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Source: PhlyDaily


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  1. *The title is what i pheel like when I play the T-50… and the thumbnail i have no idea. sorry.*
    Also check out KOWALS channel!! –

  2. After seeing the glorious Matilda I beed you to play it!

  3. Phly you should make a video on the Portez 631

    Two 20mms and six 7.5s

    Oh yeah

  4. Phly you should do the 1 million grilled cheese asmr in a plane since you can fly one that would be epic.

    Attempt #2

  5. God bless you phly

  6. Pls my favorite plane the german Ta 154 A-1

  7. Are you religious phly

  8. Its funny because that 1st clip reminds me of a Realistic game about 2 weeks ago where I killed 2 T50s back to back with a Panzer 4C…somehow with the stock round. I just stopped believing in physics after those kills with stock 75mm AP round from short 75mm.

    Edit: should mention, at least one was a head on frontal shot.

  9. Streamer luck, when I play T-50 all I see is Panzer F 2 & M4s…

  10. Phly im from Poland 🙂

  11. Wdym when I played with it, it was a terrible tank for me. Glad I got rid of it. Only once it had a good round. (I play in arcade)

  12. i want the t34-85 video

  13. “play the matilda”


  14. my whole life changed with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  15. All im saying is the grind is real in War Thunder and I find it more fun watching your vids than playing the game LOL

  16. Ngl but i have imperial units on in War Thunder..
    So when you said you were going ultra fast speed i was like: wait so 40mph?

  17. guys we need to go to other youtubers comment sections and tell them to go sub to phlydaily. WE are the SPARK that will LIGHT the FIRE.

  18. PhlyDaily Men where you take so many golden eagles on your main acc???plz tell me

  19. Classy3 • 45 years ago

    sherman 105 m3 lee and crusader III can pen it with easy but the sherman is the real threat

  20. You gotta make a challenge where you aren’t allowed to stop.
    Simply roleplay this movie with the bomb in the Bus where they can’t slow down or explode idk the name

  21. Captain of the noobs 0,5

    A T-34-57 video

  22. *Watches Phly*

    Me: wow this looks fun.

    Gets one hitted first two matches i play. NICE

    • Two things to remember when playing the t-50, bring at least 10 apcr shells, just in case, and most importantly, DON’T stop, EVER, you miss, keep going, you hit but no kill? Keep driving, speed and reload are it’s greatest assets.

  23. The Germans got walked all over. Who would’ve thought? That’s never happened before in this game.

  24. KowaloweGameplaye! <3

  25. Are you going to do anymore VR tank videos? I know its playing at a much tougher level of play but would love to see how you do.

  26. Phly vs Matilda: *WHAT DO I DO???*

    Me, sitting in my chair watching: uh, I dunno, maybe drop your artillery on it?

  27. Qrashquisbrotherplays!

    Please do an OG t 34

  28. have you say (Scheiße)?

  29. T-34 YEAH!!!

  30. 5:39 I like ya cut g

  31. me from a Kowalowe. Great wideo 😀

  32. T-34 vid would be great. Haven’t played WT in abt a year but your videos always make me want to get back into it

  33. Kowalowe just plowing through like an American invading Iraq.

  34. Good Lord at that kill streak high light.

  35. Titanius Anglesmith

    Not much can pen… unless I’m playing of course.

  36. Robert-Jan van Loon

    pls fo a OG Puma video, the fast kitty needs some attention

  37. Thanks for the lullaby phly, that made me sleep real good last night

  38. no one:
    every tank that faces the wirbelwind:

  39. 1:05 polish kurwa power

  40. Phly please do r3 at top tier

  41. Russia is fair 😎

  42. *this is the most feared tank at low battle rating

    excuse me but that is the biggest bs ive heard puma is the scariest thing at low br

  43. What is this, a non uptiered t-50, it looks like you underestimate the power of the dark side

  44. Autism is Uncontrollable

    Zajebisty clean up XD

  45. BT-7 hasn’t seen daylight for 5-6 years pls get speedy boy!

  46. I once got 20 kills in RB with this thing.It’s so much fun!

  47. *Laughs in stuH 42 G*

  48. Phly you got me so foching (Substitute for fword) hard with the thumbnail

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