Perfect Italian STORM

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Source: Circon

📺Twitch! https://discord./vnVP5FK


  1. I have you missed so much Circon Circon! Take the Waffenträger auf E100 and do another HE epic Clip 😍

  2. Great to be watching you again.

  3. Need the game sound, 😢

  4. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I am the storm that is approaching

  5. That T20 ram! A thing of beauty!

  6. A couple years back, over 5k damage would have been insane for me. Now, a couple weeks back, I got 5,2k damage with this tank in a Tier 7 match 😀 I have gotten much better, but the tanks have also gotten insane 😀

  7. I can’t properly express how much i love that relatively regular uploads are back!

  8. Regular Circon uploads feels so comfy.

  9. Incredible low rolls this entire game

  10. For those wondering, the Tier 5 game Circon talks about towards the end is the video he uploaded a week ago:

  11. balance he lacc

  12. are…are you back of tubeyou?

  13. fast and brutal

  14. glad to see you’ve come back to the horror of wot

  15. classic ram Sir Circon – so good to have you back again!!

  16. So war thunder not so profitable … .

  17. Standaard uploads vanaf nu van circon :)?

  18. That was such a fun game to watch. Thanks for uploading it!

  19. Christopher Estes

    LMFAOOOO 4:19 I didnt see that one coming!!!! never in my 10 years of playing WoT have I seen that before

  20. A king is back

  21. When Circon gets all over the enemy not just figuratively, but literally.

  22. Which one do you like more tier for tier: SMV 56 or 67?

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