Physics vs eSports in World of Tanks

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– the . Today I’m reviewing the close games of vs and showing why sometimes Wins.

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World of Tanks a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Imagine next years Grand Finals on 1.April with special game mode 😀 or a
    KV-2 only Grand Finals

  2. “new-cue-lar”, lol how George Bush of you QB!!

    Great game tho, thx for posting.

  3. Up until the end I assumed the stuck one would just shoot into the sky and
    land a lucky high shot.

  4. If I cost myself and my team 150k in a situation like that I think I would
    kill myself

  5. is it just me or the fact they all use the same tanks makes it boring. I
    would be more interested if they were required to bring all 5 types of
    tanks in the game.

  6. “Nucular”…not sure that’s how ‘nuclear’ is pronounced.

  7. This hack tool is crazy
    its on google here =>
    created by russian hackers…….. Physics vs eSports in World of Tanks

  8. Physics: The branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of
    matter and energy. The subject matter of physics, distinguished from
    that of chemistry and biology, includes mechanics, heat, light and other
    radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism, and the structure of atoms.

    WG just shit on Physics grave. lmao. Or was the final played on the moon?

  9. lol

  10. I think QB also has made some hilarious mistakes in serious matches :D

  11. QB HR and NaVi were not the finalists in 2015. EL Gaming were in the final.

  12. quickybaby what is your microphone

  13. once again the terribly lazy map designers screw with us, except this time
    it’s the grand final…

  14. So they tried a pincer manouver?

  15. Even if applew0w didn’t get stuck, Grifon should have died when anatolich
    and inspirer shot at him… bouncing 2 shots on a batchat is crazy… then
    it would’ve been 1 v 3, and navi would’ve easily won.

  16. Biggest heartbreak ever!!! Don´t mess with nature… because physics are
    Nature’s allies!!!

  17. Too bad so sad to the elitist being laid low by physics. Sucks to be you

  18. Ahahahhahahahhahahha

  19. That’s the problem with such players. Instead of taking 1-2 hits or going
    down earlier they wait for the very last second for no reason and screw it
    up. It was so badly executed it’s a shame. Not to mention that these guys
    probably knew that you can get stuck there. After seeing that HH didn’t
    deserver to win at all

  20. might get credits by using new physics, but ends up giving credits to the
    new physics~~ RIP

  21. why the hell do they keep founding geegs that play childrens games? there
    are so many better ways to donate 150 000$, especially when it means those
    “winners” just waste it on MORE games


    If you have absolutely no clue about the esport scene or the game in
    general, don’t comment.

  23. i wed for two burned socks that quickybaby wont respond on this

  24. WoT as Esports is simply ridiculous idea:
    – Clashes develop too quickly to catch up by the viewers.
    – Personal plays are nearly not existent, strategies and tactics should be
    clarified for the viewers in advance otherwise nobody gets what’s going on.
    – Very limited number of tanks are selected for the matches, thought
    there’s huuuge selection in the game itself.
    – TDs ahd HT tanks action missing. Artillery – meeh.
    – Physics!!!!
    – It’s quite easy to get stuck between a rock or in a ditch while playing
    from a standard position on almost every map.
    – Did I mention Physics?? Since the latest changes I don’t feel I’m driving
    a 20t machine but rather one of those cars in the Revolt game…

  25. QB that is old news . Late to the party as always

  26. What happens when you are scared to take a hit.

  27. With the constant map nerfing against TD’s positions may as well call WOT
    World of Mediums with autoloaders. There is something wrong with the game
    when nearly all of the pros go one specific medium tank.

  28. Last night in the Campaign match in Sand River defense, our opponents lost
    cause one of their teammates managed to flip himself upside town. and the
    two teammates, who tried to turn him upside again got banned for team
    damage!?! So it was easy win 7vs10 for us.

  29. Man, you should make the commentaries for WG. ;)

  30. Yea the Physics is b*** and its going to bite you in the ass, even you
    thought you have heard of it last time at high school 😀 😀 Cool video
    QB, but i think most of ppl already knew the outcome 😉
    Btw, you could look more on some WGL GF Mines games, where teams tried to
    get Bat Chats on the hill by some sneaky tactics and more often then not it
    ended up in some crazy crashes :-D

  31. I think most know Wot E Sports is a joke.WG it’s making so many bad calls
    it’s sad.I tried watching some games between pro teams, but it is so boring
    to watch.

