PHASTEST way to deliver PIZZAS (War Thunder)

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PHASTEST way to deliver PIZZAS ( Thunder)


  1. You should play the T-2 and rape everything.

  2. Phly play Centurion series deliver the scones. Attempt 61

  3. Azamat Abdurakhimov

    17:44 did not I did not want that did not want that to happen to not want that to happen did not want that to happen xD

  4. He saw u because he had low settings

  5. Tony. Load the stuffed crust! ?

  6. Слава России и Путину!!!!!!!

  7. You are all joking but some french internet company(Orange)did an ad about the same concept of rolled pizza to promote their professionnal aspect.

  8. Normally the rule is: dont play on patch day.. but in war thunder it is: never play on patch week…

    Horrible teams, some early patch bugs… and 71k people online 2000+ games going over 400people on the queue but still waiting for a match over 4min…


    Offfcouresss it will be sponsored by pizzahut but m11A1 will deliver it safely in the middle of war lol

  10. 6:53 wa happen?

  11. you can make a video with TIGER h1 and TIGER e 😉

  12. big fan of the phly soundpack. been playing with that since it came out. it’s amazing. and how did that bt5 kill something at this BR

  13. Phly, what is the name of the music that use for the Italians? I want to find it and use it for my squad.

  14. I’ve done that with a pizza, I call it a _real_ pizza roll. Source: I deliver pizza for a living.
    Was fun crashing into you in low-tier Air Arcade last week!

  15. Nothing strange really… That is just WT mid to High tier Meta now, You either curbstomp the other team or your team evaporates in the first two minutes… there are no drawn out full fights… only the the top 5 guys of the team make it to late game…

  16. Damn, it’s a shame your the only big WT Youtuber

  17. Pizza that way is gud


  19. That AMX-30 DCA clip was the best that dude straight up took a predator and shot true the whole forest 13:12

  20. Rolled up Pizza heck yeah xD

  21. jimmy



    JIMMMMMY GOD DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. What about the 102mm meatball canon at rank 3 with the italian planes?(give him some love)


  23. Phucking Phunny yet again Phly!!

  24. Really annoying video. Honestly… it seems like there is zero effort put into it. Just some yelling and OMGing.

  25. Vicente Valle Caceres

    Its the cannoli’s deliver

  26. Pizza Hut newest and fastest way to deliver pizza during WW2. -1943 colorized.

  27. special Calzone delivery with extra explosive filler

  28. I’ve never thought of rolling pizzas till now!!! I learn so much watching your videos keep it up phloppy whoppy! Ps what is the name of the intro song?

  29. America has a pizza delivery system too. (I just really wanna see you take out a heli with the Starship).

  30. Vojtěch Ratajský

    Did everyone miss the killfeed ať 16:05 ? ??

  31. Hey phly can you phly Ferdinand and some other lower br vehicles that we mortals play?

    Watching you play top tier is not interesting cuz we mortals will never get to that point also low tier looks more fun

  32. CaptainCommandoYT

    Russian pizza delivery eliminates concurence

  33. I think I know what might be added to the sound pack lol

  34. now i’m hungry, damn

  35. Παναγιώτης Κακριδώνης

    I got a pizza ad in this video. It is destiny

  36. Matteo Dallagiovanna

    i m italian, and in Italy there are pizza and calzone! M113 shot an calzone with pepper salame! its dangerous for your ass

  37. CaptainCommandoYT

    new 50 cal sounds in the phly sound pack also phly make the tow/atgm for this vehickle say instead of I hate myself to say pizza time

  38. Play pub g mobile plz

  39. Love ur vids got me into gaming again continue making great vids and God Bless

  40. The editing is hilarious ?

  41. TheColombianSpartan

    My lord this is sucnh a meme…
    i love every second of it phly!

  42. Vote for “Pizza Time!” at 7:19 to be the new Phly sound pack firing sound for this thing.

  43. In the Netherlands we have rolled pizzas!!! From the kabab stores. The call it turkishpiza.

  44. Better than the Pizza launcher by speed of delivery.

  45. I really don’t understaind why the devs don’t put the Ariete tank in the Italian tech tree?

  46. 13:13 Hanz! Get ze lawnmover!

  47. Delivering super heated pizza that can melt steel

  48. Yes, Phly we have rolled up Pizzas.

    Its called Calzone

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