PL-01 Modern Light Tank (Armored Warfare)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Gameplay – Polish PL-01 Light Tank


  1. finally

  2. first

  3. 1 st :P

  4. Is not that a stealth tank? Liked the vid Baron.

  5. wow that’s insane !

  6. Lukesmasherz Gaming

    Las time I was this early war thunder was good

  7. EARLY

  8. Victor G08030811

    Im really early!


  10. Patrick Azzarella

    dude this is just world of tanks with a. big coat of paint as far as i can

  11. Master shadow Gamer


  12. I have given orders to my fleet to hunt u down if u show your face again

  13. So I was doing some homework. It was to make a newspaper front cover. I did
    the main info, then used the PL-01 as a secondary topic, with the image of
    it. Printed it off, then came on YouTube, and boom, here’s a vid of it. I
    almost shat myself

  14. Phon Phonnyphon


  15. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  16. and it’s the damn maus

  17. Baron do t-14 armata next for latest mother russia technology

  18. Thank you for this video Baron.

  19. Polish Power !!!

  20. I don’t know if i really like this game, it looks weird to me

  21. BlackCatTheGreat

    You know, thats why i don’t like hit point based games like this. Allows
    you to shoot non important places of a tank or tracks and be able to kill

  22. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  23. its so ugly

  24. The pl-01 in AW look a lot different from the irl one :/

  25. baron batmans newer car turns into a tank lol

  26. So you joined the PvE Bot side ….. they have no cookies …………

  27. Isn’t the Pl-01 an auto loading tank? And it can fire 10 shells before

  28. PvE FTW!

  29. Some information about this Tank?
    Hope in a battle against Leopards those PL-01 won’t repeat what Polish
    Cavalry did ahahaha

    P.S:Try to learn from Isbuscenkij and Poloj ;)

  30. NeverLose TheGreat

    This is the game I want, and it just so happened to pop up in my home page.

  31. Merkava mk 4 next

  32. MackCorruptedEye

    “WHAT THE TITTY BALLS!?” Baron 2016

  33. Command and Conquer tiberium wars Predator Tank anyone ? :D

  34. GOOD -ness….hull down in war thunder that would be JESUS-TANK

  35. hype up Baron is the BEST Baron, “lets back up a bit, angle ourselves and

  36. You can feel the true power of PL-01 in PVP not in PVE :P

  37. Is it free on pc?

  38. venkat jaya deep

    What game is this?

  39. Baron, you should play the new M1-A3 Abrams.

  40. MashGillyGigabite Potato

    Is this the Obsidian game that’s like WOT except it has modern tanks?

  41. do u even bother legit unlocking stuff in any games anymore

  42. BlueRosse Gaming

    It wel be cool if WT add PVE for graiding tanks and tank mods. Nice vid and
    the tanks looks .. coool .sry for my rip eng

  43. Not enough Kurwa in the video.

  44. Have you ever played endwar

  45. Polska great

  46. this is not a Light tank ;-;

  47. Poland Stronk!

  48. LOL that ricochet “What the god damn titty balls!”

  49. Power for Poland.

  50. Baron!!!!! Do the mighty soviet bear AKA The glorious T-14…Putin’s Boner

  51. Luckily you only need subscriber and not skill for a press account

  52. Poland, Fuck Yeah!

  53. Baron, I understand you play War Thunder and stuff like that, but you did
    so many things wrong. Overpen no longer does anything except for the fact
    you didn’t damage or injure modules or crew. You don’t hide behind a truck
    in PvE, and the best thing you can do in PvE in the PL-O1 is just to get up
    in their faces. Your major problem is that you are playing PvE in the first
    place. By the way, I’m a BADGR (PvP battalion, very large scale)

  54. Baron, we need this in Men o’ War Mondays

  55. Isn’t the PL-01 a stealth tank?

  56. Polan can into tank but cannot into space ?

  57. Finally some Polish stuff

  58. Wojszach Wojciech

    This stuff have auto camo and heat camo and you cannot detect it with radar

  59. Baron, I love your vids man but my god you are awful!

  60. the PL-01 is actually both polish and british design just a correction
    there, its a stealth tank designed by the polish but its tech comes from
    the british BAE tech or whatever its called

  61. baron do the t 14 armata videos PLEASEEEEE

  62. SgtJack BR (xXSgtJackXx)

    Polish maus

  63. Guilherme Velhote

    More armored warfare!!

  64. wtf!!!!

  65. How can you repair the tracks on this vehicle? The side skirts cover the
    road wheels.

  66. Cardenal Collins

    I thought it was atleast a medium I’d expect those things stealth panels to
    add a lot of weight ._.