  32. sometimes physics wins, that battle physics losing.

  33. Mystic~Cpt.Tidal~Stirling_29

    Using physics to your advantage. Yet sometimes, physics can take advantage
    of you. Already saw this. I was in disbelief during that time. New
    physics… Just… Wow… :o

  34. The familiarity of the replay interface makes this much easier for me to
    understand what’s happening in the game and how good these players really
    are, compared to the “official” interface.

  35. Dam it jingles why did you spoiled it 3 weeks ago in mingles wiht
    jingles!!! urg XD

  36. The funny thing was, Applewow could have just taken the shot instead of
    diving down, by the time the second shot was ready he would have been
    reloaded and ready to return fire, would have been the better play I think,
    but cant blame someone for not thinking 100% clearly under that sort of

    QB what is with the viewrange circles in this replay? Is that some bug,
    they seem to indicate viewrange of about 200m.

  37. A game is obviously well balanced when everyone plays the same tank …

  38. QB, did you have the ocasion to play in a team at eSports? Love your
    vids,keep it up

  39. can u battle with the tiger (p) and the O-ho

  40. Really dislike the new physics in this case.

  41. peak times applewow

  42. to think that na’vi has a dota 2 team that looks like it has a shot at
    winning 18+ million dollars kinda ruins the face that this na’vi team just
    one 150k


  44. Hola beberápido

  45. Keiichiro Takahara

    Hey QB! Can you do a review of KV-3 because I really enjoy using it :)

  46. Shame! Shame! Shame!

  47. the troll lord are back

  48. i was supporting hellraisers :/

  49. lol?
    WoT has a Grand Finals xD.

  50. Pfff Navi should’ve stayed in Dota 2

  51. …Yeezes. Wargaming and Esports doesn’t combine. Completely unwatchable,
    forced to play boring cookiecutter tanks. How is this even getting views?

  52. I could easily get out of there in 3 minutes.

  53. No, quicky. He feels awful. I can never forget when I lost a 1v5 in my
    Cromwell, and all that was on the line was a pools metal. With $150k on the
    line… I’d probably cry myself to sleep, every night of my life, and
    uninstall WoT for good.

  54. I feel this is proof that they should go back to old physics.. They have
    really ruined the game with these awful physics as they lost $150,000
    because of what I feel is wargamings fuck up.

  55. Hey quickybaby :), I would like to ask if you would be able to do a review
    on the tier 6 KV-85 for this year as I just watched your old review that
    was made in 2014.
    Why I ask? It is because I really want to know what you think about the
    tank as I will have it soon, Currently I have the KV-1S (tier 5) and It is

  56. The world will be crushed by Nu-cu-lar bombs soon!!!

  57. shouldverammed him lol

  58. Sure makes me feel better aboot my fails.

  59. Yeah, stupid shit like this in map designs is really lame on WG’s part.

  60. Sergeant Schlumpf

    I can also now climb up the ridge in D4 with my Sherman III

  61. Peter Brenton (KyleCoyle)

    Excellent video, wonderful to see these experts going at it. One nit to
    pick; the correct way to pronounce “Nuclear” in English is like
    “new-clee-er”, not “New-queue-ler”

  62. Now that had ta suck.

  63. I think in order to make things more varied there should be a requirement
    for different kinds of tanks. I don’t enjoy seeing a swarm of bat-chats. So
    many tanks available in this game and I only saw three or four kinds

  64. in real life would the B-C actually get out of that situation?

  65. I would’ve gotten down on the floor and cry my eye balls out. RIP

  66. why is Arclit in the battle as a spectator?

  67. i dont understand why he didnt go face on. he had the hp advantage…

  68. why they didn’t use soviet medium stronk tenk?

  69. So, all the tanks they have in the game. All the “balancing” WG attempts at
    the game, and when it comes down to it, the most skilled players all only
    use one single tank (except 1 scout). Kinda sad, really. The word
    ‘composition’ never enters these player’s minds because anything other than
    full batchats will put them at a disadvantage.

