“Perfecting” Preferential Premiums in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Wargaming has big changes planned for preferential premiums and boy has it annoyed a lot of people!


World of is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Why not revert the changed made to the mm? Or make it -+1 mm like a lot of ppl are suggesting?

  2. What a bunch of lieing assholes I will never purchase another premium.

  3. DefendingTheFatherland

    Question, are the forums on EU/NA flooded with morons complaining that they’re going to sue WG due to them breaching consumer rights laws in their country and unless they get a refund they will take WG to court like the case that Valve had? Because on SEA the amount of Australians droning on about it is doing my head in, even withing the SEA server, it is literally only Australian players doing it.

  4. Re cash refund and why I doubt it could happen.
    How many PMM tanks are there in the game, I have 5 tier 8 pmm tanks so what wargaming give me say £125 cash back.
    If there are just 10,000 of them out there at that rate they are paying back £250,000.
    What is the estimate across all servers for these tanks how many of them are there.

  5. General Bloodgeon

    I have the Type 59 and T-34-3 and I really enjoyed the preferential MM for the T-34-3 especially. The longer reload times etc make it so I have to really do well in the tank in order to get a victory, and even though I grouped up with some pals and played it at Tier X, it was a Challenging tank to play at my MM and I am going to miss its preferred version. However, the idea of paying gold to replace my beloved tanks? Ridiculous!

  6. I am one of the tank collectors you talk about, I have over 43 T8 premium tanks and I got them as I like the tanks and they had PMM. Again Wargaming want to screw the paying players, they don’t really read the forums, they pay us lip service all the time and then bring out tanks that they said they never release again i.e the M6A21 which is on the shop right now!!
    Even the buffs to pen and armour to the kv5 are bad. They wont be able to pen a lot of T9 and T10 tanks, and having 200 front Armour will be penned by a lot of T8 tanks that have 221 or higher pen.

    Why Wargaming do you hate your paying customers so much? Is it that you just see us as your bottom line, your cash cow? Yet again its very clear that all you think about is the money you are making and not about the players, you wonder why so many players are leaving the game even after your big update 1.0 with HD maps which look awesome but you done nothing to fix the game play with corridor maps and tanks that you cant flank so you cant pen like the type 5 and 268-4 when you are a T8 tank,

    Even Slava knows how broken the maps/ game is at the moment https://thedailybounce.net/2018/05/23/world-of-tanks-slava-makarov-qa-diggest/
    Look at what he says about buying tanks skins, they are going to be dear to buy Why??? Most other games sell skins at a cheap price to sell volume, make money and not over charge the customer. Here Wargaming want to make loads of money and screw the player not really caring about them.

    I don’t see these changes as good for the players just good for Wargaming to bring more tanks out to sell.

    Again Wargaming lets us down, its about time we stood up to them and not just voice our views on a forum that is not really read by Wargaming we need to vote with our feet, wallet and the CC. Boycott the game for 30 mins would make Wargaming listen, not buying a tank would make them listen we need to act and do something more than talk.

  7. I can not imagine what it will look like, when I get to play with KV-5 as a top tier against tier 6. It was already a monster, but now it’s going to be: “Hmm tier 6, I do not even have to use skill.”
    Anyway it will be similarly KV-4. I dont know if i wanna this.

  8. I agree… I don’t want to fight tier IX in my Panther/M10 or tier X in my SP… I paid for the tank, because of what it offered…

  9. the tier meta is broken & flawed

  10. Well as one of those who have spent several $100’s of real dollars on this game buying pixel tanks I can honestly say this is the straw that broke the cash cow.  The ONLY reason I purchased those pref. mm vehicles was because of pref. mm.  I will still play and enjoy WoT but the cash flow is now shut and will not return.  No premium tanks, NO premium account.  NO MORE CASH for you WG.  The incentive has left the building.  I do not blame you for trying to make a buck but I draw the line at insulting me for doing it.

  11. WG sucks at marketing

  12. I think they are selling BS regarding the pref MM and why it is so broken. I don’t say it will easy to fix but they just need to fix it instead of charging more money if you want to get rid off these Premium tanks.

  13. Then +1/-1 MM is better

  14. Might well make the valentine ll go up against a E100 wargaming.

  15. Their greed has made them delusional, and arrogantly so. That is such a patronizing article and it shows what wargaming thinks of its community. They are too proud to admit that their beloved 3/5/7 model is dumb, and they will not back down from it because it is causing massive premium ammo usage. Come to think of it, most of their recent changes have shown symptoms of delusion, we can’t buy premium ammo with gold any more… As if that changes ANYTHING

  16. My first thought on any change made by big companies is to follow the money. I work with Google Adwords as a tool and almost every change is a way for Google to earn more buck. So my guess is that they are doing it to earn more. But I have no idea how their thought process works if they loose customers on it.

