Pearl River Map Makes a Comeback in World of Tanks | Update 1.9+ Patch News

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Source: DezGamez

HD Pearl River Map Review, Old Map Coming Back. World of Tanks Update 1.9+ News.

In today’s video I am going to show you one really old map which is making a comeback to World of Tanks – Pearl River. It has been reworked into HD quality, some key changes on the map itself, so hopefully it plays better than it used to.

Let’s talk about it!
►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. So, how did you feel about this map many years ago? How do you feel about it now?
    Have a nice day!

  2. I loved that map!

  3. So….Emperors Border with green grass?

    Pretty much.

  4. Now I hope WG starts bringing back old maps: Dragon Ridge, Port, North West, Siewerogogorsk, Swamp or South Coast. It’s kinda hilarious that WG is unable to bring a new map every 2-3 months. If they had such a pace back in the past, they wouldnt publish the game in 2010 but in 2015 😛


  6. Awesome. Now Dragon Ridge please

  7. I always liked that map, really glad it’s coming back. But personally, I’d rather have all the maps in the game, I prefer more variety even though some maps are better than others.

  8. Maps like this make me almost start playing again.
    Then I wake up and think, wheelies,arty and OP tanks and say Naahhh! you can keep it.

  9. Always good to see these maps come back. Get fed up with the same rotation of maps we get now.

  10. its not a city map so Im happy

  11. If I recall correctly, the south base was at the same spot, but the hill immediately to the northwest didn’t exist, it was more of an open field. there was a hill to the south of it that seems to be gone now

  12. this will play same as it used to, chokepoints in 3 areas, sniping camping tds and arty will have field day. brawling in heavy at choke points. whichever team pushes together to overwhelm a flank and break through will win.

  13. Then they’ll be added Swamp map I really like that map …

  14. good bye FPS…

  15. Wow maps😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

  16. Blitz is fun to play on yah know you could add GOOD MAPS wg

  17. fuck yes i missed this map

  18. Fuck gaming ruins all map nothing will change!

  19. You think they have figured out how to keep your tank from sticking to the side of building corners. MAP BALANCE HAHA all the new ones have a power spawn and advantages to specific sides.

  20. P.s ebr is still OP nest he or hard camo and view range nerf

  21. There was a draw on the left side of the map just wide enough for one vehicle to get thru and I parked my un buffed AT2 in there and killed five bad guys. They could not pen the front of my TD and like knuckleheads after knocking my track out they kept moving back and forth in front of my main gun. What a battle so I will be glad to see it back.

  22. I hope they retire some of the crap existing maps soon.

  23. brings back memories

  24. ahh, the simplicity of the old tech trees and mm

  25. @DezGamez You stat that the north base is in the same place but it not. If you watch the replay you can tell it has moved. Now I know with 0.9.5 they change the map some but I sure they didn’t move the bases just added the second set of rounds into the hills and that middle point, that now has the road into the town there. The south base has not moved at all.

  26. Basically another version of the shitty “Empire Border” map, just bring back “port” and give me the option to block all the other shit maps

  27. I bet the wheeled vehicles will hate it :-). (Which I find a good thing )

  28. Levitating trees at 4:30

  29. That’s a major problem with the game now, is far too few maps. If a map has an element or spot that is OP for one side, don’t nix the entire map, simply fix the problem. The hill on Mines being too easy to access from the North spawn, is a prime example. Don’t take the map out of play, simply relocate the opening, or add one or two more access points to balance out the OP access point. Playing the same maps over and over gets very old. For as long as World of Tanks has been up and running, the map base should easily be 5 times what it is today. As you implement new maps, don’t remove the old maps. Just because some players don’t like playing an a certain map, does not mean ALL players won’t like it. You can add another “Block-Map” slot to appease them, if you want. I personally don’t have any maps blocked, even thought there are a couple I’m not a big fan of. I believe the every good tanker should be able to fight on any map they put you on.

  30. YEEEEEEESSSS I loved this map back when it was ingame! <3<3<3<3<3

  31. This is what we need! More maps. No more Russian op tanks, no more gold tanks

  32. Glad this one is coming back, I still remember some of the battles I had there. Some good some bad. Yet they leave a map like Mines in the game lol.

  33. Bring back a reworked Port map…ty.

  34. Why can’t WG make some super symmetrical maps? don’t even need to make it like real world. it could be tiny tanks on a giant chessboard. or tiny tanks on a giant piece of cheese. anything, but perfectly symmetrical.

  35. O M G YES!!!!!! This was one of my favourite maps back in the day. Might come back just to play on it again

  36. So they basicly just made another Monestary/Mines map with the middle sniping.

  37. Does it come back with WTF E100?

  38. You know you haven’t played in a while when someone calls the newest map you played right before you quit “a really old map.”

  39. Benedic Justine Velasco

    i see we have some floating trees too 4:29

  40. I didnt remamber that fv 183 was in patch 0.8. !?

  41. fucking finally! that is what World of Tanks needs!
    new maps

  42. really nice to see it again it was my favorite map in the game !! but is it me or it looks so that is not really many bushes on south west corner ( on your global map view ) because in the past you had so many bushes what was really good and realistic for this kind of chinese wild nature atmosphere now it looks more like an desert…..mmmh hope come more bushes on this side

  43. Pearl “DontCrossTheBridge” River

  44. Any Map that negates the Clown Cars has my vote

  45. your basic WG map is all about Sniping TD positions giving them the most ridicilous overpowered locations on the map ofcrouse with bushes & hardcover

  46. PickelJars ForHillary

    We get 1 map. WG will pull three in return.

  47. I always loved this map

  48. No 1080p 60fps videos? Disappointed

  49. Balance of maps… Like the current state of Mannerheim south approach… Yeah, many of the old maps weren’t that bad at all. Many of the current maps are too open for those piece of shit wheelies and arty.

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