  70. As a veteran WOTer this is the quality detailed commentary that has earned
    QB a permanent subscription status. Bravo!

  71. Sebastion McFarland

    13:06 QB sounds really aggressive

  72. Hey Batchats and nothing else eh

  73. OMFG thank you for not spoiling it quicky holy %$@# I had no idea this
    happened and was under the assumption the other team won. WOW the crowds
    must’ve gone crazy

  74. ooh wow, Batchats. When I think ‘man I want to watch tanks fight’ I think
    of obscure unfamous modern autoloaders.

  75. I would kill myself

  76. that moment when u literally got stuck between a rock and a hard place

  77. Vanguard Detonados

    working as intended

  78. onemanpaintballarmy

    Quickybaby its nuke-leer or new-clear. The U sound is so commonly added
    leading to it being mispronounced. Almost like how I’ve seen people
    actually say “blesh you”.

  79. why do they mainly use batchats?


  81. Not very mind boggling since Jingles posted this a week ago…

  82. wow it look so fun ,everyone just play batchat such a great

  83. The top russian players are on a totally different level of gameplay than
    the other servers. The top clans sit around 5k wn8 each player It amazing
    to see their strategies. think of it as a russian player is like 1.5x
    quickybaby level in wot

  84. The same thing happened yesterday in a random game… Red was down to an
    arty, and the last tank on our team ( A Matilda with full HP) somehow
    fell and landed on it’s side?… The driver refused to admit how it
    happened? Arty drove right by him laughing and capped the game! Didn’t even
    bother to put the Matilda out of his misery, some of the funniest shit I’ve
    seen on WOT! It’s embarrassing yes, but it can and does happen with these
    new physics… Even to the best of us, and pro’s like Applewow.

  85. appletroll

  86. Its really sad that wargaming can’t organise proper 15vs15 matches. This
    7v7 crap is not what WoT is.

  87. Great replay! But I have a question concerning the minimap: is the view
    range of the tank purposely lowered for the competition? Because the only
    time I’ve seen the inner circle that small in a normal World of Tanks game
    is when my commander’s been killed in a Russian vehicle.

  88. $150,000? you fucking kidding me?

  89. Spectrum Analyzer

    I dont get it. You could get stuck places before the new physics as well.
    It was a misplay, not the new physics that got him stuck..

  90. Thanks for posting this Quickybaby. The only thing I can say is that I feel
    bad for Apple. How do you go on with your life in WoT knowing this happened
    with 150k on the line?! The heck of it is that he played very well and it
    is only that little slip at the end that will be remembered.

  91. Realizing that i am a crappy WoT player, I still don’t like how WG does
    their WoT eSports stuff… I personally think that in a tie-breaker
    situation, it should be a kill all or capture win. Being able to just not
    die for a win just felt, idk… just bad.
    I have no quarrel about alternating assault and defense for the first
    however many matches, but it you get to a 3-3 tie or whatever, it would be
    nice to see something like a “standard” or “encounter” style battle.

  92. Why is NO ONE using obj. 140 or E50M?

  93. I got 2 ace tanker medals on the chi ha today!!!!

  94. Don`t get me wrong, I have massive respect for you QB but, it is a bit
    unfair to say “you are only good as you`re last game”. He had some great
    moments in these finales and everyone breaks under the pressure once in a

  95. Prassel B (Stefan)

    please, it’s NU CLEAR, not nucelar

  96. If I was apple wow, I would absolutly be crying.. LIKE 150 GRAND MATE

  97. video games is not a sport, its a competition. Its called esports so the
    nerds can feel better about themselves..

  98. ‫שון מנדל‬‎

    if I was instead of him would’ve broken all the PCs in the room xD

  99. Vladtheimpaler1337

    Quickybaby, please do a review of the Löwe. :D

  100. Terrific ending?! It was the stupidest ending ever

  101. Choked lol

  102. Both are alive so shouldnt it be a draw

  103. That’s gotta hurt

  104. So many issues in the game have needed work for so long and Sadly WG puts
    so much effort into a small pool of E-sports players.

  105. this poor guy…

  106. “NU-CLEAR” not Nuke-u-ler” saying it that way makes you sound like bush jr.