  17. Changes to the IS6 can’t happen soon enough.

  18. Really amateur work from WG, they are not able to fix their own game + and pay the gold for the transfer

    This company does not deserve any respect

  19. How to balance the FCM 36 PAK to be able to play Tier 5 …

  20. I’d argue that the players should take the responsibility for buying those tanks in the first place. They agreed that WG can change any aspect of the game at any time, when creating an account.

    I mean what will you do when WG will ultimately close the game entirely? Then everything you’ve invested in is gone. And that will happen eventually.
    People have to realise that everything they buy in this game is virtual and does not belong to them and yet they invest hundreds if not thousands of dollars into the game.

  21. My guess on the horrible MM for tier 8 is to encourage players to proceed to tier 9 and 10 which will in turn encourage players to purchase a premium account

  22. well…didnt they just lay off a bunch of people from the office in usa? maybe WoT is gonna die, i feel like i will be okay after some therapy

  23. I don’t play WOT any more. I watch QB’s videos from time to time, but I quit playing and the main reason was the new MM template system and the introduction of heavily armored press W vehicles.

  24. This is such a weird decision – I get that it doesn’t make sense with the matchmaker, but why not just down-tier them to 7, give a slight nerf, and keep the tier 8 premium profit potential.

    Seems like the obvious solution to me vOv

  25. Artificial intelligence A.I.

    For ball breaking laughs. Watch this..https://youtu.be/ooBNGJ7BKhg

  26. I am not really sure if I like the basic idea.
    On the one hand, I get why those tanks can be problematic to a MM, since they can’t be treated like other Tier 8 (not like WG tried to tell us in the article, but as a baseline). But I also get why people might have bought them.
    For some, the preferential MM was a nice thing. For others they wanted a cheaper tank (and that was true for some of them) compared to other premiums.

    And I also think there are things that they should rather change than those tanks tbh

  27. When they started all the balancing of tanks they should have gone to the -1 / +1 MM at that point.

    We would not be seeing the problems we are having right now.

  28. I wonder… Is this the biggest bullshit that WG did?

  29. According to an way to old post from Wargaming Premiumtanks were supposed to be better then stockvehicles but worse then elite ones of the same tier anyways xD

  30. I drive a IS-6, E25, Su-100Y, T-14 and many other gold tanks, but I am far from happy to put it very nicely! How the hell will you justify it to put a E25 in a tier 9 match or even a tier 10 match? Or what if this also will count for the lower tier gold tanks, like the T14 for example. It has a gun that doesn’t do much dmg at all and the armor is shit against anything higher then it’s own tier with a huge weak spot in the front! Or what about a IS-6? It loads too slowly to even be a match for many tanks of it’s own tier, never mind going to tier 9 or tier 10 where it will be common cannon fodder!

    Aside from that, the preferential match making is vital to these tanks to even make them work even slightly. I don’t know if they played any of these tanks in even the most perfect match making, but you still are a sitting duck with a huge target on it’s back. Many tanks are a lot better then you ever will be and in in the case of last man standing, you are pretty much screwed with the latest tanks that they released without thinking about older premium tanks or existing non-premium tanks.

  31. That’s why war thunder is my favorite game.

  32. Herman der German

    If WG do this it is time for an EU and US class action to recover all the money spent on PMM tanks with interest. If prem tanks play characteristics are just like regular tanks the game may as well be one of those crappy tank game on google play.

  33. I paid money FOR the premium MM. If they are going to remove the preferential MM, then a full refund should be offered. Much like they did when they screwed up the super Pershing so that stupid people could actually damage those things without aiming for weak spots.

  34. I like the fact they are buffing the preferencial premium tanks. I llok forward to having Chinese and Russian tier 8 heavy premiums that will be closer to the level of the defender.

  35. james ward-gwilliam

    It’s why we are seeing a lot of this premiums in frontline currently. Because the owners getting last usage out of them before the shit hits the fan.

    Also even at tier 8 some of their more recent premiums like the VK whatever P and the defender when it comes to heavies are an absolute horror to face tier to tier especially in mediums.

    Arguably some of the new premiums that aren’t heavies are a horror to face as well. A platoon of progettos in FL for example well rip your tank because you aren’t surviving that unless you get lucky.

    The is no balance anymore and it puts a lot of people off the game.

