”Perfecting Limited MM Tanks” – Rant

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Spoiler alert, quite ranty video. If you dont like those kinds of videos, you can always watch the other upload of today: https://youtu.be/u_Rc0_IKYaI Enjoy. <3

    • David Ballantyne

      WG love the MM spread because they are obsessed with wanting players to have -2 level tanks to “own” and feel powerful. So many players are awful and need to be two tiers higher to have a feeling of “winning” and WG wants them to have that feeling because they think that’s what keeps them playing.

    • WG does not think its valid, they know that having +2 MM with 8 tanks per team being -2 requires more premium ammo thus making more need for premium tanks and accounts. Its the typical BS to validate their money grabbing practices even though it produces an inferior product.

    • We know it, they know we know it and we know they know it. 🙄 Easily fixed the MM can be and there is no hiding that so why not just trial it? Just reverse the priority so it’s rare we get 3-5-7. Nobody would mind the rare roflstomp if most games are at least 5-10 or 15-15. New tier 8 players learn with fairer games and get rare intro to butt kicking from tier 9s & 10s giving time to get up to speed.
      Fewer Prem MM tanks will appear as you don’t have to fear constant bottom tier rounds.

      MarkGFL did hit an excellent point about PMM tanks as some gambled a lot of money at Xmas to eventually get certain PMM tanks. To now take that away from them is damn shoddy treatment.

    • Christopher White

      Totally agree. Blitz matchmaking is so much better, +1/-1. Just get rid of +2/-2 Wargaming !

    • Maybe WG could make up a special fake Tier 8 tank especially for cases like yours, because WG love making fake tanks apparently, especially premium ones they can make a shitload more money from.

  2. You know Wargaming is just running out of excuses, or at lest the retarded devloper team or indivdual who created 3/5/7. Litteratly 3/5/7 litteratly needs to die in a fucking hole, and Wargaming needs to start taking the advice put in by their customers. Either take the criticsm Wargaming, or just shut down your fucking monoply right now.

  3. Pretty sure the only thing people have asked for is a slight buff to Pref MM tanks across the board and shift matchmaking template priority to 5/10 first, then 15/0, then 3/5/7. It’s not hard and it would solve to many problems, but since it means the amount of gold shells fired would be “even less than 5%” it won’t ever happen.

  4. Lauren Henschel

    WG, “The dumpster fire of 3/5/7 is turning players away from the game. I wonder what happens if we pour gasoline on it?”

  5. Out of everyone speaking on this subject, you are the only one who gets everything spot on. This is exactly what WG needs to listen to.

  6. What the fuck is WG’s boner for short queue times? I’ve never had issues with WoT. Even more hilarious to me, I play a lot of War Thunder where I’ll get 45-90 second wait times and I still don’t give a fuck. If rather wait to play a good game than get instantly dropped into a shit one.
    This is all such a shame too, since I still feel WoT is the better tank game. A lot of troubles, but I want it to be good again so fucking badly.

  7. Mighty IS-4s and fearsome T95s.

    Are you for real? The guy who wrote that has probably not more than 3k Battles.

  8. Totally agree with the MM issue, 3-5-7 should be the last match-up it queues up for which would help mitigate the real problem. Stat scaling between high tier vehicles. The difference between many low tier vehicles isn’t much from say 3 to 5, but once you get there the scale explodes with tanks having at least double the health and armor at tier 7 and by the time you reach tier 9 or 10, the pen values on guns and effective armor has increased so much between tiers that bottom tier gets shit on almost every match. drastic stat changes would not be necessary if tier 9 and 10 didn’t have 40 or 50 points of difference in armor and penetration (or more) from tier 8’s. The game, unfortunately, has been balanced around this disaster and only by having the matchmaker prioritize games with 5-10 or same tier vehicles can there be any amount of compensation for this disparity.

  9. They are just doing this to be able to sell pref mm tanks as something new and make more money.

  10. The 3/5/7 Match Maker change in 9.18 created many problems and it didn’t improve the game. Look up “The Case Against The 3/5/7 Match Maker” and become enlightened. +2/-2 was much better under the old system.

  11. +2/-2 was fine under the old MM. Go back to the old MM with a few team balancing tweaks.

  12. norcalgiantsfan1

    THANK YOU Circon, finally someone is talking about this stupid mm changes that WG did. I think WG should just rebalance the pref mm tanks, make all tanks pref mm 5 top tier-10 bottom, and put tier 10s by themselves.