  107. I hate the new physics system so much.

  108. Applewowmight have made that mistake, but in an earlier match he managed to
    win a 1 vs 3.

  109. mhm I don’t know how to feel about this. Only Batchats vs. only (or pretty
    much only) Batchats seems really boring to me :c
    I guess esports is just not my thing cause I play for fun and “””story”””
    (let’s interpret “””story””” in WoT as the XP grind, with 3x ” to ensure it
    is clearly divided by the actual meaning of the word story)

    *obligatory rant over imbalanced classes*
    But as you might see, top players playing only magazine medium tanks. Even
    a TVP showed up! That shows you, which class is actually more limited by
    the players skill rather than the tank itself. Which means Mediums,
    especially with clips, are much stronger, maybe even OP, compared to
    heavies, TDs and other guff.

  110. tbh….he lost “only” 75000 dollars…..they got 75000 for 2nd place

  111. Nicholas Townsend (Mcskittles)

    When seppuku is the only option

  112. Was such a sad time :(

  113. World of Batchats championships?

  114. Rainer Ludwigsson

    I watched it live and it was so effing sad.

  115. So sad that the game has hundreds of tanks available, and yet we only ever
    see the same ones in these matches over and over and over again.

  116. Navi didn’t deserve to win….

    The reason why I dislike WoT

  117. You have to be an asshole to laugh at appelw0w… The guy gave his best to
    the team throughout the tournament… He was excellent all the time and if
    he hadnt screwed up at the end HR would have won. You have to feel sorry
    for the guy, what he mist have felt after screwing up… Nobody should go
    through that… And then internet also laughing at him… Must be horrible

  118. I will never be mad at a team again if we lose a match because of somebody
    getting stuck because at least 150k isn’t on the line

  119. All in Batchats… because they are so fair and balanced I guess…

  120. Where I can have these replays??

  121. I was wondering if it would be possible to add the daily stats into your
    mod pack in your next patch. It would be located in the notification tab
    and it would just say W/L for the day as well as earnings exp and averaging
    them all with the xvm colours letting you know how you are doing on that
    day. As far as I am aware it its just a stats mod and effects game play in
    no way which is what your mod pack is all about.
    Could everyone please like this comment so he actually has a chance to see

  122. hello im your #1 fan!

  123. Did they do a new account for eSports and start from t1?

  124. i fell like applewow could have drove forward and taken hit until his
    reload was done. he could have even driven towards his teammate to get some
    support while he finished his reload in those last 5 seconds

  125. applewOw uninstall now please

  126. That is perfectly fitting for it to end that way for WOT.

  127. I’m sure it was epic. But this replay shows why I never watch WoT eSports.
    Only a very small number of maps used in the game are used in eSports and
    the tanks both teams take (well, all teams) are very repetitive.

    I mean, I understand why the BC 25t is picked, just like I understood why
    the matches were mostly Tier 8s, but that doesn’t make actually watching
    them less interesting.

  128. World of Batchats, nothing to do with World of Tanks.

  129. bodan karcakovski

    Quickybaby are you going to do a review on the Churchill 3 soviet premium

  130. When i see those matchups i just see: boring. It could be way more
    interesting when they would allow only 2 tanks of one type! And you have to
    be forced to take at least one of each class of tank

  131. RNG wins the game. Like most WOT games.

  132. OMG that is so Peeek!!!

  133. I’d start crying if I was him

  134. physics…

  135. Andy “Da7thSon” Lord

    #DoThRightThing… This issue isn’t going away!

  136. Twitch when this happened…

  137. Oh applewow… you dun goofed

  138. Just watched the stream, now Im back for some more QB

  139. live was more fun

  140. Laurynas Mališauskas

    You should do more reviews of such battles. Maybe even some tactics reviews
    for noob commanders like me.

