. Was that 7 or 8k 1st class… nice meme

  9. that last grille shell tracer……. DAYUMMMMM


  11. that last shot. ha ha ha

  12. A lot of good looking tanks in this game, but the M48 is my favorite. I might be a little biased since I used to drive that chassis for a living…

  13. I’m a simple man, I see circon uploaded 55min ago, I squeal and press like

  14. Suprised to see a grill player stepping up and supporting his team…

  15. I love how the 430U is faster :-/

  16. As amazing as the M48A5 is, I still have a soft spot for the Centurion AX. I’ve even slightly increased the amount of HESH shells I carry since it works wonders against soft targets and sidescraping tryhards.

  17. That 4005…get a fully functioning turret, noob.

  18. Lol i cant watch the vid becouse the add wont load, gg youtube, its not my internet, i can watch anything else unless it has this add on it..

  19. Sick thumbnail dude! :O

  20. Henri Liimatainen

    Creative thumbnail!

  21. 10/10 thumbnail !!!

  22. Team Curtain Nostalgia.

  23. Love how the russian tier 10 320 guns allways high rolls…

  24. Yes! He done did the thumbnail proper!

  25. M48, widely regarded as a below average tank IRL and sub par compared to the T54 and Centurion, is borderline OP in WoT’s. Good to see WG continue their tradition of paying no attention to reality beyond maybe the exterior physical appearance (when it suits them).

  26. Oh wow, nice hot hot hot blast bro
    Luv that.

  27. Nice Replay Circ and a great ‘one on one’ with the 907 ? think you ammo racked him with your penultimate shot ?

  28. wat is dat voor rare vlag?

  29. Circon you should play the su12244 again

  30. how come artie never knows about c1?

  31. Ewwwwwwww 15 v 15 Tier 10… Heresy…

  32. 100 k xp away from this 🙁

  33. The Hacker Known as 4Chan

    Next video: 100 – E100

  34. Love the Patton. It was so worth the grind

  35. This is a great highlight but seriously where is the A44 highlight from the 18th?!?!

  36. By far one of the best thumbnails i’ve seen for a circ video.

  37. Tharaka Wijerathne

    First class only? People must be doing really well In patton :O

  38. You running a fever circ? You posted another tier 10 battle. lol. Just kidding.

  39. Willian Flores dos Santos

    Try 1080p 60 next time please circon

  40. Don’t worry Circon I did 8.2k damage and 1.4k assistance damage in my T62a and got a second class ??

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