PHLYDAILY Exposed…Tracks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) – Churchill Mk.1 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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PHLYDAILY Exposed…Tracks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) – Churchill Mk.1 ()


  1. su100y and pe8 attempt 2

  2. play the M8.

    u wot m8, attempt number 2.

  3. Challange > Two youtube, one has a Zis (that early Russian tank destroyer) and the 8 wheel German (almost an LAV-ish Vehicle) that has to tow it, only the Zis can shoot. While the German tank has to tow you.

  4. Armando Rodrigues

    so? it’s not like this isn’t the 3rd tiering/BR structure since it was released or anything, right? one more time would not hurt

  5. What graphical settings are you using? It looks beautiful!

  6. I would like to see the F4U now that WT has up graded the 50 cals

  7. who said the Mk! sucks? that was 9 kills man

  8. Great job Phly, loved this gameplay! Keep up the great work. Would love to see more Transport Fever or (gasp) WoWS…

  9. Sopwith was a biplane not a triplane

  10. kv-2 and yak-9

  11. T34-85 D5T at 9.0 but your plane is an amazing .. Tu4!

  12. 16:57 AA truck manned by Trumps?

  13. That was just straight up fun to watch. Hurray for the stars on that day.

  14. Storyshift Asriel

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially lost Phly

  15. MKVII plz :3


    The Churchill was designed for trench warfare, which is why it had massive tracks. Trouble was, by the time the Churchill entered the fray, the Jerries didn’t want to play in the trenches anymore.

  17. Tiger II with 88mm + FW190 with gun pods.

  18. Dimas Abyan Falah

    The 76mm HE,The most slow shell in the game

  19. Love when phly is funny and crazy like this

  20. Phly get your fix on exposed… tracks, take out the Super Pershing and defeat the vodka bottle firing bIaS-6 with your spaced boiler plates and……. mmmmm….. them exposed tracks.

  21. Squir approves of this

  22. Phly makes any tank look good..

  23. Where is the Tea room.. Ah there it is.. hahahha good one

  24. try out the chi-ha kai for the mother of banzai

  25. TIER 0 WHEN?

  26. Americans humming british march song terribily… Yup… Thats murica

  27. Krinklekut killas

    Phly, this is a challenge. Take out the Blenheim with gun conversions set to NO on RB and try to kill as many enemy aircraft with it! Gunners not included. Attempt #2.

  28. Phly can you pin this for no reason.

  29. Tobias Henriksen

    The bigger dicker. As the Dicker Max destroy a Maus tank.
    Attempt No.111111111111

  30. ThatPersonInTheComments

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) E X P O S E D

  31. Lol. this tank is shit

  32. British conway pls

  33. Devastating Joke

    Exposed…Tracks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)…
    why not ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

  34. T95E1 plsssssssss

  35. That…. Was beautiful :’)

  36. Bryan Melvin Deocampo

    imagine if ww1 will be a April fools game

  37. Warthunder needs to remove is-6 and get a Russian br 6.7 tank, in my opinion a T-64 would fit just perfect in 6.7

  38. Arkilles737Gaming

    PhlyDaily, Please post the sound mods you are using, Those plane sound effects are just amazing.

  39. Phly can you make a full cover of ”British Grenadiers”? I loved that hahahah

  40. Is the gunshield on the Churchill is +150mm armour?

  41. You can kill the flak 88 by Kamikazeing it, you have to directly hit it though. I’ve done it a few times in arcade for the lols.

  42. Straight to berlin combo : IS2 and yak9

  43. Tea time phly!
    Take out the Sherman firefly/firefly scorpion, with the Westland wyvern carrying 16 hardened-rocket propelled teabags.
    Tally ho!
    Attempt #6

  44. P40E1 low tier shredder

  45. Attempt 2.
    Use the ASU-57 to scare the enemy.
    1) Put bushes to camo yourself within the bushes
    2) Once the enemy didn’t see you, kill them and make sure you get 5 kills in the *REALISTIC* battle.

  46. Good Job Mate.

  47. 8:57 “We gotta be viLIgiant” XD


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