  141. after applewow got stuck, his teammate should have pulled the enemy to
    engage where applewow could also shoot so it would be 2vs1

  142. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    inspirer is so fucking lucky, doesnt deserve to win and wtf 150.000
    dollars?!?! fucking freaks just playing computer all the day, they dont
    hsve live they arent normal people

  143. Lol, only time getting stuck will cost you 150 thousand dollars

  144. As for the Physic, that is on him for not knowing that spot is a Sure Stuck
    Spots (SSS). What I’m a bit upset in the upcoming patch to make it not roll
    tanks over when going at high speed on light, OF COURSE YOU WERE GOING TOO
    FAST. Ever see rally car race? They can go fast but they REALLY have to
    slow down on dangerous corner or to maintain control going at high speed. I
    swear this game is making it even more dumb down then it needed to be.

  145. Nothing but Auto-loader that both team have but teamwork is different. It
    was very boring to watch every tank being the same rather then given what
    the Judge or by People who attending the events vote which tanks people
    want to see them play and the player show them you are a Ace Tanker. WoT
    suppose to be World OF Tanks, not a small world tanks where their tanks is
    the same as your tanks….

  146. wot is not an esport game because of its dependence of luck. I mean

  147. If I was Applewow………..omfg I would kill myself over that.

  148. Most retarded part is that they are in most powerfull medium tanks HOLY
    fuck how many years have pass until idiots from wgn hard nurfs all fucking
    medium tanks ?

  149. I couldve win this but they didnt invite me ;)

  150. where did you get these replays from ?

  151. Karasnjikov strike

    it makes you cry..

  152. Name of the music at 13:55 PLEASE?! :)

  153. Doh!

  154. 150,000 dollars, good lord!!!

  155. QB You are reading my coment!! :):)

  156. poor applewoow, just now i understand how will he felt after that got into
    him , if you in random battles in everyday world of tanks it’s fine, but
    when a $150,000 swinging in a one shot tank, it’s intense

    so well applewoow, good luck on your next season and nice play hellraiser

    i can’t think that RNG also in the Esports as well 🙂 +QuickBaby

  157. It says something about the balance of the tanks when everyone goes with
    the same tank…

  158. Even after taht mistake, apple is my favorite player from the tournament,
    he did an amazing job, winning 3 v 1s, 2 v1s couple of times, if it wasnt
    for him, HR wouldnt be there in that 13th round. Respect mate

  159. I cringed so hard, and felt so bad for AppleWow

  160. i would kill myself

  161. Ya, watched that live, couldn’t believe it….

  162. noob

  163. congrats to the winners, and what a bummer in the finals. :(

  164. 0:33 did anyone else notice that the Cliff map looks like a teddy bear?

  165. Navi win the last game and win the entire finals when the other won two
    games? I personally think this is ridiculous

  166. Talk about throwing away 150k usd…

  167. i hate the fact that he could’ve win 1v1 even if he get shot once , i mean
    why would he get back ? he was reloaded already , man this is so

  168. I am glad you made that video :)

  169. Why are they almost exclusively playing the B-C 25t?? Am I missing

  170. i wouldnt be surprised if applewow was to commit suicide. NAVI totally do
    not deserve this win, these sons of shitheads. To be completly fair

  171. MammothYT - Agario & Minecraft

    reply if you think Quicky would play a arty again

  172. I would develop PTSD if i lost $150k because I got stuck on a rock

  173. I am noticing BC meta. Makes you wonder if autoloaders may be a little
    broken. Hmmm… Opinions, anyone? I do find the burst damage to be
    INCREDIBLY hard to play around, especially tier eight and higher.

  174. I wouldnt mind some esports recaps.

  175. He got stuck.. what a scrub

  176. So i thing Fame is the best clan i wot .. Who is the best?

  177. RIP AppleButt

  178. Too few BatChats..

  179. Leader Of KaRu gaming

    i remember when i played with my good friends 3vs3 team training and winner
    team winned 20€ per person 😀 it was so fun

  180. When you watch Esports games that are being played for 150 000 dollars,you
    know the loosing team will rage and you feel bad for them

  181. After watching 30 mins of e-sport wot, I decided, nope not entertaining, no
    skill involved and the choice of tank wins the game….. this is from your
    own mouth quicky O.o ie: autoloaders vs heavy tanks??

  182. batteries incuded

    nice haircut QB

  183. man this is so frustrating……..

