PHLYDAY Stream #2 Elite Gameplay No Mistakes (War Thunder Live Stream)

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PHLYDAY Stream #2 Elite Gameplay No Mistakes ( Thunder Live Stream)
Every Friday at around 12-1pm EST we will be going live.

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  1. Love it bro

  2. Shout out please I’m your BIGGEST fan

  3. Phly. Although I appreciate the other suggestions here, we need a Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger video of you alone showing what 20mm of armor is good for. No one ever seems to play this in game, everyone skips from Nashorn to Emil Sturer in a loathsome oversight of the glory of this wanton beast.

  4. Nightblack Daywhite

    Are u from russia im to привет

  5. パラオ泊地提督


  6. amazing stream 🙂

  7. Phly play your nemisis, the Archer
    Attempt #4

  8. Phly, I don’t think they will add DU to the game, yes, it causes spalling when it hits the tank but everything inside melts as soon as the dart enters the tank. It would be too op

  9. Phly & alchonauter!!!

  10. PHLY é uma das pessoas mais humanas que já vi, simples e especial ao mesmo tempo, uma pessoa normal no youtube é raro de se ver

  11. Great music!!!!!

  12. O Tank bende olacak bak sen.Very Nİce Phlydaily.

  13. Phly have you tried Armored Warfare?

  14. PLEASE take out the pby5a Catalina. Please. It has never been on the Chanel

  15. That thing on the end of the gun is a mirror. Allows you to determine if the gun is bend.

  16. Ok phly take out the ki-200 for the emperor and be honorable attempt #18 can you just do it

  17. The thing on the tip of the barrel of the Cheftain MK 10 is an intergrated muzzle reference system. Which measures the ‘bend’ of a barrel. Which is taken into account when firing increasing the accuracy.

  18. Phly, phly the Japanese duck ! Ki-109 otsu

  19. yea word of tanks

  20. Take out the M2a2 for loving the unloved show them the might of one 50 cal and a 7.62 attempt 7

  21. 3 more seconds, Phly. *3 MORE SECONDS!!!*

  22. Floats!-event challenge: Drop a torpedo, land ahead and get torpedoed by yourself! In memory of the video where you dropped a 5000kg PE-8 bomb, then J-ed out to catch the bomb with your own AA…

  23. Two and a half hours of PHLY DILLY, what a joy!

  24. Are you streaming on Sat?

  25. Phly take M6A1 with only 37mm, Attempt#11

  26. chieftainsarethebombifushoottheammo

    please play the chieftains 🙂
    (start in the mk3, when u die take the mk5 and get the person that got u and same with the mk10)

  27. Good to actually see you. Bodington-awesome! Been playing about 9 months. You’ve taught me a lot. An amazing universe!

  28. Abrams tank crew member here phly

  29. how do you get the phly logo for my tank?

  30. Wish I knew you were live, I would’ve watched

  31. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    Unexpectedly effective. M4a3 76 hvss and p-51d30. Combo attempt number 10

  32. Sling some forgotten Soviet steel with the su-100, I haven’t seen you play that in forever. yak vk107 if air support is needed!

    Attempt #2

  33. streaming in multiple places = ban? what kind of bullshit is that?
    tbh if that’s in a contract i’d try to negotiate it rather than just assuming it’s non-negotiable

  34. how do i get the Phly logo ingame?

  35. Ruff for roof you sound like your from Minnesota.

  36. “Thing” on barrel, is the Muzzle Reference Sensor, which lets the computer compensate for the barrel warping in the ambient heat, or heating from firing. Barrels sag and droop when hot, the computer will adjust the gunners crosshairs to keep the muzzle at the correct angle to fire, as slaved to the range finder.

  37. No markers Enduring Conf in RB. Permanently. Please.

  38. still can’t hear the game sfx. so sad. also use the fucking KV-1 S

  39. ki-44 otsu is a beast, but you need to set the convergence to 150 meters and wait until they are close before deleting anything.

  40. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    There are no “friendly” bullets

  41. Hey Phly. Plz play the T-44-122 again. That one shot machine.

  42. Mr and ms.phly

  43. Phly, love the music dude. New Retro Wave is seriously catching on

  44. Loved the Play on my Plane Phly! She’s hard to Handle all them Hips but she is a Flying Tank! Those 12.7s and 700 Rds of Cannon at 4.7 keeps you out for a while. My Main Strat with her is to Climb to about 2500Ms to 3500Ms. Take it out with half fuel. Fly her like the FW190s Little Chunky Sister Her Combat Flaps help pull her Hard <3 so Glad For Today's stream you have No IDEA<3

  45. Hey phly, could you take out the F4U-1a and the t-95

  46. Phleee daly.
    Please take out the Russian M4A2 Sherman and try to blend into an American team. Attempt #108

  47. Phlydaily, search on my name (The_Alpha_Raptor) and look at my stats by the S0.8000, i use it as a fighter. Just look

  48. can you play the uss alabama in world of warships

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