PE-8 5000KG BOMBS VS FALCON AA DEFENSE ( War Thunder Tank Custom)

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PE- 5000KG BOMBS VS FALCON AA DEFENSE ( War Thunder Tank Custom)



  1. Sorry about the errors, this one should be better.


  3. epic stoof

  4. Said it was private???

  5. I’m Damon early, son.

  6. Notification squad!!!

  7. Hi plhy i love your vids i saw this a it said it was a privite vid ?

  8. Notification squad is back and thanks for the re upload.

  9. Yeeeah PHLY you’re awesome

  10. Second

  11. On mine it said its was privite wtf also play more wings of prey

  12. reupload ?

  13. This was a great stream

  14. play the mighty welly with the barel bomb 4.000lb

  15. ayyyy i just reloaded Youtube after watching ur last Falcon gameplay :D

  16. Awesome customs!!

  17. We need a Falcon Vs reserves!

  18. Do you ever think they’ll add the British Grand Slam earthquake bomb to the
    game? 😛

    Edit: They probably won’t, it’d be ridiculously powerful in any combined
    arms. Plus they were designed to penetrate metres of solid material before
    detonating, so I’m not sure how that’d work in Warthunder

  19. That was fun! Fw 200 is slow as f*** though

  20. thanks phly iblobe u

  21. see if you can shoot a bomb while it’s falling,see if it explodes

  22. Tank are fun but your WOW followers need more boat videos!

  23. oh look its me 6:01

  24. How do you know if it is a PS4 player?

  25. B-29 low altitude bombing run… Or the Wellington and the drum. And why
    did that sniper guy have to go and ruin the reputation of us PS4 players
    that asshole!??

  26. Epic intro,
    I died??

  27. candy monster1337

    15:01 : KAMIKAZE!!!

  28. Next custom battle:
    Tier 1s vs heavy tanks! The heavy tanks need to kill them by running then
    over, not by shooting

  29. Average Drone Guy

    Drink Dr Thunder Phly! I heard it increases your war thunder skills by

  30. if only there was a flak 88 in wt.

  31. The amount of rounds that Falcon SPAA can fire you think you should be able
    to shoot the big 5000kg bombs in mid air,,,hows that for a challenge Phly!

  32. Its ok, everyone pulls a Kevin once in a while Phly

  33. Dammit IL-28 making us PS4 players look bad

  34. Clash of Kings with Dipper


  35. Where is that one video that had the 6x kill in the PE-8? Haven’t been able
    to find it. 

  36. Hey Phly, you should play the IS-1 and Pe-2 together in RB. They are the

  37. Phly could you do SPAAGs VS B-29s and other heavy bombers doing

  38. Intro at 3:30

    Thank me later!

  39. wtf is lantuh

  40. wolf14gaming plays

    phly can you plz play dcs world again

  41. “Oh my god he’s so big” Phly daily 2016

  42. Phly’s reaction at 2:10 is the best

  43. Hey now, don’t be dissing the PS4 community, we’re already playing at a

  44. *Wilfri-1: What do you mean someone would bresk the rules from the PS4

  45. Play the tb-3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the mother land!!!

  46. Mauro van landschoot

    What is the name of the intro music

  47. With all those crashing bombers this map looks like Jakku

  48. Baron,Slick???

  49. Play as a bomber D:

  50. 69th comment

  51. I was in that

  52. Kieler Christophersen (kbond)

    does anyone else thin the Pe-8 should have a different explosion sound for
    its tactical nuke?

  53. this video is ” mamma mia pizzeria”

  54. Dem bombers tho ??

  55. Man those sound effects were unreal

  56. @Phlydaily thanks for playing my suggestion in the stream its an honor

  57. most injoyed this one long time since you made an intence game well done

  58. im glad somone understands what falcon punch is during my sophmore year of
    school nobody knew what iwas talking about :P

  59. KrASsKAH Speedkiller

    hey phly, you used the wrong ammo xD just stick with the belts with the
    Hvap rounds, they have way more HE shells in it

  60. how do I get into these!

  61. Virtual (-Brony-)

    I love this video x)

  62. Phly pls make a sea venom video. It has been week since it has been

  63. Round two Phly, take out the Sherman 105 at tier 2 and peanut butter jelly
    plane, pbj w 75 mm big guns FTW

  64. I hope that Gawiji will put 88mm AA vehicule in the game but i think that
    will be a little to OP.

  65. Agent_nick _5000 (AgentNick5000)

    Wait so we can now cross platform play now??? pc still has an advantage
    tho??? I’ve used the PS4 and touch pad too small and uncomfortable (good
    idea tho) and stick are hard to get those slight adjustments also moving
    from stick to pad is too long

  66. The falcon sucks

  67. Hahahha love how I got kicked for having fun at the end of the Match
    because phly was having to much fun killing people so I wanted revenge but
    phly dosent like him being killed

  68. Play more World of Warships, please

  69. real challenge? destroy airplane thanks arty :-D

  70. Now phly I’m sure you know the aim reticle is only accurate to 300m then
    above that you have to aim ahead of that .Not that you needed to know cause
    you knew already …..right ??? don’t tell me you don’t know.