  184. I watched the grand finals and i was just like poor Hellraisers and poor
    applewow. Because they can easily win this :(

  185. Haha.. hey at least now you can say “it happens to the best of us” and have
    proof :)

  186. Well even the pro get caught! ;-)

  187. This really killed the final game for me, There’s no reason for tanks to be
    driving up hills like that with the new physics other than WG being lazy
    and not editting maps when they introduced the new physics.

  188. This is what makes ESL so boring. Identical tank setups and it’s basically
    rock-paper-scissors. Both teams choose an initial tactic without knowledge
    of the other team, and the one that counters the other better is the one
    who wins. Looking at those first two replays it felt like there was very
    little personal skill difference between the players.

  189. It looks so much better without the silly camouflage.

  190. Lol a guy on YT and another one

    Saw that live xxD

  191. hr had to win …

  192. “Thanks for watching.. you’ve been epic” .. Yes I did watch but I’m not
    epic or I’d be sitting here with $150.000 lol.

  193. Perhaps the team could’ve worked together to push the guy that was stuck?

  194. appelw0w also used the hand break at 7:01 if he had hit that rock he would
    have taken quiet a bit of damage

  195. Alika Ostermiller

    i think that they should change the pro play format again. they should
    require each team to play mirrored teams that is a random selection of 1
    arty, 2 heavy, 2 medium 1 light and 1 TD between tier 8 and 10. not many
    people watch pro tanks cause its boring. its always the same comps. all the
    pros have going for them is great teamwork. they could show more skill if
    they were forced to play different roles with a wide variety of tanks.
    People would love to see their favorite tanks played by the pros and the
    pros would create new ways to use them.

  196. Right! Right! Right!

  197. I already knew that position,if you get there whit a fast light,youill just
    dominate the map

  198. i wonder if applew0w is still in hellraisers.


  200. With my 1750 wn8 I can only dream about this… I think my hands are just
    shaking me into the hell when I was playing at such a high level. Lets just
    play for fun, guys!

  201. NAVI FOR LIVE <3

  202. What… do in gameplay people get 125.000 $ ??? :/

  203. oh god the final match… such failure

  204. Watching how these fights unfold really magnifies how drastic a difference
    one small decision can make…

  205. WoT Tournament setups are trash, 1/2 size teams and everybody picks the
    same tank.
    Boring as fuck

  206. Andrej Bogdanovski

    do more like this

  207. they are 1000000 times better than me

  208. I thought Griffin was going to help AppleWow

  209. physics making esports even more of a joke RNG wasn’t enough for WG they
    really wanted it to be truly ridiculous so put pointless physics into the
    game. They’ve brought more frustrations and negativity and made me play the
    game less and spend virtually nothing on the game. In its current form
    physics need to get reworked massively as they are just dumb


  211. I feel like rather than trying to buy a few more seconds to reload that guy
    should of just taken a shell and put one in and got some ramming damage. He
    had enough hit points. What a way to throw a game.

  212. Why doesn’t Wg do Wg League for World of Tanks Blitz ?

  213. quickybaby is it pousible to do a tank revieuw of the amx 50B please i love
    all your video’s and am still searching for the amx 50b revieuw

  214. What a way to go! You’ve got a huge advantage and get trapped, then you
    have to just sit there and helplessly watch as the game slips away. Feels
    bad man =(.

  215. Everyone in batchats … could this be even more boring? Shows in what kind
    of state the game is, if you ask me.

  216. Why are they loading so much HEAT ammo if all they’re playing are medium

  217. that last match only proves that anything can happen. Also, even the pro’s
    ain’t perfect and can screw up.

  218. should have been a rematch

  219. remember watching this live I was so happy for Na’Vi

  220. The best part was watching the Twitch chat live during that final round.
    Poor Applewow

  221. wow,fuckin wargaming, its not the players fault if the map Design is
    bullshit, and wargaming us more than declining

  222. hapends to all if are red player or unicumplayer so thet is thet

  223. The Pilot Penguin

    that was completely unfair. wargaming need to get their shit together and
    remove all those places when that crap can happen. if i was him i would
    have ripped the keyboard out of the computer and a lot of people would be

  224. except for apples derp not impressed at all just a bunch of fucking bat
    chats. so boring really

  225. WarGaming should put a dead Batchatt where applew0w got stuck.

  226. Petrus Sillanpää

    To make it all worse Applewow could have afforded to take those two hits…
    Shafted by the physics eh?

