Paying for my SINS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Yesterday I featured the filthy KV-220-2 today I’m going to make up for it playing Tech Tree Tier 8 tanks on my Free to Play account!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Free to play…almost 20k bonds, 3,5k gold…7days premium…16m silver, 167k free exp…Not even half on that on my acc…lmao dumb people belivie to this story, also it can be posible only if you wanna have no life…

    • VioletStatPedder -

      Yeah, that’s what happens when you know what you are doing. Of course bad players still complain.
      I think he’s recorded all of his F2P games (either on YT or on Twitch) so it’s not hard to “believe the story” when you can just watch it.

  2. 2nd game is an example of my favorites in WoT–some jackoff runs their mouth at the beginning of the match about their team and then it ends up being a wipe-out. Even better when they die off early.

  3. Anyone notice the gun gone at the 21:20 mark? Lol

  4. Me a play for free player with my highest tire tank at tier 5

  5. SU-101 is pretty good, it was nerfd some time ago tho🙄😖

  6. I’m a user tanking in Asia and I hope I can communicate with the team,,, Most of them cannot read my English message

  7. Love the content, especially the games you don’t see. Keep it up m8

  8. IS-3 and T28 Proto are my go-to tier 8 tech tree tanks for a good time.

  9. I like the udes

  10. Alt + Enter and go back into Game QB
    Its a bug happen when tab out.

  11. love how he says good player to the t28 when the t28 only had 2.8k battles…..dont get me wrong he was ok for a reroll but yeah….I think people know where im going with that so leaving it at that

    • @VioletStatPedder – i go based off what i see he may have been on console but on pc his stats are reroll….plus console is different then pc so my original statement is justified

    • VioletStatPedder -

      @GOA INFERNO His stats are not reroll. A reroll wouldn’t play 16 battles on different T1 tanks with a horrible ~1100WN8. I mean even his overall WN8 is 1600WN8, so a good player but most likely not a reroll.

    • @VioletStatPedder – not arguing or starting a logic war over a youtube video. Sorry snowflake but your not changing my opinion just like I wasn’t trying to change yours. You go continue to be sheltered like most people are in 2020 and just please dont argue to try to change someone’s opinion so they will think like you. Thank you have a nice day.

    • VioletStatPedder -

      @GOA INFERNO Saying that the sun is yellow is not an opinion. Saying that this guy is not a reroll (in the normal way) is not an opinion.
      But yeah, go live in your bubble where 1+1=2 is an opinion and not a fact.

    • @VioletStatPedder – ok snowflake just gonna block you since keyboard warriors dont deserve to be addressed….thank you have a nice day.

  12. Gg, but not the average player experience in those tanks. You’re a professional gamer and you were lucky you had a good team in the second match. Don’t bother getting the udes, or just go through it as fast as possible. Sure it has gun depresion, good pen and fast shell speed but it also has no armor, the shells cost a lot, it’s rate of fire is garbage and it’s accuracy is poor. The is3….bad view range, armor is meh, the gun characteristics are crap, only thing it has is mobility. You were right to play them since you wanted to suffer but not really the case when it comes to a professional gamer.

  13. Deja-vu…a few days ago I was on Kharkov in my Patriot, end game, a Super Conq with me. A full HP 268 V4 comes at us, both one shots to him. But he slightly elevates his tank on that same berm the one did in your first video. I just kept him permatracked in that position, while the SC finished him off for the win. Love me my Patriot (and all that assistance damage!)

  14. I love the daily video november <3

  15. Is this what his live streaming commentary is like? Somewhat glad i’ve only been a YT viewer.

  16. This is your freetoplay account but u have premium captain in this wehicle

  17. You did all you could in the is 3 game. GJ

  18. idk what I have missed but how can you have 3830 gold on the your playsforfree account

  19. so funny that you youtubers think that everyone should listen to you. over half of players don’t know who you are and they don’t give a single f*** what are you telling them.

  20. Very good content as always, entertaining streamer with a well deserved big subscribers base but… making a “free to play” account starting on codes and grabbing everything possible from any reward website is not what i call a f2p experience, to me it’s a biased view of what is a f2p player (and peppidy told you too but you shushed her, i was watching this particular stream).
    It’s a how to maximize an account without paying money.

  21. Keyboard problem: quickly press alt tab, than it works again. I had the same issue.

  22. bro! make a monster kill please!

  23. You should do a new play list where you play a tank on free to play then same tank on pay to win to see the difference

  24. Is there any chance that you will give us a review of the 50TP Mister Quickybaby ? c:
    Just got this tank and cannot find a review of this beauty on your channel ^^

  25. How did he get so much gold on a free 2 play account? No hate, just wondering

  26. Paying for my sins in is3… Go play with ballbraker 😶

  27. Do you think wargaming will ever add cross play? Or does that just seem unrealistic since there’s so many differences between pc and console

  28. Sebastiaan Brouwer

    11:27 ‘wow but I’m actually using a premium account, because with this code you get one week for free!’ lol this clearly isn’t an ad but it sounds like one

    • Christopher Alexander

      Except the free code is for a free game and the free game that he is talking about is the subject of the video.

  29. I like the object 705 … Sidescraping boss

  30. QuickyBaby: gg wp
    His Teammate : NUTZLOSE **********
    seems about right

  31. My fave is the t28P. Just feels comfortable. It can snipe it can brawl it does it all.

  32. I did also had problems with my Mouse and Keyboard in the game …. it is a bug in the game ?

  33. Does he have full trained crew with perks on this account?

  34. Suppose there was a war what tank of wot would you take

  35. Hey QB, can you please feature the SU-122-44 in a video? I want to know your opinion on how it performs in wot now.

    (also, it’s been like 5 years since you featured that tank :D)

  36. How did he get gold on his free to play acc?!

  37. Oytplated by artys

  38. HEja Sverige… Hello from Sweden !
    The UDES is fantastic !”

  39. I feel quicky on the is 3 game when your playing free and wg gives u tier 10 in every 3 matches the struggles of playing passive 😂and your shells hit like pebbles

  40. “Im playing to redeem myself”

    Plays is-3

  41. Why do you keep calling us YouTube? We are watching your video on YouTube, we arnt YouTube. o.O

  42. IS3 : 225 pen at tier 8 is about right > RIP IS4 😛

  43. Ur low luck is in this match must be related to the bad taste in camo colour. 😉😂

  44. Hi QB when will you do another best moments vieo?

  45. The IS-3 is the most “noob-friendly” TT tank.

    On blitz, i only played it one time (after fully upgrading it with free EXP) and ACED it……yeah, thats right…and ACE TANKER….only ONE FUCKING GAME……

  46. World of tanks real face😂

  47. My favorite tech tree tank?
    Well there was the Aufk. Panther, then they removed it… Then the SU-122-54, ah yes, they removed it. Then there was the Obj. 430 V.2, they changed it so badly it’s not the same anymore… Finally, the Lorraine 40t I’d say, because it’s the only tank that was a tech tree tank and it’s back as a premium.

  48. Yoo guys, the aufklarung panther is coming back to wot. It’s currently on supertest . It’s been confirmed on wot eu instagram acc

  49. its cute how he tries to communicate with those east europes that only speak polish/hu/cz eg their own language + some random insults in english

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