  71. hey phly how come you keep making fun of the ps4 community

  72. Thats what she said hehehehehhee

  73. What is blacklisting?

  74. I think this custom would be more balanced if there was no lead indicator
    for the AAA.

  75. I was just trying to find a video form u with a p 8 or a falcon omg so

  76. Ur next custom should be mig17s vs Wellingtons

  77. How do you get the tri color smoke? I only see the normal option for the
    center or wings

  78. lochlen schaedel (llcoolschaedel)

    I love how the airplanes crash

  79. 6:45 I wish the guns sounded like that all the time

  80. You need to do AA defence in NIGHT BATTLES. All the tracers will be visible
    and cool.

  81. The bombs are real

  82. The bombs are real

  83. TheSUFCharvanator

    how often/ when do you do these events… I would love to join you on one
    but timezones might be an issue :L

  84. I’m waiting for my kv2 to reload

  85. PhlyDaily pls fly the sea venom

  86. What if bombs had collision effects? Like if a bomb directly hit you it
    would flip your tank or damage your crew even before the explosion.

  87. ZSU-57 vs falcon

  88. Cold War SPAA Still cannot destroy pre-war Soviet bomber Da working just
    fine Xaxaxaxaxaxa)))

  89. The Generalissimo

    The sheer volume of fire!

  90. are youtubers really fun to play with or super boring and awkward?

  91. flakpanzer 1 vs p-26s

  92. Should’ve done it in rb

  93. Rasgreese Panthers

    sorry phly but that ps4 statement was selfish I’m unsubbing your cool
    ytuber stay strong bro but I can’t go on

  94. Phly do a custome battle at Kursk!! Soviet reserved tanks and German
    reserved tanks too!! Line them up at the top of the hill and you will be
    the spectator. It will be fun watching Bt-2’s exploding and Pz. II Luch xD.
    Like the Kv-2 battle

  95. phly for a challenge use a reserve take in r with the mig 9

  96. Am I the only one that feels like your driving a mobile turbo laser turret
    because of the green tracers

  97. hey phly do the same thing but at night time

  98. I’m in the KED community on PlayStation and one of them killed phly lol…

  99. AH-6J Little Bird

    Po-2s vs falcon

  100. Hey dude, do a video with the spitfire lf mk IX Please, no one has one !!!

  101. first death made me laugh and cough up a lung


    Looks like fun 🙂 Boom lol

  103. Nice video as always

  104. play realistic to give them more chance because you wont have any
    indicators for air targets.

  105. Phly you should try P-61’s Vs P-61’s using turrets only :D

  106. Look at all that war going on.

  107. +PhlyDaily could you maybe tell me what the song was when you were cracking
    your drink????

  108. custom battle idea: maus vs tier 1’s, the maus can be killed but only from
    that one spot at the back

  109. Would’ve been sick at night with all the flashes from the bombs.

  110. So many, “That’s what she said,” moments. Haha. Nice video!

  111. AlOhAPvP HawaiiBoiz

    Challenge: drop a bomb into an open turreted taaaaaaaaaaank

  112. The 30mm duo
    Falcon AA
    Hunter F1
    Give em the pain, but not your tea!

  113. The falcon with his turret the other way around acculy looks alot like the
    P-1000 Ratte.

  114. Phly!! Please take out the t32 America tank

  115. 1 sword fish 16 kv2 .o.

  116. +PhlyDaily you should do kv2s vs swordfishes and 2-ops

  117. Not enough dakka. Needs more Dakka ;-)

  118. hey phly when can i get on this custom fun ?

  119. seeing that bomb right before it hit you was hilarious

  120. dick jokes in cumming

  121. lol ad by playstation. their players are the worst.

  122. 04:39 whaaat?
    look at that half-wing

  123. Happy Easter EVERYONE!!!! This has got to be THE funniest vid you have ever
    done Phly.Not only for the content but the huge number of comments posted
    afterwards! Really made my day. Thanx

  124. Of course the ps4 community would break the rules? Really phly,the guy was
    just a prick,don’t blame it on the whole community.

  125. can u please be my friend im butterflymaster

  126. pleaseee

  127. thats Beautiful when there is AA’s every where shooting planes

  128. Hey Guys I also make now War Thunder Videos It came be nice if you look at
    my channel and maybie subscribe and comment

  129. in warthunder i love see the bullet go to the far high planes

  130. Whats your intro song

  131. at least once tell your orignal name PHLYDAILY

  132. Phly it would look epic if all these anti air battles were at night, can u
    do one plz?

  133. Magic_Cannons #Thekugelmaister

    so bad spaa skill

  134. Hey phly why dont you record with baron anymore?

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