Pershing Review/Guide, Making the Best of Tough Situations

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Source: Taugrim

I the M26 Pershing, a tier 8 American medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier Himmelsdorf and Cliff battles.

The Pershing has an unimpressive reputation, for reason. While the tank provides American comfort in terms of gun depression and turret protection, it lacking in many other ways that limit its effectiveness.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb gun depression (-10)
+ Excellent view range (400)
+ turret protection
– Poor silver AP penetration (190)
– Low top speed (50)
– Sluggish acceleration
– Low DPM
– Soft hull
– Large profile
– Relatively poor camo

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Rammer

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Please vote for the tank I should review in Episode #71:

    Here is the Reddit thread on the XVM arty focus experiment:
    P.S. if you can’t see that poll on Patreon, let me know. I’m not clear how the Patreon poll functionality works.

  2. How nice, i just got it like 10 min ago

  3. I 3-marked the IS-3 with standard ammo only, and it’s not a bad tank

  4. Play BFA Please! Ur MMO guides were the absolute best

  5. Shihab Bin Humayoon

    Eck, you forgot that reddit link m8.
    Really nice video btw, found it quite helpful : )

  6. Taugrim can u play in an heavily armored tank? Cuz u always play light or fast med or…. Slow no armor med and thanks

  7. The main point is that XVM is a toxic app.

    • XVM totally is.

      But arty is very toxic too.

      The combination of the two is utterly toxic.

    • I think TD’s are the most toxic tank type in the game

    • +Silver Torpedo then either u dont play 4 long or u dont get the game…

    • High penetration & high alpha damage is just really toxic in late game stages where you often find yourself in low hp tanks needing to drive up to TD which are often Full HP and will have the first shot advantage

      which arty is easily to deal with end game (Except the situations you get auto-aimed and clicked)

    • +Silver Torpedo but thats not toxic ? als in a light i prefer TDs instead of klickers.

  8. Solid review of the tank Taug, I know we both had nearly 100% the same opinion on the tank while grinding it. I hated it. I am currently taking a tiny break from the game and not playing near as much, I will be on a bit to play a few games every once in a while for a mission or what ever. Msg me in game if you are gunna be on at a specific time and we can try to toon some t9s when you buy the m46 patton. I will work on making enough credits to buy mine. Or we can play w/e tier I am always good for anything. <3 as always

    <3 Spatty_Cakes

    • I tried to like the M26 Pershing. I failed miserably. Here’s to hoping the M46 Patton is meaningfully better. Or even just better.

    • I have to hope when the m46 has max upgrades it will be a better tank to play. Reason being t9 is far kinder in MM than t8 and at least the turret looks like it will try to work more often. But need to play it before I can say really.

  9. i got penned by obj 430U in my turret with AP shells and I no longer play it any more.

  10. Same thing in the Blitz version. Sold it, going back to Russian meds.

  11. Awesome work again. Showing bottom tier game play along with just shooting nothing but AP ammo and having no pay to win rounds loaded. Proves it to people that players can actually play without having to shoot pay to win ammo. But still to this day there is way to many gold rounds being shot for no reason in witch is showing people don’t have the skill to aim for weak spots like you can taugrim. But great game play and good work like always. Oh and arty shooting a bottom tier tank when there is more dangerous tanks then a pershing damn XVM using trash players. But that was some damn F@&king good game play the last video.

    • > But still to this day there is way to many gold rounds being shot for no reason in witch is showing people don’t have the skill to aim for weak spots like you can taugrim

      Yea I agree.

      Premium ammo is a tool, but an over-reliance on it can skill-cap a player negatively.

      People fire gold ammo instead of learning weak spots or getting easy flanking shots on targets.

  12. Someone should make a video showing what this reddit post was about so it can be put on record where everyone can see it. Just to prove it and I believe it and im just a 2200 wn8 player so I cant imagine being dark purple.

  13. A couple of things I always advise capping is bad until it is not 馃檪 also unless you have a very small calibre gun or very limit ammo always take a few HE shells, I have seen many people only take ap and prem shells but a few do come in handy.

  14. Yeah sure, whenever I play SPG, I’ll seek for top 5 player with highest WN8, and target him. Especially when his/her tank is slow.
    “Meteors away!”

    Great play anyway!

  15. This used to be a beast years ago. Powercreep at its finest. :/

  16. Where is the reddit link?

  17. Vlad_MinecraftPlays

    I haven’t seen any recent Panther 2 reviews. That thing is the middle child of a Panther and an E 50: no armor, huge as fuck, and has a gun that tends to behave on its own.
    Another indication that it’s hard to play or flat out sucks is that you don’t see it that often in battles.
    I’d really like to see how you play it cause, currently, I struggle a bit with it 馃檪

  18. dat pingking T-34-2 with 0 dmg 馃榾

  19. I like playing arty and I use xvm but I never went for one player just because he was a unicum. I use it to know how shity my team is xD

  20. “I know this tank sucks, because I was able to 3 mark it with silver ammo only”…words I have never spoken ! 馃槈

  21. Tier 8 ist so OP… U must play vs tier 10 o.O
    Sch枚nes Gameplay ?

  22. You keep showing me ways to improve my gameplay. Silver only unicum? Respect!

  23. Great games and thanks for the insights in your thinking and decision making process.

  24. that thing got a excelent gold pen, like 248

  25. chat is so toxic this battle lmfao

  26. I had difficulties with the M26 but still managed to get decent scores in that. In the other hand M46 is just a great vehicle. I averaged 5.1K damage in my first 5 games in that one. 馃槢 I free exp:d the gun, turret and suspension. I just love the M46 Patton.

  27. xvm is good for game, da

  28. Hi Tuagrim, I enjoyed watching this video in the UK while having breakfast this Wednesday morning. Great tips and commentary as always. I see that the friendly Jagtiger 20:18 is not your greatest fan.
    Picking up on the stats about Arty targeting Unicums, I was not shocked by this but pleasantly surprised. When playing arty I always target Unicums to help my team get rid of these excellent and very dangerous players. Yes its situational and if there is a problem that is more urgent then it needs to be addressed.

  29. Love you videos. I’m a free-to-play player so it’s great to see someone not spam gold all the time

  30. I have switched to a xvm cammo account and it’s been so refreshing not being arta focused every game. I doubt I will play my main account in randoms ever again.

  31. My god, the map clickers at the end are so annoying

  32. Great games and info. I absolutely hated the grind through the pershing. I love my Patton tho. I mostly play the arty I’m grinding now tho. I don’t use any mods, xvm included. It just makes for a more enjoyable game. Thanks for the vid.

  33. Its completly true, I with about 57% which isn’t even close to unicum level get targeted I’d say about 1/3 times so I can see it being absolutely correct
    + I play mediums and lights too

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