  13. Kv-5 has a tier 6 gun. take away the ass armor and you are fucked. i do real well against tier9’s. a pack of 140’s and you are toast. this was my money maker. only carried 5 gold rounds. so add a ton of russian tanks and nerf all the gold tanks. so how do we ge them to fix the match making to 5/10 all the time? we need to get them to do that.

  14. EM0tional Goose

    i have stopped playing this game lie 3 months ago because wot is a money sucking virus that doesnt gives a fuck about or have any idea how to balance the game. older prem tank can literally go fuck them self because the newer ones are 10 time bette. also as circon point out the mm is so fucking terrible that regardless of how good of a player you are, if you higher tiers tanks are usesless then you might as well drown e.g. imagine type 5 vs 50 b.. theres no way in hell 50 b can take on type 5 1v1. i can see only one solution, mm should look for 3 things, health pool, player potential and fire power. im sure they have access to all these statistic.. wot for once seriously need to listen to the community or else it will indeed end up like amored warfare.

  15. FirestreakRodimusPr

    nothing is going to happen until the RU server rebels.

  16. Judging all Russians based on these people at wargaming is like judging all of us Americans based on our politicians. But holy fuck Russians are stupid!!!! I do think though, that they purposely wrote down to the community, as if they were 5 year olds because no matter what changes they make, unicums continue to cry, can we say “arty”. I have been waiting for your vid on this because you rant with style and I have always agreed with your opinion on the 3,5,7 b.s. Any way, maybe with all of the community contributors being so upfront about how ridiculous this article is they will at least consider some other way of addressing the issue.

  17. I agree with your idea. Make 5-10 the preferred setup. Done and done. They wouldn’t need to rebalance anything.

    But WG has it in their head that 3-5-7 is the best setup. Instead of a simple fix to the problems of current MM they’re bending themselves and their customers out of shape trying to make 3-5-7 work.

  18. wg employee are dumbasses QED.
    We totally underestimated them when we think how can they fuck up the game even more.
    They surprise us every single patch

  19. +2 matchmaking needs to go….
    slow queues? not enough players? then give us warships-style :bots (couldn’t be worse than most random players)
    it will never happen tho, because as long as people are being fucked over they will pay to avoid being fucked over 🙁

  20. The Joker Channel

    That’s the reason I asked for a refund immediately for the IS-2

  21. So what is wrong with the 3/5/7 MM? Are you saying it was better before to be a tier 6 vs. 12 tier 8s?

    • Before 3/5/7 you had a decent chance of being high tier. It was more evenly distributed for low tier, mid tier and high tier. Now it’s WAAAAY more likely your bottom tier at tier 8 and the creds you make has plummeted. Many vids and web pages on the stats. Afte 3/5/7 the likelihood you’re top tier was basically cut in half.

    • Yeah that is true. WG could fix this by just forcing more ALL tier 10 matches. Problem solved.

  22. Simply take the +2/-2 MM down to +1/-1. Leave the pref MM tanks alone and we are golden.

  23. My KV-5, Jagtiger 8.8 and IS-6 will continue to sit in my garage and WG will never get another fucking dime from me.

  24. Circon, say what you want about this issue but most of our preferential mm tanks tend to sit in the garage for many days without being played because they kinda suck. My IS-6 is horrible and can’t compete with any of the newer premium tanks. I am ready for a change and get to get rid of that horrible russian heavy.

  25. Rather than fvcking over everyone who has paid actual money for a pref prem vehicle, and if WG really want to solve the problem only they seem to think exists, then WG SHOULD STOP SELLING THE FVCKING VEHICLES.

    If they just resisted the urge to screw every last dollar out of people and actually did what they have repeatedly said they would do (ie. stop selling X or Y vehicle) then the simple fact of natural game attrition would take care of the problem over time. How many M6A2E1 ‘mutant’s did you see in game prior to WG bringing it back late last year? Answer for the NA server: none. Not a single fvcking one in 2 years.

    Stop selling Pref Prems and they will effectively disappear over time as players leave the game.

  26. WoT a fucking joke. So you bought a $40 steak, they served you steak (they’re still selling steaks), but they’re going to take the steak away and replace it with a shit sandwich. They have to take away the steaks because steaks are breaking the kitchen. You don’t want a shit sandwich? You can trade it in for a hamburger for an additional $20. Great deal! Blyat. Please sign up for our monthly meal plan!

    Odd that they rolled out Frontline with same tier matchmaking and it’s POPULAR. Better get rid of that shit. These guys at WoT must be dumber than owl shit if they think this will work.

