Perfect Italian STORM

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Source: Circon



  1. Great to be watching you again.

  2. what happened?
    glad to see you back btw

  3. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I am the storm that is approaching

  4. That was the other gun

  5. That T20 ram! A thing of beauty!

  6. @Maxwell Hatkow He did not upload in a while, so YT did YT things.

  7. A couple years back, over 5k damage would have been insane for me. Now, a couple weeks back, I got 5,2k damage with this tank in a Tier 7 match 😀 I have gotten much better, but the tanks have also gotten insane 😀

  8. I can’t properly express how much i love that relatively regular uploads are back!

  9. Oh… Weird stuff.. Thanks, I was curious too

  10. Regular Circon uploads feels so comfy.

  11. Incredible low rolls this entire game

  12. balance he lacc

  13. are…are you back of tubeyou?

  14. fast and brutal

  15. glad to see you’ve come back to the horror of wot

  16. So war thunder not so profitable … .

  17. Standaard uploads vanaf nu van circon :)?

  18. That was such a fun game to watch. Thanks for uploading it!

  19. Christopher Estes

    LMFAOOOO 4:19 I didnt see that one coming!!!! never in my 10 years of playing WoT have I seen that before

  20. A king is back

  21. When Circon gets all over the enemy not just figuratively, but literally.

  22. Which one do you like more tier for tier: SMV 56 or 67?

  23. @Stefan Pajung uTube did uTube things to Circon a year ago.
    Why bother opening your mouth if you have NOTHING real to share?

  24. No need to get so excited over the money Circon.
    It doesn’t pay for much these days.

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