Perfection in the LT-432 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Sometimes all goes smoothly.

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  1. I love the LT-432!

  2. Is it possible to NOT have a perfect game in the LT-432?

  3. WG CODE
    24h premium acc.

  4. When I hear LT-432, I still think of some weird FV-432 variant with a turret.

    Am I the only one?

  5. Professor Circonflexes with stream full of memes and excelent gameplay like this one. GG.

  6. Thicc chopstick •

    Would be even better if you flipped the strv at the end and HE him

  7. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Kinda feel like this is tier8 T-34-85M but with better mobility, camo, and faster shell velocity.

  8. Ehhh, it was alright….

  9. Nice Game Circon, we miss your excellent WOT replays !!

  10. Feels so satisfying looking at this replay, it plays out so well almost all the time! Gave me the chills!

  11. love to see you cleaning up 😉

  12. Wow Circon, the fast reactions you got, so flex !!!

  13. I wish circon would play LT all the time. Everything else is just so boring these days

  14. If the enemy just went for the cap they could have made a quick easy win.

  15. Wtg man. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Try playing Type 58, it’s almost as fun 😉

  17. Making it look easy! 1711 base XP very nice.

  18. I wish I could show you my LT432 game. 3900 damage and a Yoshio Tamada and Dumitru’s medal with 5 kills

  19. Hi Circon, your map knowledge is phenomenal. You hugged every ridge an undulation to get a good position on the enemy team – masterclass.

  20. And that is why you use a turret on a tank.

  21. How much would you charge me to Platoon with Skill4ltu and put some videos on here ?

  22. Wow. Great game. Makes me wish I had the LT-432 – well done sir.

  23. That went a bit casually.

  24. I never thought i would like the lt 432, i wasn’t particularly fond of it when it came out, but i had a game where i manage to lock on a cornered 432 with my S1 on Grand battles map and it bounced 2 of my shots, it manage to get out and kill me. I was like “what in f**k is going on??”, only after I bought one and in the first 25 games i got to experience how trollishly bouncy the armor on this thing at some places. A moderate angle and the upper galcis becomes bouncy even on tier 10’s and so as the turret. Still wondering how small and how short the gun breach of it tho, to have -7 of depression on a very flat turret.

  25. Top damage in a bottom tier light. Welcome to CirconFlexes’s channel

  26. That casual beer sip.

  27. Looks like the lt has special place in your heart lol

  28. You really made that look easy…

  29. If you are tired of WOT, just quit playing.

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