  227. What a noob!

  228. therandomnessisreal

    First he wins an incredible 1 vs 3 and later he kind of loses his team the
    final 😛 …I had a great time on twitch 🙂 CHAT TAKE MY ENERGY Kappa

  229. This only supports my thesis that WoT and WoWS are really bad E-sport
    games… Just because the RNG is sooo uncometetive. Its not about who is
    the better team or player but much more who is the most lucky one…

  230. there are Esports of this “game”?, with such a toxic population?, hmmmmm

  231. Am I wrong to think that his teammate should have tried to get him out?

  232. World of Batshats tournament……meh.

  233. David Lam -flamingsword1

    poor applew0w ?

  234. ” and showing why sometimes Physics Wins.”

    Physics most certainly didn’t win. A player mistake did. Getting stuck in a
    similar fashion has always been a part of this game and games have been
    lost for that reason long before the new physics were recently introduced.

    Sure, applewow was extremely unlucky in that scenario, but in the end of
    the day it is his own fault for getting into that situation in the first

    New physics had nothing what so ever to do with the outcome of that match.

  235. The apple got stuck 🙁

    Why could that one not happen to bananas or a pineapples?

  236. Stupid tank composition, stupid playing, I’m not interested in those esport

  237. I was cheering very much on Hellraisers to win. Did he need to go down that
    hole? Couldent he stay, and possibly clipped him!

  238. we love you applewow even If you make a mistake (:

  239. more eSports!

  240. Fucked up but still
    Best player of the event

  241. Don’t give Applewow a hard time – he’s made a real contribution to the WoT

    Applewow – Verb, intransitive – to get your tank stuck in terrain.

    Now every time you screw up and get the tank stuck you get to say you’ve

  242. Aleksejs Dudarjonoks

    i dont believe u read all coments QB

  243. QB you are such an unreal commentator, love your videos man seriously!
    Great stuff.

  244. Ooooooh come on that was my clans’ secrret spot…. my clanmates are
    basically mountain goats climbing everything possible

  245. And a cry was heard in the dark silence following the loss……………
    “Do you even physics, bro?”

  246. Hopefully some of those winners donated to charity.

  247. Did you read all of the comments? :P

  248. thats too sad!

    anyways, just dropping by as a long follower here and maybe you are
    interested in the razer store streaming community where they offer hardware
    and etc but depends on how many viewers you receive and maybe they will
    give you a full gaming hardware.

  249. brutal lost

  250. I respect applewow even after this event, He saved HR a 1v4 in the 113.

  251. On cliff i used the way a up First from. The green base :)

  252. at that moment he knew, he’d fucked up

  253. Poor Apple…

  254. I saw it happen live and i was shocked

  255. This (and the abysmal RNG) is the kind of bullshit that made Virtus quit
    WoT. Such a skill dependent and competitive game….


  257. WOW,you cant be that stupid to try avoid maybe one shot max. great way to
    gamble $150k

  258. 8397th person here!!! :)

  259. Last year were El Gaming vs Hellraisers, not Na’Vi…

  260. I feel so bad for ApolewOw

  261. TBH i thought applewow didnt perform this year, he made some very silly
    mistakes throughout the contest but hats off for getting into the finals

  262. why does applewow take 15 heat rounds when theres nothing but Ru251s and
    Batchats on the enemy team?

  263. RIP stuckw0w FeelsBadMan

  264. I would be pretty pissed off but applewow took it really nice. he was just
    sad not pissed off

  265. shit like this:only in Poland hahaha

  266. #applenoob

  267. What is eSports?

  268. Joe Raw Cockerill

    and that was the 150k heartbreak

  269. sub to me i will sub back just reply done when you subbed

  270. If only Applewow just go head to head at the last possible moment for the
    extra second of reload while taking one hit, the team would have won.
    Falling off the cliff and getting stuck… not a great ending for a top
    team. This just to show that even professional gamers can panic too. :(

  271. QB please if you are reading this, please make a hetzer review

  272. where is the enemy?
    “150k stone”

  273. I remember monti flipping over that was one of the best parts

  274. it happened to me as well 🙁 i missed a kolobanov’s

  275. Jan-Willem Jansen


  276. *RNG determinist design does not for proper “eSports” make…*
    or bad ‘physics’ systems, lel

    So does using less then best Beta physics in an eSports Final seem a tad of
    a bad?
    Yes, it does to a point, though it does give a very big chance to see
    things even more so that are bad broke or needing corrected all the more
    blazingly clearly.

