Pershing / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

In 1942 the USA accepted a new tank into service. The name of the tank was… М4 Sherman. Its reliability and performance earned the respect of hundreds of tanker crews all around the world, from Western Europe to the far corners of the USSR… but the team that created the Sherman knew all too well that no glory lasts forever. After all, the Sherman was based on the M2 tank that was developed in the 1930s, and the new tank basically squeezed every single bit of potential out of this old design. In other words, the clock was ticking. The US needed a more advanced follow-up tank.



  1. MrFake Ch. 日本語テキスト

    All star University team

  2. 4:34 love how they needed a Porsche Tiger II in a Bad Position to show it

  3. Could you do a metal beast on the T18B(57)?

  4. Lower the M26E1 BR, it got 100mm on the front at 6.7, yes the cannon is great but so is the Tiger 2(p) gun with better armor at 6.3

  5. Did you seriously mentioned the fight between the panther and the pershing near the cathedral? It’s like using the last cr42 shoot down of a p38 in 1945 as a proof of the cr42 being Battle worthy and superior to the P38 in 1945.. what a stupid thing you Said🤣

  6. when will we get japanese turbosherman with helicopter engine.

  7. M26E1 with its long 90 melts big cats and I adore for doing so.

  8. Well I’ll say it’s a good tank even though American tanks suffer sometimes but it depends if you’re good enough with the tanks

  9. lower the repair cost of super pershing and italian one, italian tech tree pershing suffers and its bad

  10. Wtf happened to the economy. I had 3 kills and 1 assist and i only got 35k sl and 3.5k rp. Pls fix this cause how are we supposed to grind anything if we dont get anything.

  11. Pershing always felt to me like a big brother guarding the little brother – the Sherman.

  12. Pershing: Panther’s worst nightmare

  13. Too bad the Pershing only fight post-war tanks and will probably get their br raised to 7.0

  14. Mmm, the M26. My best secondary brawler tank ever, I paired it with the T26E1, M41 and the M42, and two aircraft. I love this thing, it’s *made* for a secondary role, but in downtiers you can slug it out if your T26 is knocked out. Absolutely wonderful to play.

  15. Cologne tank duel indeed!

  16. We need the a10 thunderbolt aka warhog

  17. Question: is Germany going to get their own MIG-23?

  18. Please feed server hamster, i get disconnected and not even able to reconnect to the match

  19. What do i think of the pershing??, great tank just uhh give it its real armor value

  20. احمد فرقد جاسم الثاني -أ-

    War thunder if you are seeing this comment then please…fix overpressure.

  21. Хороший голос. А есть ещё его озвучка от него? На русском канале озвучивает Чихачёв Сергей, он же ещё голос обзора чемпиона из лиги легенд и голос дубляжа Дрейвена.

  22. Michael Joseph Dimaano

    Hey Gaijin, I have a few questions/request to ask.
    – Since you’ve made a Chinese/Taiwanese Tech tree for both tanks and planes. When do you plan to make a Philippine tech tree? I know most of our stuff are made from other countries specially from the US, however, you’ve done that in other countries tech tree so wouldn’t mind it at all. As a Filipino, that would be great if you do that for the Filipino community of the game. Although, I know and we know that most of our tanks would be composed of light tanks and probably wouldn’t reach a BR of 9 at least our planes, helis, and some donated ships could reach that. And yes, we would like to see the OV-10 Bronco and A-29 Super Tucano in the game.
    – You’ve already made a map based on the Philippines which is “Baguio” however, It would be great if you include 1940’s Manila specially around the Intramuros area since a major battle happened there during WWII.
    – Since WWII Japanese planes and tanks die easily in game, would you mind decreasing the repair and purchasing cost of those military assets by 25-50% just to be fair for the people who are grinding the tech tree?


    What is the name of the background music?
    It is the best

  24. How do i remove the top MG on my panzer 4 H?

  25. And they say you can’t learn history in games

  26. everytime i watch these vids im like yes imma play some war thunder and then when i start it up i forget im playing on a laptop and te game runs on 20 fps max lol

  27. the Pershing tanks are super but the repair costs are so high that its unplayable!

