Personal Missions 2.0 are TERRIBLE

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Personal missions 2.0 was something I was really looking forward to – now it’s just a disappointment.


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  1. Oh look! I can say “skill”!

  2. I think I’ve done about 7 in total, and I play at least 15 games a day. I wonder if it’s possible to change it so it’s a little easier such as the missions like “cause 15000 damage to mediums that are part of the bloc” like, that’s maybe possibly one a game

  3. The entire game and community of kiddies and cowards sucks, so nothing new.

  4. Don’t worry. In a year they will announce that they realize there is a problem, and say it’ll take another 6 months to fix. They’ll also probably miss that mark by 6 additional months.

  5. Thanks QB for pointing this out.
    I have around 120 Tanks of different Nations and shouldnt have any problems doing this missions. The thing is: I have not this much time and cant stand beeing forced to play specific tanks.
    Like you said: When you start playing you are usually looking into a specific class and going to complete this Missions for that. But I want to choose by myself, which Light or Heavy i am want to take for a specific Mission. I feel limited, when i have a Mission which is perfect for my T-100lt, but be forced to play the Rhm Panzerwagen instead. This is bad for me and must be even worse for players, which only play a few Nations.
    This set of Missions is horrendous and I am not going to grind this stuff actively.

  6. Tbh quickybaby I disagree on this one, I am a very good player with lots of tier 10s and I absolutely love the excalibur missions. The problem with the old missions are that they require a very specific ultra good game. I remember countless hours of pain and suffering unlocking the t28 HTC. I think these new missions are good beacuse noobies have a chance to actually complete them. Even as I good player I prefer a slow slog to the insane stress and heartbreak of trying to do 10,000dmg in a game and coming up 200 short. But thats just my 2 cents

  7. Thanks Quick, I appreciate your videos and use your info when getting new tanks etc, but I find the games parameters change to much, accuracy and damage and armor, but think the proverbial kibosh (Nerfed) is designated to certain players. Never once have I thought I was a decent player, average at best. Win rate has been steady for a very long time but this past month has been dropping considerably. Any ideas or expert advice???

  8. The horrible grind that force you spend hours and hours each and every day, combined with ever increasing power creep that forces you to spam gold is why I gave up on WoT and stopped playing it! And I feel many have done so too lately. Way to lose playerbase.

  9. For once your right on I own all but 1 teir 10 in the game and Damm the grind on these is crazy I am not the best player or even good but I love to play, this too much

  10. I dont really care about these missions i was grinding Caernarvon AX and got it yesterday for free on the mission side im almost done with object 260 if i get it i think im al good dont care about the rest

  11. I can never get TD-15 because I don’t have a tank of high enough tier …

  12. Im so glad i havent played since they said they were gonna take away our preferential tanks. WG has learned nothing from their community

  13. “Maybe I’m really missing the mark here”, no, you’re bang on. Wargaming are the ones completely misjudging their aim – though honestly I’ve grown so disillusioned with them, I feel your educated guess they want people to grind out as many lines as possible is (close to) the truth, since that entails more gold (for free XP), premium time, and premium vehicles sold.
    Hell, I’ve pulled my hair out over some of the missions from the old set; I’m glad I’ve uninstalled WoT for a while now, otherwise these new ones would’ve done me in.
    Stay critical, Quicky, use your position to be the thorn in WG’s side and make them reconsider the accessibility of the game for free and average players.

  14. The second implementation of personal missions is why I stopped playing WOT. I only play German, British and US tanks, which means I do not have any tanks capable of completing a single personal mission. My choice of play style has been punished by this implementation; therefore, I chose not to play at all.

  15. I literally have arties to grind the personal missions. I sold them all before the personal missions. Now I grinded the credits to get them back.Venus flytrap has closed over me. :>
    But, I use these arties to troll other arties and camping TDs. Which is fine to me. My goal is to hit as many blind shots and get arties as I can in one game. So watch out for me! Your obvious bush is very obvious to me 😉

  16. Fine if you want to make it more of a grind for the reward. But putting time limit on it means only people with no money / no life will have time to complete it. Therefore you are pissing people off that have jobs ( jobs=money). Are you sure you want to single out the people that actually keep your free2play game running?

  17. These missions are horrible,I’ve needed to unlock tanks from nations I don’t play and for some one that has only 3000 games and hasn’t got much experience then it’s even worse I’ve given up on the new personal missions ,it sucks

  18. “Dedicated player” = “Unemployed that can spend 18hrs a day playing the game”

  19. You don’t know how VBaddict works didn’t you? ?

  20. I wonder what took u so long, to realize that these missions suck 😉 no offense…

  21. Open your eyes people, these missions never meant to be fun or exciting, these are just tools to make you buy or invest money in this game to achieve these goals. You have to be so far ahead in the tech trees thats its nearly impossible for a casual F2P player who maybe play 1h a day on WoT or something. Releasing premium tanks after premium tanks and not addressing not the flaws in this game like im personally getting deaththreads from player for playing artillery. Sure i can just turn off all the comms ingame but i can also just stop playing it. The community became very very toxic and i really miss World of Tanks when it was in Closed Beta test.

  22. well said…. if you want to finish all this mission good luck not having a carpal tunnel syndrome … lol 😛

  23. The most hideous mission for me was “Deal 1500 dmg in first 3 minutes”. It forces you to play like yolo player to actually have a chance to do this. Damn 10 times.

