Pershing Rocket Hat Trick Slaughter – War Thunder 1.53 Rocket Pershing

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thunder 1.53 Rocket Tanks – Pershing w/ T99 Rockets!
Thunder Gameplay – NEW Premium Pershing w/ Rockets!

Thanks for watching!


  1. First here ?

  2. FIRST COMMENT AND 3rd view

  3. What tank should I play next? Let me know. Give this video a like if you
    wanna see more RB tank battles!
    Also if you want to win a Cruiser A13 Mk.II, follow the instructions in
    this video: And you can follow me on twitter and retweet/favorite this tweet for an
    ADDITIONAL chance to win one!

  4. Im so glad youre playing RB battles again, keep up the good work Baron!

  5. Please try out the T-92

  6. War Thunder Italian Channel “Mr. bombardier” W.T.I.C

    gooooooo baron ;)

  7. HERRO!

  8. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    ya have to use he to destroy den buildings(why?)

  9. ethan “BIOHAZZARD” gray

    BARON man u havn’t accepted my challange me you one on one tier one plane

  10. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    just a tip baron, You can press e untill you get to max gear and your tank
    will go forward automatically!

  11. wewwy waich wockets wou wot were

  12. Who’s hyped for Fallout 4?!?!?!

  13. Baron I’m still waiting for the best tier 5 tank video

  14. Use the fv4202 bestmedium British tank

  15. Them lobsters tho… mmmmmmmmmmmm

  16. I want to play so badly but my download speed is so bad, 72 hours on the
    PS4 2700mb/13000 :(

  17. I wish i didn’t have to buy the rocket sherman to get this :(

  18. These new maps are every where I have not had a map besides Stalingrad and
    Advance on the Rhine since 1.53 was released XD

  19. I hate the new rangefinding system

  20. cant play the game 🙁 launcher doesnt update so cant install it :(((

  21. dude you should use hte APCBC vs those tigers and coelian

  22. this new update is terrible. I can’t have the settings I used to have
    before, and now I get 10-15fps, 20 if I’m lucky, and I was getting 40-50

  23. they don’t have tigers in australia man. just saying :)

  24. play arcade

  25. Probably best WT vid ever.

    That map is amazing.

  26. Dylan _farmer Ted_ Fischer

    I can’t update it. Always says error. I’m not happy about that.

  27. played a game on stalingrad a few mins ago, got bombed by the ai bombers
    flying overhead -.- and my game lasted 30 sec on rb -.-


  29. Is anyone getting a “Disk read/write error” When ever they try and download


  31. ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

    They added new sounds for mg 34
    It has “louder echo”

  32. Baron do a giveaway for the rocket Pershing

  33. Y U NO TIER5 TONK VID ? D:

  34. Play Red Orchestra 2.

  35. Every time I try to log in the game crashes.The game worked fine yesterday,
    I did download 1.53 and then the mini patch they released afterward.Before
    the mini patch it worked, after that it didn’t

  36. Gaijin might just be crossing the P2W line with this T99. Rockets hitting
    the top armor of even heavily armored tanks can just punch through. And as
    this tank was already good as a non-premium without the
    rockets…………….the premium variant is TOO GOOD.

  37. Are people spamming this in RB or is it okay. I’ve been afraid to go back
    on and see how broken the game is since the patch.

  38. Rocket Pershing reminds me about Mickey Mouse.

  39. Baron have you ever thought of playing star citizen. I highly recommend it
    as the most beautiful game I have ever seen and incredible gameplay… when
    the game actually works

  40. i updated the game and know i crash right after i log in and i just checked
    my graphic card and it was up to date and good but can the comments or
    baron help me out can i get baronvonhelp on the scene plss help guys and

  41. Is u use m82 shots u can actully kill tanks btw

  42. JizzusChristTheSecondCumming

    If you can melt those steel beams, move them. ~ Baron 2015

  43. Play the p38 American fighter/bomber plz

  44. warthunder if you do some coding you can get the real name : russian bias
    simulator yup thats the decoded message

  45. play the zsu-57-2 plz baron plz ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  46. I’m anxious as hell for Fallout 4 and you guys start talking about it in
    the midst of a War Thunder video??? You guys want to kill me!!

  47. play more of men of war assault squad 2 please please please

  48. This game is unbalanced beyond playable. Just had an enemy team with 4
    Arados. Nobody could catch up with them – all based destroyed withing few
    minutes. Unplayable.

  49. Its so annoying to hear these fuckin idiotic jokes from Baron and
    also(especially) from Slick. May be they think its funny , but in fact it
    so stupid.They are looking like Imbeciles while trying to born a joke

  50. Play the tiger 2 p

  51. 6:36 that pole just up and flipped itself

  52. Aivaras Petravicius

    I really love war Thunder reall coll game

  53. Aivaras Petravicius

    In World of tanks no atmospheric and boring game.

  54. custom battle idea: panzerwerfers vs catalinas PBY

  55. Do a Pe-8 VS B17s in a custom match at night!

  56. Pick the doom turtle

  57. Yay more realistic

  58. Wonder if WT will add PSYOP tanks? You know huge speakers mounted on a
    tank? You could get points for demoralizing the enemy.

  59. what tank was slick driving

  60. Yo baron you should consider using APCBC over APCR for your Pershing. While
    APCR shells have a lot more pen, it does not compare to the raw killing
    power of the APCBC shell. All you need is to effectively flank and you’re

  61. oh geez, these nebelwerfer sounds (11:30)… so freakin amazing


  63. You should play Men of War again.
    They were my favorite vids.

  64. play the jpz4-5 baron

  65. The new controls for war thunder suck!

  66. Custom game idea Baron, T-92 vs airplanes! The T-92 is like a tank and AA
    hybrid, I think it’d make a very interesting custom battle!! Plz respond
    and tell me what you think Baron plz!

  67. 666 likes illuminati

  68. New Update has really crippled stuff and they didn’t really fix the Russian
    tanks , thanks Gaijin as good as new maps are , we want a GOOD game :/

  69. I’m so glad that the spotting system shows friendly planes where the
    enemies are now too… makes the radio operators actually useful finally.
    So much better than begging the team to mark them on the map for bomb runs
    and having them either be willfully ignorant or not understand why.

  70. Baron can you do a ground forces night RB? I think you can set it up using
    custom battles.

  71. this map reminds me of “Enemy at the Gates” . A Russian sniper and a German
    sniper play a game of cat-and-mouse during the Battle of Stalingrad. which
    tooks action at Tractor Factory and the Rail Station in stalingrad.

  72. T54 or Is4 por favor :D

  73. The new Jpz. (TD)

  74. Please do world of tanks

  75. You need HE to take down walls

  76. I remember that one guy who got killed by those AI bombers early and i
    really feel bad for him because he said its his first time in stalingrad 😛
    btw Baron you should use the binoculars. its very useful when it comes to
    scanning the area.

  77. no more rb war. play the best rank five tank. you sad thet you gonna play

  78. Baron, you need to play more MOWAS

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