  28. M26 T99 is my FAVORITE TANK

  29. Flak 88 can penetrate pershing with just blank shell

  30. Максим Ермаков

    The rules of the game THIEF THANDER
    The three-shot rule
    Three-gauge rule, with armor tilted up to 45 degrees
    Rule 1 fight, 1 car per fight
    The rule of repair is no more than 20 seconds under cover of smoke and 15 seconds without, if there is no cover
    Rule turbo drain, your team
    WILL HELP GET RID OF YUDENTS’S RATS, for whom the game creates a favorable RPU and includes a mode of oppression

  31. May I ask why the Italian M26A1 has such a high repair cost when the thing is kind of garbage when stock?

  32. Brother Captain Warhammer

    The Pershing was Probably the First Tank in the American Line that Love, most likely due to the fact that I use it Heavily in CoH…. Lols, but as Time went on I started to Love it even more for its Looks, its Powerful Firepower for its Time, and the Fact that it Paved the Way to the Patton Tanks, and of course the MBT Line of Tanks, such a Wonderful Piece of American Engineering!
    also, I’ve been Wondering for a Long Time…
    does Anybody know the Title of the Background Music used in these Videos? God it Sounds Awesome!
    or Is it an Original Song made for this Series? Either way… I want to Know! can some one tell me? Please?
    Lols… as Always these Videos are as Awesome and Great, as the Narrator Himself!
    Keep it Up Comrades!

  33. If France use them why are they not in the tec tree ? It would be cool to have them (like Italy have them in their tec tree)

  34. I’m literally laughing while I angle and bounce a 88mm gun

  35. just got it a week ago, already have the super pershing and they are amazing, nice upgrade to face the panthers and tigers

  36. _ちくら 猫のナナ__Neko no Nanadesu_

    Question: British have 3 type of bomb, MC, HC and GP bomb. So what does it stand for and what is the difference?

  37. Every other nation tanks: Reliability, Armor, Low Cost, Good Armament and they had to chose from
    Meanwhile Pershing: Everything + A E S T H E T I C S

  38. the Pershing is fun to use, mobile, decently punch gun, its an all around vehicle, its just the repair cost that throws it off, along with other American tanks at the br like the T25, Super Pershing and T95

  39. 7:20
    12 000 sl repair cost … for what? gun? from side every tank can get kill
    gajin pls

  40. Excellent video! I really love the Pershing! My favorite Pershing is the T26A1 – Supper Pershing! But his repair cost is about 17K silver lions so.. can’t really use him😐✌

  41. Tf is wrong with t26e1 repair cost. It dies just as easily as any other heavy. Almost 20K SL REPAIR COST. Thats more expensive than other actual things that can make money easily, such as spitfire with average cost of 15-13k at most or a bearcat with 10k repair for crying outloud.

    Its poorly unjustified imo as the t26e1 isn’t able consistently to generate as much SL to break even repair cost for the risk involved, compared to a high rate of climb plane that can easily BNZ an entire ground rb hunting air only which break even killing 2 plane at same br and profit at 3 kill.

    TLDR: T26E1 Cant BNZ airspawn like spitfire or bearcat. Dont deserve 20k repair.

  42. I rarely praise an american tank but I think they built a MBT before the invention of modren MBT they really get ahead of their times

  43. Please make a video about the M24 Chaffee.

  44. I would never listen to any of these, if this guy wasn’t voicing it, his voice is amazing and fits in perfectly.

  45. beautiful machines, overrated

  46. it would hv been useless against the Tiger and King Tiger.

  47. At 1:52 the tank literally looks like a more beefy m22

  48. Cataclysmic Computers

    all of this video and the pershings repair cost is still 5 times that of the tiger II

  49. SuperPershing is my favourite, too bad in that it has strong competition in its BR

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