Peek a Boo Hetzer! (War Thunder) Sherman Firefly Ace

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks for watching!


  1. Trev “and” bruce


  2. Happy Saturday everybody! I played Worms Battlefields last night with some
    friends, I love that game. What did everyone do?

  3. mew

  4. What tank should we play next? Let me know and make sure to upvote other
    people’s vote so we know what tank wins the tank request.

    Also if you want a chance to win a free Premium tank, check this out:

  5. hehehe surprise mother####er!!!!

  6. finger me king baron

  7. third

  8. hi baron !

  9. t 50 please next

  10. Hi

  11. I wish they would make that golden eagles app for ios

  12. nice replay and so many kills in The plane and tank really great
    performance over all and cant wait for the next video

  13. old fassion gulag kv-2 /su-122

  14. I’ve been waiting for this for ages

  15. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    76 pounder, lol.

  16. baron drive the m18 next plzzzzz

  17. play the challenger

  18. they put a 76 pounder on a sherman? lmao 7:18

  19. Franco Javier Mina

    Tank Pershing vs Jagdpanther

  20. Baron prove to us that golden eagle app works. You sponsored sod.

  21. Franco Javier Mina

    Isu-152 vs Jagdtiger

  22. how do i get golden eagles if i don’t have an android device?

  23. Baron Baron! How do you get so many eagles? I buy them.

  24. You have to play the Challenger. Seems like the Teadrinkers have stolen
    plans of Stalins wonderful KV-2 and tried to build their own Derp King!
    Test it for mother Russia!


  26. Ah firefly… CoH memories :3
    also baron play some CoH god damnit >:C

  27. xXG3OXx Ro#Lejiunea

    Guys, do not bother to try the golden eagles app. I got 70 eagles but the
    tasks are impossible. The golden eagles he got are from the devs.

  28. The code is 5drty for the free golden eagles app.

  29. Hetzer had Aryan cloaking machine.

  30. Baron

    How do you get

    deez nuts

  31. I’m curious, is your friend playing War Thunder or does he just share your
    POV? I mean it seems like he’s seeing what you’re seeing but at the same
    time it seems like he also has his own perspective? Like is that even
    possible, two people playing in the same vehicle?

  32. Husqvarna is Swedish Baron! :)

  33. was on warthunder last night and got spanked, infact every game I played
    last night I was spanked up and down every map I played.
    I was having a major brain fart, at one point I don’t know why I did it but
    I saw my team engaging along a line we had formed and there’s me captain
    big balls tore through the line and then BANG, DEAD.
    No respawn not enough points grrrr all pissing night I was doing that my
    head was up my own arse got to have pissed my team off tbh.

  34. so when are they bringing out warships been waiting for beards?

  35. I was in my glorious Stalin-plated T34 once when suddenly a wild Hetzer
    appeared in front of me. The Kraut thought he was smart and tried to go
    around the other side of the building but I sidescraped there already and
    baited a shot from him. Since I couldn’t pen the front I shot into hit
    right track wanting to flank him. Amazingly the glorious APHE round went
    through the track and exploded on one of the small top wheels, some of the
    shrapnels PENETRATED the side armor, hit the ammo and blew it up. I can’t
    even imagine how furious he was, so sad I didn’t record :(

  36. CLICK BAIT!!!

  37. Husqvarna is Swedisch.

  38. husquvarna is swedish

  39. I thought you had a press account baron?

  40. Lost my 156 days streak on WT today 🙁 now i need to start from 1, goal is
    366 :(

  41. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    Play more arcade. You haven’t played arcade for 8 videos.

  42. +BaronVonGamez use one of the spaa in the british tree I would like to see
    the 40mm pom pom aa or the mkII aa with the 2 20mm cannons I have yet to
    see footage of it. :)

  43. M4A3 (76) with Fury skin or vacations in Guantanamo

  44. Your shores are deforming when you approach them. Are you sure you have
    Advanced Shores on?

  45. Hey baron
    You always make my day
    The other youtubers are boring
    Love for u brotha
    Keep going

  46. I Don't Understand Math

    Please play ze Olephant/Ferdinand

  47. 10:53 Hetzer gonna Hetz ya~!

  48. Your shooting is SO BAD! Jeez xD

  49. interesting and funny match to Baron, keep it up!

  50. use the M3 lee’s 37mm as a AA gun it’s glorious :D

  51. Baron can you get a free golden eagles app out for App Store?

  52. Christopher Reardon

    Baron baron!
    How do you get so many golden eagles!
    I want that app for iOS plz Google play not gonna work it needed on App

  53. CHURCHILL MK VII!!!!!!!

  54. Husqvarna is Swedish ;)

  55. Baron, why are you lying to your viewers?

    No, you didn’t get your golden eagles with that app, we all know that.
    Maybe you could have just asked us to download it, but it sad you
    disrespect us that much…

  56. Nice. First game I get to play with Baron and Slick and I play like
    absolute garbage. Oh well. Great game on your part Baron. Perhaps we will
    meet again in a match where I will actually do well.

  57. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    play the jagdtiger….

  58. Christoph Rantscher

    on a scale from 1- Snoop Dog how high were you recording this? I’d guess

  59. take out the Pershing ;-;

  60. ScipionLaurentiend

    comet is the best tank for its tier by far

  61. what is the invite code for the app

  62. Muhammad Aqsath Faza

    baron, why you never play with phly again?

  63. Husquavarna is a Swedish company i think.

  64. that app isn’t working :/

  65. Me being a British person, I am allowed to say, those accents were
    terrible. But that’s what made them so good! Stereotyping on point! Well
    done! <3

  66. Gaijin that we should be able to change our names more than just once! Pls!

  67. Tell!

  68. Captain SumTingWong

    a 76 pounder huh that’s quite the gun

  69. seems like video quality is not 1080 or just me????

  70. Hetzer be like, peek-a-bang I kill you lol.

  71. Pimp deez nutz ha gotteee

  72. can you plz do BF-109 with slick

  73. Hetzer gonna hetz!

  74. M-47 and P-47 with rocket/bombs “Merica”

  75. 7:20 that “76-pounder” must be some big ass gun and op af

  76. The Rebellious Clone

    Legit shit tanking, stick with WoWS.

  77. Nice new intro xD

  78. I’m gonna qoute Dokes from the show “Dexter” here. “Surprise Mother
    fucker!” so awesome.

  79. M26 Pershing !! ;-;
    Suffer going up against T-10M :)

  80. hetzer’s gotta Hetz lol ;-)

  81. Please don’t turn into those “ad-supported” videos.

  82. hetzer gonna hetz

  83. churchil!! play the slow churchil

  84. 1:02 hue-scevarna is actually a swedish manufacturer

  85. Is the free Golden Eagle program have some viruses or something else bad?

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