    A lot of it is down to murazor and the developers. They need to start listening to the customer base properly

  36. this is not on….. while am not bothered by what tier am against.. in a heavy i AM since as a bottom tier heavy your are as useful as an asshole on the elbow.. hence why i initially bought the tank. to have a break from the feeling of running head long into a brick wall… sometimes its nice to go into a game knowing your are not going to come across something that can freely pen your for some sick damage but be totally immune to your attempts at fighting back….the damnd Russians will probably get away with it.. but in a civilized world you cannot sell a specific service. then go you know what… we broke the system that made it work so we will have to change the service to something you don’t agree to….. oh but you will have to pay us to get out of it…

  37. Hello, our opinion regarding the immorality of WG and you have known it for many years, also for many reasons …. therefore I do not think it is the most important to comment again on a problem as indecent as the mm. and the incompetence to be able to solve it.
    The really important thing is that you are going to make yourself as a reference player of this game and that you support this company, so that at once it solves the problems of the game and that at no time in its history has it been resolved.
    It is very good to ask for our opinion so as not to give yours …
    Give me your opinion on whether the time has come to be critical of the actions of WG.
    Maybe it’s time to start being free to say what the vast majority of players think about this company.
    I understand that you have a lot to lose … but it is to people and players like you to those who would listen … to us they have never heard us.
    They only cheat us …
    You and players like you are the ones who have a moral obligation to defend ourselves against WG.
    Sorry for my bad English and I apologize if you feel offended by my opinion.
    I am extremely angry and the serious problem is that we do not have anyone to defend us ……
    Still, I’m waiting for your answer … thanks.

  38. Just playing with us, CLIENTS… WG just want to do what they always did.. trying to make us believe that they doing changes in our advantage but their concept of win win is they win, we loose… paying for tanks that are staying in our garage with spider nets because new tanks are totally OP.. or making us spend credits to get new tanks that are nerf 6 months later..
    Please no 5/5/5!!! why they don’t simply do +1 or -1 mm then compensate these tanks with preferential mm with possibility to exchange them for new one (without having to pay extra gold)..

  39. Hahaha I can see it now the tog ll being faster and thicker armour lol

  40. Just hand out a random tier8 prem for everyone so Free to play players can fackin SPAM those gold rounds aswell fackin WG

  41. Just about had enough.

  42. I bought my SuperPershing for just that reason.

  43. Simple very simple what ever tier the tank is at ie kv5 lock it so it cant go higher ie tier 8 max. Dont screw around with stats and leave them as is. Sure folk will complain but you paid for the tank and they prob havent and its the paid players moving develop ment not the free to play guys.

  44. RIP tier 6 and 7’s

  45. Many factors have been mentioned again. I want to add two:
    – I bought the KV-5 because it is a unique verhicle. The changed version will be like a premium KV-4, as the “new” KV-5 will be similar in terms of front armor, back armor and gun handling. It makes the vehicle less special.
    – We are now focusing on other tier 8s which is understandable. The most popular and profitable premiums. And for some the buffing-process is fairly straightforward. IS-6, 112, KV-5, SuperPershing, they all need primarily gun buffs. But go down a few tiers. What will you do with the other vehicles? I see a few that will be quite hard to adapt to normal matchmaking. Buffing the E-25? Really? Or what do you do with the TOG II? Or the non-premiums with special matchmaking like the Pz I, the DW2, B1 or Type 95? Balancing those will be really hard as buffing just the penetration won’t do them much good. In case of the TOG 2, what could you do? Penetration is already good. Alpha is low, but the tank does have a 17-pounder-gun, nothing bigger. The armor is bad and even buffing it by 50% wouldn’t make a difference at Tier 8. The mobility is super bad, and even buffing it by 100% wouldn’t make much of a difference against tier 8 – but it would CRUSH tier 4s and 5s…

  46. The kv5 is already not terrible in tier 8 matches, I cannot remember a single game were a kv5 got more than 2-3 kills or that didn’t die in the first 5 mins of game, or that blocked alot of dmg because of its tremendous weak spot on the front, they should Buf it a little and not change its preferential matchmaking, its just my opinion and Im not a kv5 owner, just saying I never in my life saw good plays from a kv5 and that tank should always had been the maus of the tier 8, it’s actually sad what as always happened to the kv5….Never got some love and am not sure this is the right thing to do, it scares me more to know it will have to deal with much more powerful tanks…

  47. I can’t see what the problem is. My average wait time in 95% of my games is between 15 and 45 secs. And as far as match-making goes, I always adjust play when meeting certain premium tanks on the field. When I first came up against a PzB2-740, I thought, “Hmm, if I set aside $5 a week for 2 weeks, then I can have one of those too.” Problem solved. What about guys who paid upwards of $90US on packages with the bonus crew and rammer set-up, etc? This would be a completely unfair trade.

  48. You are using current exchange rates. You should have used the rate from 2015. Which would have been about £28.22 which gives you about 9200 gold, less the 3300 gold/garage slot in the bundle makes it about 5900 gold paid. Roughly.

  49. Horray even more tranks I have to worry about. Now they throw me into T X Games Awesome, always wanted to do nothing and absolutely nothing in matches.KV 5 has a good DPM but aside from that, it’s bad, get’s penetrated by wooden sticks and what not. And i aint going to pay for anything.

  50. we need the match maker to be changed to +1 /-1 ie change all tanks to pref MMing

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