  67. ARandomYoutuber

    cool PL-01 in armored warfare.
    its cool cuz its invisible to infra red cameras

  68. PVP commentary > PVE commentary

  69. Plumpy mCdIDDLEBAUM

    You’re hitting with the sabots, but you’re too far away, switch to heat

  70. Allahverdi Abbaslı

    how pl 01 could be a light tank?

  71. Where do even shoot that tank in the front??????

  72. Man……i wish warthunder have a good PVE :C

  73. Baron in lt you can drive slowly and you will have 100% acc press r
    once(standard key binding)

  74. Poland stronk! :D

  75. that was fast

  76. Sebastian Potrykus

    Second Polish ( <3 ) tank in this game

  77. plo1 is 1 of the slowed light tanks

  78. This tank looks like the barium tank from Just Cause 3 lol

  79. Dr. Bananable Lector

    The PL-01 Can change its temperature to match its surroundings.

  80. Hate this game , it’s like WOT , but more worst .

  81. Yea… fuck Armored Warfare. Their billing service is based out of
    Amsterdam. Used my credit card on there a few months ago and someone tried
    using my card for $3300 just a few days afterwards. Contacted Obsidian and
    they were no help what so ever.

  82. This game looks kind of shit.


  84. Only Armored Warfare video i have seen so far of coop, Primarily coop.
    Notice how low Tier the others are? no one is fucking playing the game on
    NA, No one. Zero. The majority play PVE, and that is still very little.
    This game is dead.

  85. what the heck kind of a tank is that Poland?!

  86. Play Homefront Revolution (On may 17)

  87. It is a prototype by Polish company OBRUM with BAE Systems. It wasn’t
    ordered by army, it’s an initiative of these companies, so it’s quite
    possible it won’t ever be bought by the army.

    I like the hi-tech aspects (active thermal camouflage, radar-stealthy
    armour angles, electric booster for the fossil fuel engine for short-term
    acceleration boost and also you can disable the main engine and drive
    quietely using only the electric engine, unmanned tower, engine in the
    front and crew doors in the back). I dislike the weak armour and relatively
    less powerful small-recoil gun. I don’t think Polish army needs light tanks
    the most at the moment (on the other hand we need to replace tousands of
    old BMP-1 IFVs). So I doubt it will be mass produced. Maybe some other
    armies will buy it?

  88. wasn’t the pl-01 madw by bae and swedish?

  89. Joshua Erhardt (ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳરιקקξરҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ)

    i wish the Terminator will get someday into warthunder with the pl-01 but
    that will Need very Long time… can anyone make a custom battle in
    warthunder with custom model of the Terminator with zsu-57-2

  90. manfred clauson

    BARON do a video on world of tanks or war thunder called house of the cause

  91. Androlito Games

    What issue do you think war thunder has? I think the shells are unbalanced

  92. Obi Juan Kenobi

    Hey Baron! Love the vids, I don’t know if its your voice or the humour you
    put in them but it’s always so much fun to watch!

    Anyways, are you going to do some more World of Warships videos anytime
    soon? I used to watch them before going to sleep to have nice dreams ;P

  93. yukikazeminecraft123

    I thought that gun is auto

  94. Oh not the bloody modern tank game again!

  95. Play the Stridsvagn 122 next. Same as the M1A2 Abrams but better with
    Swedish quality and engineering!

  96. Brennan “The killer Jackal Demon” the Most Awesome shiny Lucario

    “Titty balls”

  97. boerne_ben Productions

    wow. downloading game right now!

  98. Here’s a couple tips baron: 1. Don cap the cap unless you’re almost out of
    time. You get more points by killing enemies. 2. Try to understand and
    complete the secondary objectives. They will get you extra rewards.
    lower tiers off camera (or not, your choice) to get used the the game
    again. 4. Don’t make a suicidal run into the enemy. This is even one of AWs
    loading screen tips. 5. Don’t suck. 😛 hope this kinda helps!

  99. please come to ps4

  100. Polish Army is very Stronk army, Da we have new tank.

  101. screw this game, they banned my account to buying their tank bundles.

  102. whats happen game dont work…i wait 20 minutes to enter in battle and not
    go ..

  103. they should add this tanks on war thunder

  104. You called an oil pump an oil derrick….

  105. “What the titty balls” baronvongamez 2016

  106. awesome tank

  107. Glatzkopf Umhang Mann

    PL-O1 should have an invisible perk

  108. Team Turtle Gaming

    Nice tank irl. I dont know if it could contend against a m1-abrams but
    still nice.

  109. the pl-01 is a polish light stealth tank

  110. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    o kurwa

  111. are these real tanks?

  112. Mochammad Dimas

    play world of tanks …!!!

  113. XM1A3 is an Abrams, the US hasn’t put them into service yet though.
    Considered too expensive for the benefit though so they keep pushing it
    back, but keep making it better though, apparently. Mainly making it

  114. Why didn’t you play PvP? PvE isnt so cool :D


  116. wow is this game still alive? last time i played it only saw 130 players
    playing in a normal hour and 0 on pvp at 2am

  117. sphinx next pls!