  277. Add insult to injury, you are evil qb

  278. Always the same shitter teams in this, this is the reason no one gives a
    crap about WoT eSpots.

  279. drinking game:
    take 1 shot everytime quickybaby says:
    mind boggling

  280. I finally found esports interesting.

  281. bull shit boring game came down to shit map design and shit spotting
    mechanic. WG’s crap programming on display for everyone to see. Will
    never be an E-sport at this rate. You are right, it was ridiculous.

  282. was it not winning the semi final, not the actual final. thought it was
    wombats and navi in the final

  283. and the next day, hellraisers were found hanging :(

  284. Sebastian Richter

    I knew what happened from the Start on

  285. applewow just played bad…. deserve defeat

  286. I was there, commentators went crazy ^^

  287. Lol

  288. This spot is definitely really nice :)

  289. Please don’t start spending a lot of time on Esports. It’s the kind of
    thing that would drive me away, which would be a shame as you do so many
    good vids.

  290. ohh pour guy

  291. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  292. Why the fuck eSports for WoT? WoT is only about RNG…. instead of csgo
    where you really need skills…

  293. could someone explain what the point of having a Ru 251 on the team. I mean
    it is a tier 8

  294. I think aple had an awesome rage?

  295. Why are you calling him Nucelar instead of Nuclear?
    Love your content btw, hope for more videos soon

  296. Holy fuck. If that was me it would’ve been the moment I just wrecked the
    monitor with the keyboard.

  297. Jesus von Nazaret

    tragic :D

  298. #@Mistercroo bome te kopiro

  299. +Quickybaby wouldn’t it be possible to use the 130 sec to do a reset/ kill
    1shot from the lighting tower wherefrom Hellraisers would be unable to spot

  300. best way to throw =]]

  301. Mikolaj Wojtowicz


  302. So much for interesting team compositions.

  303. When that happened live … twitch went crazy

  304. gee gee

  305. I’m earl—

    Wait no I’m firs—

    Wait no one cares.

  306. Stop moving the camera bro

  307. Yea quicky!
    Do you have any
    good money advices for
    tier IV tanks?
    Because when i unlock
    a tenk or a part
    i somehow always dont have

  308. Tristan-Ludovic Perreault

    i like the fact that 6 min out and The vids get 170 likes already

  309. 150 000$ . Mind boggling? Bro have you heard of dota 2?

  310. RIP Applewow

  311. My mom said she would let me out of my cage for 10 minutes if I got 60

  312. Géza DoktorNemtudomki

    “deep throat Hellraisers” :v)

  313. φ Wehrmachts Fury

    Wait, is Na’Vi and Hell Raisers part of the CSGO team but just different
    games like CSGO and COD FaZe?

  314. lool only 5 min ago

  315. I love the fhisics

  316. clicked on the vid and it was 999 wiews and 111 likes ._.

  317. NO, damnit QB sry not gonna watch a review of WGs esports…
    I only watch your content

  318. Derpy Physics

  319. when i saw, physics vs esports i thougt in applewow :(

  320. senioritaporpredor

    514 views in 1 minute

  321. senioritaporpredor

    514 views in 1 minute

  322. Nice vid

  323. QuickyBabyFTW

  324. Ah, I remember this. I died laughing when I saw it live XD

  325. Hey Qb great bants fam.

  326. I love these physics

  327. 41th! :–DDD

  328. ملك

  329. Leader Of KaRu gaming

    Great vid! i love you videos!!

  330. Loridawizard Afroduck


  331. waffles!!

  332. Nicolae Ceausescu


  333. Géza DoktorNemtudomki


  334. Your stream and videos are awesome. :D

  335. Qucky notice me

  336. first

  337. Stream SQUAAAD :)

  338. toet toet

  339. First

  340. if quickybaby plays the AMX 40 does that make him quackybaby?

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