  27. Shitcake,s aside, would reviving the armour bounce mechanics help tier 8’s against the x3 shell mechanics of tier X etc etc?

  28. So first off, they introduce this terrible template system, which would be AWFUL even if it was working exactly as intended. Then they make up this utter BS to justify changing a bunch of stuff that people paid real money for. It’s both utterly incompetent and horribly dishonest.

  29. They should take note from Star Wars – this is what happens when you don’t listen and fans vote with their money.
    They have to see that they are on a road to commercial suicide with these kinds of actions.

  30. they are “beating the wrong horse” with this “preff premiums” shit ….3/5/7 its the god damn promblem :/

  31. Well, looks like I won’t be buying the Progetto now. No way I’ll spend another dollar on this game until all of this gets sorted.

  32. Frontline is the only way to grind tier 8s that is not awful since 3-5-7 is still around even though everyone hates it

  33. 15 people are too dumb to understand what was said in this video

  34. The aim of the game is to push you to tier 10, where you will need either premium time or premium tier eights to earn enough credits. It’s a grubby money grab at best. Next step is to introduce a new range of premium tanks that are over powered hence making more money for Wargaming. Probably tier 9 or 10 premiums next. Open your wallets!

  35. grislyregent 52

    i am with you circon i agree the mm is broken not the tanks

  36. 19:10 Unfucked?

  37. Pascal Mcmenamy

    mmhhhh, tier 8 MM is messed up because of tier 8 preferencial MM. Nothing to do with 3 – 5 – 7 MM that you implemented with a mass of of players play at tiers 8 to 10. No, must be some computer shit going on there.

  38. Mariusz Dąbrowski

    I have been waiting for your comment. It was a very light rant I will say . MarkGFL said it way better. But I agree with you in 100 % .

  39. MichaelAussie05

    Remove gold ammo rework the game so to balance this. Plus 1 minus 1 matchmaking. And in a perfect world have it so that matchmaking takes into account player skill (not asking for unbalanced matches just matches where both teams are close in skill).

  40. I agree with pretty much everything Circon says in this video, the problem is 3-5-7 not PMM tanks I mean how many PMM tanks do you see? There are so many tanks in the game now I just do not believe they are causing significant MMing issues.

  41. RaajEleven Nick

    BTW did you guys notice?!!!!!! WIth Frontline…. everybody has the money nowadays to shoot gold in Randoms! GOL FLYING EVERYWHERE.

  42. +1/-1 for all tanks is the simplest and most obvious solution, but WG seems hell bent on burning this game to the ground. 3/5/7 has ruined this game and I am playing less and less because of it. The removal of pref MM will be the final nail in the coffin for WoT, mark my words.

  43. Michael Cartwright

    I played on the NA server recently. Never had an issue with longer times for MM to work stuff out in my pref. Tanks.

    And I like the KV-5 the way it is! I bought it for a reason god damnit! To angle my backside at the enemy and watch their shells bounce

  44. I’m fine with removing pmm but it’s unacceptable that I would need to pay a single gold even if I decided to trade in for the most expensive premium ever. I’m the one losing something here and I expect compensation, not expenses.

  45. 9:39 😀

  46. I bet WG’s plan was to get rid of limited MM and sell tanks like KV-5 happily again in the premium shop. Regarding the stupid bundels – they do that because there is still a demand. Those kids are still buying their shit. Without demand there would be no supply, simple as that.

  47. Wargaming’s still trying to sell me the new Centurion when I have a double fistful of premium matchmaking vehicles that may be tweaked for normal matchmaking. Why should I bother buying anything else before I see what I’ll get? And why should I keep buying every new Centurion they decide to release to power creep the old ones?

  48. I got the feeling they are saying: Coding is difficult bleyt, make everything +2/-2 so coding is easier…

    Also maybe it is time for you to also quit the WG CC program, because if there are 0 CC’s left there is a reason for WG to look into the game. Since they are not even listening at this point to you, what do you have to lose?

    But a part of these changes is also good, now they can nerf the Defender and the Skorpion Grey… This game is broken as fuck and I am done with it

    One thing I want to ask, why is everyone so triggerd about the MM now when 2 years ago it seemed no-one had a problem with it.

  49. Tier 6 is brutal..imagine meeting IS3 or defenders with mini pew-pew guns….just brutal. Even with Jg 8.8 you cant really stand against those. And you have shitload of other broken tanks in the game.

  50. war_rider 666th

    so wargaming fuck up and if we don’t like the changes we yet again have to pay to exchange as premium tank we paid to get

    seems legit

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