PE-8 5000 KG BOMB – HIDE & SEEK – Could You Survive? – WAR THUNDER

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Source: Thunder with Muffin

Hey guys! Welcome back to the Thunder with Muffin channel. Stay tuned!


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  1. Delta Charlie Sierra

    No cenário da noite ta bem óbvio que tinha gente usando visão térmica mesmo não podendo, tinha uns lugares que só com térmica para encontrar os blindados

  2. I was that last zis-12 at the end of the night round, and yes, I did win it for the tank team. Such fun to participate!

  3. gotta say, playing as a truck tank, has its benefits. Like that last guy, everyone probably thought he was a normal truck.

  4. bru such a good spot fliped over in the open

  5. The music is a bit stressful

  6. It would be awesome if we could play battleship in war thunder

  7. What was that music in the start

  8. Gajin be like: Mini nuke? 4.3 br

  9. The bonus round was by far one of the best war Thunder videos I have ever seen. The bomb explosions at the beginning, the helicopters flying around like some kind of movies. Nice job man

  10. Hide and seek with light tanks and a helicopter (mi-28 etc)

  11. 14:48 dude is hiding in a previous crater, i like the thought behind it. “who would check the spot that was already hit?

  12. That 279 who pretended to be a baby turtle upside down on the beach xD

  13. 28 days later theme fire

  14. mute the audio and start listening to Nuclear Attack by Sabaton at exactly 12:04

  15. This is glorious

  16. Katusha’s vs ww1 biplanes.

  17. can you please do that again but with HE111-H16 2.5ton bomb

  18. 4:36 The 279 was hiding a child inside of it. Also that puma at 6:34 was probably thinking, “I am a car, I am a car, I am a car not a hider.”

  19. The building crumbling down would look cool but my FPS would suffer 😀

  20. 12:04 my guy just pretended to be dead

  21. Obj 279 wasn’t meant to survive nuke blasts, it was meant to survive in a radioactive environment that WAS nuked

  22. I love how the trees are stronger than tanks, the tanks next to the tree explodes while the tree is still standing there chilling

  23. i have skill issue in war thunder again

    Normandy and a Tank is shown upside down

  24. I can see a L3 with a bunch of bushes surviving this

  25. 12:04
    This was definitely my favorite hiding spot

  26. Suggestion: what if you did this concept but with mass carpet bombing

  27. Dont tell me the bombers see the tankers nametags that would be so unfair

  28. Can you do a Hide and Seek but it’s Vietnam edition, please!

  29. 2:38 The ob’yekt 279 was not only designed to survive a nuclear blast but mainly to not flip over in the process…

  30. Night battle any aircraft no thermals.. vs anti air all .50cal or smaller…

  31. Hide and seek but with B-17/ B-29 carpet bombing loadouts(most amount of bombs be a able to carry)

  32. Generalfeldmarschall August von Mackensen

    Ha I know the Intro Music its In the House in a heartbeat by John Murphy (Metro Exodus Remix)

  33. There was definitely a few people who used thermals during that last one

  34. At first I wondered why some people took out such massive heavy tanks and then I saw how far away a light tank could be and still die

  35. We need this game mode

  36. I feel like heavy tanks would work better. Though then again that maus absolutely ate it so maybe there Isent any strategy lol

  37. remember war thunders advice:

    dont stand near a bomb!

  38. heinz tomato ketchup

    5:08 could make a grown man cry 😔

  39. 3:34 was like watching dunkirk

  40. Dmitriy Makarovich

    Hmmmm…. I wonder. Which tank swins the fastest in War thunder?

  41. I used to do this with my friends and i called it Hide Or Die

  42. so unrealistic and clearly done for idiots who cant play tanks..or cant get easy points from 2km war thunder has air rb to these mf “players”, tank rb should be based on tanking and of course flykids can fly even in yacht rb..why dont we tankers then could play too in air rb..many rounds has been now filled with planes and with they miracle vision and miracle machine guns..and of course those magic bombs, exploding other side of hills, rocks buildings ext, can kill tanks mile away, even those, can any explane where is that realism in this realistic gaming..

  43. Likhanskiss Basumatary

    🤣 🤣 🤣

  44. Char C2 bis vs maus, or char C2 bis vs T-35 pls!

  45. i dont understand why those bombs would just ignore physics and go right through soo much??

  46. I would love to see a B-29/TU-4 hide and seek at some point, just imagine all the 500lb bombs carpet bombing the city

  47. Not sure if PE-8’s actually seeing, or just carpet bombing where they think people would hide, methinks the answer is YES.

  48. NOt much of hide and seek when the IFF is still active.

  49. 16:30 Most peaceful night in the middle east

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