^^| Pershing plowing through Artic Region. (World of Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Nice meme.. nice meme..nice meme

  2. 4.29 got hm lol :)

  3. That or working in hospitality makes you that salty from having to deal
    with so many jerks that you end up a jerk just like them..

  4. After the removal of cross team chat I really noticed the gold spamming
    increased 100% at least. So god damn it, if Sircon can’t shoot apcr then
    nobody else can too. Oh wait everyone shoots apcr /heat now. The removal of
    cross team chat really facilitated that. Now you can’t call out goldnoobs
    anymore so nobody cares nobody worries about gettng called out so w/e just
    spam gold

  5. lmao he’s hilariosu

  6. Everyone needs to block their team mate once per game it’s a new meta.

  7. I’ve had all those jobs

  8. Hey can u make a video with bc 25 t? Like the reaction

  9. Why do you shoot so much apcr ? :D

  10. Next 3 mark challenge The Churchill 7. That tank is literal aids.

  11. That was a bounce! I saw it definitely!

  12. Whenever a YouTuber tells the comments to NOT say something, you know
    everyone is just gonna say it

  13. All the fawking apcr arghmagawd
    Onope wrong video

  14. “why are you shooting APCR?!”

    “to piss you off!”

  15. Hall and Oats? Retro cool! (but also a little bit lame ;))

  16. Hmm, so i have had customer service work for 16 years now, how should i
    cope with life?

  17. APCR is not a problem when 3 marking, I shot it with Comet, CromB and a
    little with Jagdpanther II…

  18. 1:15 Circon hiding behind scout in a medium tank confirmed :P

  19. well paid I’m loving these paid mastery badge showcases!

  20. Circon + “insert tank name” = OP

  21. circon turned into a bush camper

  22. yeah yeah.. apcr, cola.. 😀 but still .. I´d still like to play 50% as good
    as you! :/

  23. Nice! Looks like you were in a good mood :D

  24. Just done 4.2k, still not aced it… God damn you Circon, can’t you 3 mark
    an other tank? ;)

  25. Was gonna write “why are you shooting APCR prrrpftprpfff?” but then I saw
    the comment section…
    Oh, wait, I did it anyway! :O

  26. In Switzerland, we all have a shitty job in our lives: it’s called the
    military service XD

  27. Why are you shooting APCR gold nub!!?!?!

  28. Circon hit the WT for 208 damage just as i looked at my clock and saw the
    time was 2.08 am :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 3spooky5me

  29. Modpack plz

  30. What is the robust feminist argument?

  31. Love how accurate this gun is, yet people shit all over this tank and I
    don’t get it.

  32. Circon stop making Pershing vids, WG will get the ban hammer out again 0.0
    jk lul

  33. I have a newspaper route for like 4 years now…
    its not that bad.

  34. yo Marder 2 NICE MEME ! hope wg will fix this kind of issue so it won’t
    happen any more….

  35. kind of a dick move to get behind the bulldog like that at the beginning of
    the game and shoot with him Infront of you. I hate when tanks do that to my

  36. @SirCircon Funny thing actually, students at the highly renowned Science Po
    Paris in France have to do exactly that in their cursus, they’ll have to do
    “shitty” unqualified jobs like cashier, so they have a somewhat glimspe or
    grasp of what most workers have to experience, and to humble themselfs, so
    they know how “lucky” they are.

  37. Pershing is love.

  38. Guys like you are the reason I still haven’t Aced the Pershing yet 😛 KUTG

  39. OMG Love watching your replays. You are hilarious and an awesome tanker.
    (don’t tell Jingles I said so)

  40. Where is the 1080 p quality? You have them in your most videos!

  41. Dashing through the snow…

  42. Yawn… so much campy.

  43. Dejan Arandjelovic

    awful gameplay, damn 3-marking

  44. I had newspaper delivery job. It paid more than my job I got with my
    bachelor degree…

  45. lol pershing is my fav tank, and the apcr on it is so nice when you have to
    play against anything russin or t9 n 10 ! nice game

  46. The Sanity Assassin

    “Everyone should have a shitty job for like a year or two in thier lives at
    least. Like some kinda customer support, grocery store erm newspaper route,
    anything like that. Everybody should have that in thier lives cause it
    makes people a little more humble.”
    – Circon (The Wise) 2017

  47. hey circ any plans to 3 mark the TVP VTU?

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