Pershing Platoon – Live Commentary – World Of Tanks

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Source: Plumb Tanker

A good in the Pershing again. I have fellow YouTuber Britzz helping me out on this one, can we come joint top on our team?, only will tell…ha

Britzz’s channel can be found here, I totally recommend you take a look, I watch his video’s and learn stuff all the ..


  1. Enjoyed that second game, wish the other team would not of capped and
    fought to the last…. Fun though.

  2. Luck you two. Those mountain goat, red line hugging IS 3 types are always
    on my side when I play, not on the enemy side. =0D

  3. I didn’t realize u were recording untill the end of the game! 😀
    It was a good match, unfortunately the Super Pershing didn’t even try to
    decap to buy you and the centurion some time…

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