  24. There are plenty of people who will prefer the grind as they are not skilled to bounce 4k, deal 3k regularly in this meta.
    QB who likes to use meatshields for personal gain will obviously prefer the ‘damage deal / exceptional play’ missions.
    Also, this game needs diverse tank mixes, hence the need to get more than one nation or tank type.15 T100 LTs all doing light missions is not going to be fun.
    Why should 2k noobs be able to get these rewards, the rewards are for persistence and learning the game, not ‘gimme it right now, because I am special flower’

  25. Wg doesnt feel so good

  26. New missions are terrible compared to the old ones which I was able to attempt to work through even with the small selection of tanks I’d chosen to focus on. Managed to get one female crew member from those original missions and was close to a second. New missions would require me to grind tank lines I have no interest in or the time for. My choice obviously but an odd decision from WG. Had 2000+ games played and was a paying player buying premium time, gold for retraining, and premium tanks. Uninstalled 3 weeks ago. Would only consider reinstalling if I hear the admittedly broken matchmaking has been fixed.

  27. Russians are idiotic be Murican now fuck yeah!

  28. I spent my first two years in WoT playing ONLY german tanks.  My first other nation was the Czechoslovakia, when it was released. Now I play more nations, but still I do not have T6 tank for China, Poland and Italy. For US  and USSR I have only heavy tanks. And because I do not like to be a clicker, I have only german arty. How should I finish this set of missions???

  29. The missions are way too specific. They can only be done with tier 6+ tanks, so if you don’t have the right nation + tank type for a mission, you can’t even work on it while grinding through tiers 4-5. And your damage only counts against tanks from different blocs. So the first USSR+China mission (25k assistance damage) is terrible for me because I only have Russian heavies, and I don’t want to grind a light when I won’t get anything in the meantime, and then half my assistance damage I do manage to get doesn’t even count because I always seem to be fighting other Russian heavies! The missions are just a waste of time. It will take yearS to finish. Maybe that’s the intention??

  30. QB please stop supporting this useless company….their developers are genuinley useless and lazy….the only thing that keeps them alive is 2-3 tubers like yourself….World of tanks is an abandoned game

  31. Yesteray I see one ecalibur in the game 🙂

  32. I’m still grinding at Obj 260 mission :'(

  33. And please lets not have the next marathon’s tier 10 reward tank be a russian heavy.

  34. Can be arsed to play these missions? Nope. I couldn’t even yet be arsed to reinstall the game after I upgraded my PC. WG are not doing a good job of giving incentives.

  35. Eurica ! I didn’t care about those missions anyway. Less care about WG ‘money making’ challenges now.

  36. What I also found strange is that you could actually start a mission from the old set together with a new one. But: it seems like the old mission won’t count even if you complete it?
    At least I had the feeling that thats the case.
    But to be honest, I at least thought that the T-55A from the old set would have been fun to play (I wasn’t able to unlock it so far), with the new tanks? Not exactly the same, but thats just a personal thing I guess.
    Overall, Mission Set 1 was much mor enjoyable in my opinion, even though there were some missions that are rather hard. But at least you could try to do them in your favorite tank of the type, instead of being forced to play a type of tank from a few nations even if you don’t like to play them, or don’t have them at all… so the old ones were also much more accessable even for casual or new players. Right now especially those players will run into a wall of “don’t have a tank that fits? Well, bad luck for you”

  37. Quicky, try aura kingdom TO

  38. Personally, I don’t believe it is shortsightedness on WG’s part. It is their intention on trying to get the WoT community to spend more money … spend it buying gold to convert free XP to enable progression to higher tier tanks to be able to complete missions, spend it on premium tanks where it would be too much of a grind to get to a tank that need that meets requirements, spend it on a premium account to give you a better chance of success in each game (because I strongly believe that if you do not have a premium account … your tanks and crew are less effective!!). QB … I totally agree with you on this new ‘grind’! I don’t play WG that often, plus I don’t have a huge selection of tanks … even though I have been playing for over 6 years. Not even completed Union 1 yet. At this rate … it will take me 3 years to complete the Personal Missions 2.0 …and why, because I am not going to be forced into spending more money on a game that I have probably spend over £500 on!!!

  39. This is how I fixed all these issues. I found the control panel in my pc.. scrolled down to World of tanks and clicked on it. Then clicked on ” uninstall”. I haven’t had any issues with WG and their stupid shit since.

  40. I stopped caring about personal missions quite a while ago. I’m not good enough to consistently get through these missions and stopped at 14/15 for most classes at the T-55A. A lot of the missions can simply devolve into blind luck or force you to play against your team or simply very egoistical (e.g. kill 3 tanks within the first 3 min or so). And for the new missions I simply lack the variety of tanks.

  41. Haven’t played WoT for a few patches, but was looking forward to these new missions… Thought new polish tanks and new missions would be cool to start up again, but polish tanks are horrendous and I don’t understand these new missions, so I’ll just play something else until something interesting happens.

  42. I don’t bother with this newest nonsense made by wargaming.

  43. As a rather new player who only has a tier IX, this sucks. It’s forcing me to grind new tanks on new lines, which i mostly hate. i want to get to the tier X and play it, not be forced to waste time on new tanks.

  44. Players: We hate arties, please do
    something about them!
    Wargaming : *Forces players to
    play arty*

    Excuse me wtf ?


  46. Just wait for the premium tanks that fill in the nation gaps to hit the shop!

  47. Missions are from tiers 6 to 10, isn’t?
    Well… AMX 13 F3 (tier 6) can stun 2 (or more) tanks easily.

    Plus: missions/campaigns should be hard, not easy.
    As far as I understand, WG is trying to reward only COMPLETE players (that plays all the vehicle classes).

  48. They have already been doing this bs for years on console

  49. You’re a great QB, but I think there’s nothing wrong with having more tanks to complete missions. I’m delighted that I can take tanks on a mission that I would not use in the first season.

  50. Thank god, i have almost all techtree tanks. 🙂

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