Phamily, Life And War Thunder

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  1. Thank you all, phor everything <3

  2. Congratulations Phly. It’s great to see ya after a close 7 years of phollowing. I remember when I was 12 yrs old in 7th grade and would watch nonstop your King Tiger Killer sherman video back in aug 2016. It’s been a damn good ride and I’m happy to see you progress in life with a happy phamily to progress into the phuture.

  3. Baby has some pit vipers lol

  4. congratulations Phly!!!

  5. Potato Whisperer

  6. we making homophores now? phrick

  7. It’s good to have you back Steve

  8. Congrats

  9. good shit phly

  10. Phly is so real I love him best of luck with the new kid 🤠

  11. Congrats PhlyDaddy!

  12. I’ve been watching u for a long time and I’m only 20 and u make me feel old much love.

  13. That jet at the start really didn’t want you to finish that sentence lol

  14. 1 more kid and you can play a 4 man squad in warthunder.

  15. Welcome back phlee and congrats on the growing family !

  16. Petition to temporarily Change your channel name to
    Phly Daddy ❤❤❤

  17. Man phamily is important, so we understand you taking the time for yours

    • Regarding the war thunder fiasko, I sincerely hope that we can trust war thunder to do what’s right, given they pretty much made an entire u-turn, pretty sure SOMEBODY’S been sacked but we’ll never know, I’ve never seen such a detailed development time line for anything before or basically letting the community take the reigns so to speak because they had a poll for the economy changes I pretty much had to agree with most of that post but I asked fro clarification on a few points, if enough people do the same maybe they will give us that clarification.

      But like this update to the game has kinda relit the passion I once had

    • Regarding night battles. I’m happy to play em, it’s just time of day based, I don’t want a Night battle in the middle of the day, where the daylight outside creates so much glare that I physically can’t see even with night vision or thermals. So for me personally they would be flexible on/off, on at night and off during the day, and during winter months they would be on for longer because the nights are darker for longer.

  18. Chance Jackowski

    CONGRATS PHLY!! Take time with the kiddos i cant wait to have my own. Yall will be fine God bless

  19. Congrats man!!!

  20. Our phavourite youtuber Phly is back❤

  21. Congratulations! may the heart and house be full and so will will your hands. may health and happiness be with you and your family.

  22. alot of this is great, but its official, with premium, you literally cannot loose now, just seems like they gave back, while still maintaining the disparity between premium and free to play to keep their profit margins

  23. Contratulations DailyDaddy! 😀
    It’s good to have you back! And good to see that Warthunder decided to listen to their fan base 🙂

    Also just gonna drop this down here.
    Type 87 RCV – R2Y2 Kai V3

  24. Congratulations Phly and Laura.. Wish you the best and awesome pharenthood.

  25. Congratulations Phly!!

    And as the great Vin Diesel once said: “There’s nothin more important then phamily” 😀

  26. Congratulations!! We love you papa Phly, we’ll always be here no matter how long you need 🙂

  27. Phly I’ve been watching you since 2016. I love hearing your stories of growth. Life is a beautiful thing We are all looking forward to the future of your children. ❤

  28. i’m very proud of you

  29. imagine being able to support a family by playing a effing video game lol. well done!

  30. You wait till she is 3 mate boys are far easier than girls my 3 year old daighger runs the house

  31. Congratulation for the most important spiritual manifestation of love.. awesome

  32. Congrats, Phly Double Daddy!) Wish you and everyone to always be doing alright 🎉

  33. Congrats on your Wiesel 1a4 ❤

  34. Congratulations to you and Laura! Been watching your videos since highschool and it’s been amazing to grow with you! Wish the Phamily nothing but the best! Thanks phor all the years and the many more to come

  35. Frans Mauritz Fahlén

    I hope your kids will be as good as you on warthunder 🙂

  36. I hope a magnificent and prospers life for your little ones
    There is a word in Islam called انشاالله
    It means by God’s will.

    I hope a magnificent and prospers life for your little ones انشاالله

  37. Playing war thunder is definitely a jab

  38. You have such a wholesome family phly
    I hope you live happily forever

  39. Im crying rn😢 but not really because im proud of you wich i am but because of something else❤❤❤ youre the best

  40. You made another!?

  41. Good luck Daddy, it’s a ride and a half (mine are 14 and 17)

  42. Bring them some tanks …. made of plastic 😂

  43. I love how Phyly always says his plans after it already happened. So ppl like my are waiting every day for the video and nothing comes out xdd.

  44. Congratulations!!!

  45. The phact he has been doing this phor over a decade blows my mind, like time “PHLY,S” doesn’t it.

  46. Dragon Followers

    I was quite shocked that you suddenly disappeared. But now I understand that reason.

  47. WOW all these kids…. I started watching Phly when I was 57 years old in 2020. Phly’s instructional and humorous videos kept me from going stir-crazy during The Pandemic. So congrats to Phly and The Mrs. and big brother Banks on the new baby girl!

  48. You are much welcome Phly. Gretings from Germany.

  49. Congratulations, happy for you!

  50. 🎉 on new baby Daughter 🎉

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