  118. Level up with Doruta DIY

    WoT is better! But i want to plaz AW!

  119. aries paddayuman

    PL Is Actualy An Auto Loader

  120. … pve…

  121. 9:22 Best moment of the video.

  122. Ugh, just fired up this thing after months of gathering dust.. Played some
    pve, Its still shit. Hunting pixels, no pen on green shot indicators, ai w
    its lazer weak spots shots.. just a waste of time. And looked at the xp n
    prices of higher vics, fuck that grind

  123. Awww they use HP system.

  124. “You mother shit”- Baron 2016

  125. That thing is uglier than an inmates asshole after 15 years in prison

  126. Fantastic looking tank, nice one Poland :)

  127. AI in that game will fuck you up bad, way more fun than WoT.

  128. I love the design of that thing.

  129. I guess all AW is good for nowadays is PVE. Trying to que for PVP would
    literally take 4-5 mins (NA Server) on every other class except the MBTs
    (which somehow can get in within 1-2mins). When you do manage to get in a
    PVP match it’s mostly 8v8 or less so yeah pretty much something wasn’t done
    right about the balancing or could be the lure of modern tank battle wore

  130. polish and German project

  131. This tank is still a prototype so I think that it should not be in this
    game yet..

  132. 2:08 enemy tank: “nope, fuck you.”

  133. Heat is for angled armor (if the game allows it.)

  134. grayson hellyer

    o god another pve player , PVE is the cancer of armoured warfare…

  135. Rafael Rodrigues

    6:56 sick beat

  136. the tank isn’t even made yet in real life yet they have it in game. fucking
    stupid to be honest…

  137. At 10:28 anyone got a nostalgic felling that its like the map Bridge at

  138. lol this looks like silk road from bf4

  139. Dat undistructable trailer tho! Need one of those.

  140. Marcjan Szczerkowski


  141. As far as i know the PL-01 doesnt have any additional crewspace left if the
    120mm is mounted in the turret. it can only transport inf with the 105mm

  142. I’ll probably dissapoint you, Baron, but as far as I know there won’t be a
    prototype for now. For now it was only a technology demonstration. Unless
    the OBRUM and BAE are working on it in deep secrecy. And you shouldn be
    afraid of ATGMs in this, PL-01 has APS, so you can take up to 3 ATGMs
    without damage :)

  143. ATGMs aren’t flawless. They can be jammed in various ways (this gets into a
    complicated game of IR, radio frequencies, radar, GPS, image-guidance,
    armor/anti-armor juggling, trajectory predictability and active
    anti-missile measures like lasers and anti-rocket rockets).

    War is almost entirely electronic, now.
    Let’s just hope they don’t start using Star Craft to dictate the outcomes
    of wars.
    Otherwise, South Korea will own the whole world.

  144. Ábelyakkety Szomor


  145. is that a real tank in service or is it just a prototype or something made

  146. xXx_420_NOSCOP3R_xXx


  147. Awesometurtle98

    Poland stronk.

  148. You’re cancer.

  149. LOVE the Project THOR reference at 5:00. ;)

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    then put this code ( we38y ) and then you can start making free eagles

  151. You need more accuracy.

  152. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    a bit overpowered to deploy tanks agaist a cartel. Mexico just sends
    helicopters and pick up trucks with hmgs and armored wheeled vehicles

  153. Dimitris Paraskeuopoulos

    You call this beast a light tank,really?

  154. Franek987 Polska

    @BaronVonGamez I’m like a tank Pole Polish PL-01 concept and a duzio watch
    yuck channel

  155. Practice, practice. You need to play more AW. Good games though.

  156. Please play more Armored Warfare !
    Thank you !

  157. LOL hostile balls

  158. it’s a new stealth tank and US defense department worked with polish
    military complex to co develop this tank. only 2 cew is needed and
    basically no thermal signature and no radar signs. also very quiet and darn
    fast. when it moves it gets lower to hide itself from detection. no manual
    reload is required machines load itself.

  159. you play awful,

    but nobody is called baronvongamez isnt it

    you’re a legend playing bad any game you’re in, dude

  160. That tank isn’t made to be a tank, it’s a APC type vehicle. The gun is
    meant more for light;y armored vehicles even if it’s using either a 105mm
    or a 120mm gun. The tank is based up on a Swedish CV90120-T light tank

  161. Arnold Schwarzenegger voice for Thor.. Makes sense.

  162. Jonathan Pasaribu


  163. Reminds me of the old armor game “Battlezone”on Apple II.

  164. This could be a kill streak in Infinite Warfare.

  165. Poland is the best country


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