PIMP MY TANK ft. TYPE 74 & STB-1 (War Thunder Japanese Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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PIMP MY TANK ft. TYPE 74 & STB-1 ( Tanks Gameplay)

War Thunder Update 1.65 Patch Notes – https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/341614-preliminary-update-notes-war-thunder-update-165-way-of-the-samurai/


  1. i love how phill state and ask himself the obvious at the same time Kappa

  2. GG high tier

  3. That tank will we THE tank I get what’s the release date of the tanks?

  4. glory to japan

  5. omg that intro music that gives you goose bumbs <333

  6. Que low rider

  7. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    Now they are going to add T-72 and all those. I fucking knew it. God damn
    Gaijin. Add them you fucks but don’t make those tanks face WW 2 tanks

  8. phly try out the ST-A1 and A2 next time

  9. Looks like Phly has himself a tank waifu!

  10. Golden velocity Raptor (Icerapter)

    Thug tank

  11. не спеши лайк

  12. 007-goldeneye-N64 James Bond

    no disrespect @PhlyDaily You still da homie ;)

  13. Comrade use the 1942 combo take the Russian t-34 1942 strong tank and the
    il 2 1942! May Russian bias be with you. No mercy comrade.


  15. where’s my t64- t72…. i want them.. and i want them now….

  16. Laughlaugh Laughlaugh

    Yo phly

  17. Laughlaugh Laughlaugh

    You can use the war thunder app for comparison

  18. phly plz i need help i cant open my account and its said to me that email
    has been delete from the game any idea how to recover my game ?

  19. Nick “Boopy” Beaupre

    damn that tank looks like its going to be amazing and a lot of fun to use!
    cant wait.

  20. how do I get in the dev server

  21. phly play awesome russian combo Yak-7B and T-26-4

  22. it should be noted that the type 74 and STB-1 were contemporaries of tanks
    like the leo-2 and t-72.

  23. If this tank was Russian. You would see wehraboo screaming and crying
    “Bussian Rias” And saying: “This game is made by russian devs so made their
    tanks OP”

  24. Do an epic video with Ne Speshi playing in the back.

  25. so the suspention control is only for jap for all nation cause my russia
    tank need that

  26. jap bias neff plss :v

  27. too. cool great concept for tanks with hydraulic sup.

  28. potentiability….. Call Oxford, someone quick.

  29. ガイヤール綾地


    Type74 prototype=STB-1~6

  30. Artic Warfare Police

    Cold-War Thunder

  31. What’s the advantage of the type 74 over the stb1

  32. there are now words to describe

  33. FYI the Type 74 and STB-1 are kinda same since STB-1 is First Prototype of
    Type 74

  34. phly can you play the kv2 and tu4

  35. AJ Iggy (Iggsta3o5)

    So the real question is going to be how does lowering the front affect the
    angle and effective armor when shot at from the front

  36. Attempt 8:Yak-1 and T-50Russian bias is born!

  37. Mikayel Dobrovolski

    War thunder adds tea bagging into the game

  38. am i the only one to spot the Smile face on Type 74 and STB-1?

  39. Dont you all know why there are suspensions in the game? It’s for the
    f**king Russians tanks with trash depression (T-10M, IS-4M etc)!!!!!Now no
    depression problem for the Russians tank , GOOD JOB
    WARTHUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( F**k you , l am a pure German player).

  40. Attempt #5:
    Wir captured Russisch KV-2 und KV-1, then upgraded them to KV-II 754r und
    KV-1B 756r.
    Wir also haben gefangen IL-2 (1942) und Wellington Mk Ic.
    Turn those Waffen against their creators!
    Viel Glück!

  41. those japs definitely know how to make one nice looking tank.

  42. Japan is OP as hell

  43. ya see now they gotta give america the mbt 70 it would be even

  44. Best Tank Ever

  45. Jean Alphonse DeBoisMonté

    second 8,3 BR tank i wonder what the 3rd will be

  46. Why would you use the “Victory is ours” music!? I had to go watch it for
    the 500th time.

  47. Wait what ?
    The lowride tankkkkkkk !!!

  48. phly I have a challenge for you, use the hetzer but only use the machine
    gun and get as many kills as you can

  49. I hear some neonazi part in the gaijin japan tank development

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