^^| Pershing on Derpenberg. (World of Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Even with premium fuel this tank has average mobility lol.

  2. I watch circonflexes videos daily I watch jingle’s videos daily
    I watch quicky baby’s videos daily
    I stop I study I observe
    But yet I still suck ass like wtf and I’ve been playing wot since 2014
    And yet I can’t get 48% win and 55% on the m4 Sherman like I’m not the
    person to accuse teammates as the reason I die but holy shit I run into
    some tomatoes
    I’ve seen a guy with a 25% win rate with 4000 battles
    I swear they need to have a fucking IQ test before they allow people to
    play maybe then I could be better
    And if MM was fixed and not Russian bias AF I could possibly have an even
    match with 1 set of Unicom players, average people, and fuckin plebs on
    each team then at least every single game would say 50% or 45% chance to
    win on XVM
    But since war gaming like get each other’s dicks sucked by other coworkers
    and drunkenly yell cyka blat at a vodka bottle then fixing the MM
    I’m stuck with 17% chance to win with me the being the best player and the
    only thing preventing us from getting rapped
    Idk maybe it’s the stupid shit and I haven’t even got started on arty?

  3. Get youtube views on u2bzone(dot)C O M

  4. I need Pershing ASAP

  5. The farm is real

  6. Watched this live yesterday

  7. Had your central heating failed? I just wondered why you had a beanie on

  8. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    this tank looks awesome in hd

  9. How to turn the distance indicator to be on screen like the whole time and
    not only when you point the gun on someone?

  10. And E-25’s were useless.

  11. Kinda curious – Do you prefer Pershing or Patton KR?

  12. When did they add the cloth mantlet cover?

  13. good game circ

  14. 1447 base XP, ace tanker, high caliber, 3869 dmg, … ‘I think it was a
    solid game’ … what the fuck^^


  16. Wow. 3xE25 having less than 1000dmg between them on this map in this
    MM…that takes a special level of stupid.

  17. If only they had arty to improve the gameplay :D

  18. Man… that UDES 03… shoots Circon in the back right at the start and
    ends the match with a tk to his name. Top kek.

  19. Fuck e25s

  20. the gun handling looks amazing, isnt it? or was it just a good rng

  21. You can do better Circon!

  22. Pentakillllllll

  23. 3 e25s in a platoon lmao

  24. I love the Pershing

  25. I honestly expected you to play the T26E5, both tanks are ridiculously
    similar except one’s broken

  26. The amount of times Circon gets hit by allies is hilarious

  27. how do i get the blue reticle?

  28. Alexander Stoyanov

    That’s it circon, fuck e25s

  29. Do you recommend Pershing? I am grinding that techtree but i am actually
    broke (free to player thing only) so is it worth to waste 2M on that tank?

  30. gr8 game Circ. just curious and wanted to get your input on the TVP VTU,
    that Czech tier 8 MT that everybody seems to quickly swear off on and just
    gets free EXP passed over on their way to the tier 9. Did you also skipped
    past it?
    I’ve been doing quite alright on it though, and have the crew ready and
    training up to their 3rd skill, and am just waiting for a crew retraining

  31. Unfortunatly my NL pc isnt as beast as my norwegian one. So 720P only! Hope
    you enjoy anyway <3

  32. Circon, would it suprise you if they add the Object 279? haha! :D

  33. thx circon, ff studiebreak ;p

  34. First one :-)

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