Phly Ruins Everything | Reading Mean Comments (War Thunder Hellcat Gameplay)

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Phly Ruins Everything | Reading Mean Comments (War Thunder Hellcat Gameplay)


  1. *Sorry about the late upload ((( Please click here **13:13** for epicness PLeASe PHorgive me*

  2. haha hahah hahahahahahaha ha

  3. Phly! you haven’t played the AMD.35 yet?! What the phuck is wrong with you? Its one of the rare phun and competent low tier french armored vehicles, and pairing it up with a goofy french CAS makes it even phunner.
    take out the AMD.35 +Br.693AB2 combo or the AMD.35+Potez 631 combo

  4. 1:50 Goblin+Gajujin=Gaijin

  5. Attempt #451 pleas play the KV85 and ZUT 37 use the bucket force phly ^^

  6. I like Phly personally. I spoke to him a lot on his discord. I suppose the only issue I have with him is his taste in moderators, he’s so chill but then his mods ban people for virtually nothing, then refuse to unban even when it has been clearly shown that the ban wasn’t just, even when some of the mods even agree that it was unjust.

  7. I don’t want to see hate comments in your video, kinda destroy the good atmosphere in your videos 🙂

  8. 3:15. Physics with Phly

  9. I’m currently taking a break from WT, but I’ll never miss your notifications phloppy whoppy

  10. Plz play Tiger P

  11. phly dude u are the main reason i started to play wt and by watching your videos i now have a lvl 100 id and thnx for all ur videos and what type of vehicle can do what and others. You are a war thunder expert dont worry

  12. Keep Cool Phly.
    I give a shit about Raddit

  13. You’re doing your thing on here Phly. I like what you’re doing and I’m subscribed. If I for some (unthinkable) reason would stop enjoying it, I wouldn’t continue watching to torment myself?
    You’re alright, don’t pay to much attention to people not agreeing, you can’t be friends with everyone.
    So big hugs back 🙂

  14. The most shocking part of this video is that Phly uses white-skinned YouTube. Eww.

  15. Hey Phly! There will always be somebody that is not happy with the things you do. Dont let them ruin your day bro! I waited 3 years to play war thunder while saving for a pc to play the game. Because of you , I am the tanker I am today. i have learnt so much from your videos and yes, some videos are high tier stuff.I prefer to play medium tier. Always good info!

  16. They also uptiered the fucking m4a3 76 mm. It already sucked a bit at 5.3 but now it’s even worse of at 5.7

  17. I love your videos. If you would add some rants or stock vehicle plays here and there i would love your content even more. I found your rants to be very entertaining (and true) and also i want you to suffer as much as i do with those damn stock vehicles. 😀 ♡
    I bet you still make them work better than me tho 😀

  18. one question, what fun should it be watching somebody with a stock vehicle and a stock crew?? It is entertining to watch the videos and hear the comments that is what it should be, a few minutes having fun.

  19. Gus Blakeney-Edwards

    let the haters hate
    phuck them

  20. they are just jealous because they are not as good as you in the game.

  21. They hate him cuz they don’t know history and war thunder memes

  22. What the phuck

  23. You are reason why ka 50 exists and tigers are ruined becouse of you lol kidding

  24. Play the ASU-57 and ASU-85’s dad, The SU-122-54.
    Attempt #15

  25. I subscribed to your channel u should subscribe my too

  26. Phly I’m phucking sick of your BS, liked and subbed, catch you on the phlip

  27. Solution to cancer in top tier is active protection system

  28. Don’t worry i don’t even have war thunder i tryed it out on console once n hated it but your videos are fun n interesting to watch n i always look for them

  29. Sooo how was the stream?
    The 9 hour one?
    You got a little drunk while playing golf but that was an amazing stream
    Keep it up

  30. Hellcat is cancer it needs to be 20.0

  31. generally i really like your content Phly no problem with the titles etc. my one big criticism is the way you sometimes play in your videos where you mess around and dont attack enemy tanks for the sole reason of you dont want to kill them which then go and kill members of your team as someone who has play war thunder for a long while and has had to deal with team member doing all sorts of crap other than fighting the enemy it really frustrates me to watch, your essentially a useless member of your team while at the same time you give yourself this air of superiority over everyone else

    long story short if you want to make a video messing around keep it to a custom server or something if your going to be a public match actually play the game please

  32. Watching the gameplay after the mini rant was like having to work with your dad after he got mad at you for holding the flashlight in the wrong place :'(

    Papa phlee pls

  33. Waiting don’t forget also it’s about the moment of choosing what to do. Thanks for the hug..

  34. Phly you’re the true man i was looking for to have PHun with in the YouTube for years
    Don’t care to those haters it’s just their own opinion not ours 🙂

  35. Still love It video 💙 even if u hate my nation in war thunder 😂

  36. MichaelArcAngel1028

    Haters gonna hate. You do you boo

  37. I feel like the phly channel revolves entirely around replacing the f in words with a ph

  38. You should write less clickbaity titles :p

  39. Hey Phly, your videos got me into warthunder from world of tanks, then i sucked so much had to stop because of how bad i am, i need somebody to be patient and teach me. But that’s not the topic, the point is i constantly watch and enjoy your videos, and i love this game because of you. So stay who you’re and keep bringing the fun.

    A request also is could you please make a long good video of playing the challenger mk.2 ?

  40. that phlank.. holy moly!

  41. I have been on this channel for years and I am only three minutes into the video…You are already trying to find random excuses for clickbait, some which may be necessary and others that aren’t.
    I don’t know…did not handle this situation well. Making fun of people commenting on things that bother them and instead of respecting their opinion you rather make fun of them.

  42. Phly plays WG games
    lets get him XD

  43. I prefer when u try exotic vehicules but i understand

  44. 5:56 phly has the right to give us what he thinks about the situation even though we desegree with him!

  45. That guy does have some points. Not everyone can get lv. 150 ace crews on all the vehicles. And no one gets spaced vehicles as soon as they get their vehicles

  46. 14:50 ghost shell

  47. TBH idk if i read titles

  48. u dont ruin war thunder just noone can play as good as u ,,i mean hilarious you seem to be the only person able to run into a group of 5 tanks and kill them all without noone noticing..but i think u should start a WT training class ofcourse u charge..but have people that want to learn map awareness and spots better get on a list and u choose 2 or 3 to run with..i think that wou;d be great id sign up.

  49. Phly, that’s probably the best Stewie impression I’ve heard in a while!

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