Planned Economy Changes – May 2021 – War Thunder

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Chapters :

0:00 Intro
1:13 Multiplier
8:34 Tech Tree
16:35 Research

Planned economy in May :

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  1. just looking at this now at 9:33, I’m so pissed that they’re connecting the Su9 back to the La9, now I’m going to have to research a bunch of aircraft that are meaningless to me even before the meaningless jets 🙁 and later on you go to say that it’s not a huge deal, and maybe it isn’t to you, I however do not have premium, nor the disposable income to just throw at the snail

  2. M18 getting scouting??? It would be great!

  3. Yeah yeah, everything seems fine, but those are SILVER LIONS!!!… multipliers, NOT RP!!!… so yeah.

    It says in the article – “Maximum available award (Silver Lions) multiplier changes:”

  4. So helicopters have gone from having no incentive to play, to absolutely do not play. Imagine being some poor bugger just new to the game having bought premium helicopters…

  5. dissapointed that they haven’t announced these Research cost reductions for a lot of top tier aviation yet, it’s desperately needed

    • theyll probably do it after they add rank 7

    • Yeah I’m almost done done grinding the CL19A, CL13B, F86K and F104G in German rank 6, each with a 390k RP cost

    • @Luke Johnson my point exactley

    • Butterhead Boii

      @Luke Johnson terrible. I’m on f104. Jesus the sabres aren’t worth 390k

    • @Butterhead Boii i didnt bother with any of the western German fighters as they all get trash missles. Not getting misssles on the mig 19 hurt but the 21mf is quite good and i ground out the f4f early on the last crafting event because i knew i wouldent want to grind everything to the f104 just to get the phantom when it comes as a proper tech tree vehicle. If i wasnt a german ground main i probs wouldent have bothered but the g91 really shows its age above 9.3 on ground rb

  6. 11:58

    Why gaijin?

    Why change all tank destroyer for light and medium tank

    Its stupid >w<

  7. 9:28 Why the hell does it make sense to put a post war vehicle in the tree before a WW2 one? It’s the same thing with the R3 or American 6.7 cancer lineup: Scorpion, Ontos, T92 etc.: They verse WW2 vehicles and not only is it unrealistic and kills the immersion but mainly makes late war vehicles, especially heavy tanks and heavy tank destroyers unplayable: yoy are eaten alive by HEAT, HESH and even ATGM-s before you even get to the battle area.

    • Era doesn’t matter, WT is simply a vehicle simulator, not a specific-war simulator. THAT SAID, the clashing doctrines of heavy-armour-based, kinetic-round-using tanks (which happen to be late-war/just-post-war) going up against lightly-armoured, HEAT-FS/ATGM-using vehicles (which happen to be post-war) is most definitely one of the worst imbalances in all of War Thunder. These two groups definitely need to be spaced out better.

  8. My issue with the TD –> Light tanks change is the missions, less TD’s to destroy if u get the challange, and the same goes with killing with TD challange, there is more then enough medium/light tanks to do missions.

  9. Why are TD’s becoming LT’s? I don’t get it. TD’s should get a idk bonus of some kind same for HTs cus LT’s and MT’s and SPAAs get Arty and scouting etc.
    Jpz 45 should get the HEATFS stock and remain rank 5, da fuk they doing!?

  10. 12:19 It has very simple role in the game: it’s historically correct. Not everything with a turret is a tank and not everything without one is a tank destroyer. If we go that way we can straight up call the Strv-103 a tank destroyer because it is just a wedge on tracks. Take the Hellcat for example. It has a turret, but it was used as a tank destroyer. One can argue how to classify the “support vehicles” or whatever are Centauro and Type 16 (Stryker fulfills the role of the infantry support vehicle – kind of like a StuG, i think) although making categories for wheeled vehicles would help here.

  11. Are you depressief?

  12. Oh so top tier vehicles make top tier rewards finally? Instead of 4.7 making more SL than a 10.7 and spending less on repair costs. Edit: my thought on gaijin changing a bunch of the turreted Tank Destroyers to light tanks is purely a SP thing. TD cost the same as mediums to spawn. Moving them to LT saves a tonne of SP as a first spawn. And a noticeable amount as later spawns

  13. You know what would be cool if Gajin added the panzer9 and 10 and could be added to the tech tree for a special event

  14. Class 3, now the largest ‘light’ tank ingame. It already had the light tank modifications without being able to use them.

  15. The TTD and the Olifant mk2 are 9.7 and 9.3 and cost 400.000 each? Doesnt make sense

  16. Maximum SL rewards going up isn’t really positive when the vast majority of ground and air vehicles in RB have actually had rewards reduced, sometimes quite significantly. Repair costs have also been reduced in a lot of cases, but overall it looks like SL will be harder to build up in RB for most people. This is not just the algorithm by itself, the parameters have obviously been altered. And you also continue to get nonsensical stuff like the M5A1 TD reward multiplier dropping to 0.2 along with a reduced repair cost, while the tech tree M5A1 remains at 0.4. It’s not really the vehicles alone being balanced, but also the players who use them – otherwise identical vehicles would have identical reward multipliers.

    • Yeah, it sucks, but frankly its a far better solution for a vehicle that earns too much SL to see its reward multiplier brought down instead of its repair bill going up to insane levels.

  17. Hey they are actually making having premium worth somethin then good job only took them what eight years (rip) as for sim helicopters where the hell was that I never even seen it its always been arcade Ka-50 and its clone cancer (ABRBBS).

  18. Woo-hoo! Time to see how many of my line ups get screwed up!

    • José Emilio Rangel Trejo

      Can we think that its going to be so OP that the M18 can scout, cause it will be a light tank

  19. WHAAT Gaijin improving the grind? :O they changed CEO or something?

  20. I don’t understand why they don’t just do something like in air



  21. This is all good news for Brit mains imo

  22. They nerfed heli rewards in realistic because they want people to buy Ka-50s so that they can do anything at all in heli EC because holy shit that game mode is a mess


  24. As of spading Helis wasnt impossible enough, for the tech tree I am playing, the Italian 8.0 one

  25. Why do these make me feel like gaijin kinda cares?

  26. The post has SL in the title. If so, this video is wrong. We’re not getting a boost to RP gain on most tech trees, which is a shame since it’s desperately needed

  27. The moment that you feel like an idiot once again. You have spent millions of SL and loads of time to grind and max out JPz K A2 and all of a sudden it turns into light tank gets artillery, air strike and it’s 330k + 140k cheaper.

  28. That Pakistani Tempest Mk 2 skin is gorgeous!!!

  29. Lmfao do you not know how to do simple math with percentages?

  30. Ok so if the avenger and the charioteer are getting reclassified as light tanks. Am I now going to get forced to play the tortoise and Achilles to get the SPG dailies done? Also the comet was the only decent money maker at 5.0 now it’s going to break the bank and the Vickers MBT was the only light in 7.0 now it has been snuffed out. But Russia just keeps getting cheaper.

  31. Looked at the table and damn, they actually reduced most of Britain’s repair cost issue, granted, took away a part of the reward too- but a worthy trade.
    But WHY is the Meteor Mk 3 becoming AN EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE starter jet, I’m sad for the people that have to play it to get to the later versions… x_x

  32. They make the FTP grind harder yet the PTW grind easier. At least it will be easier for ground rn.

  33. M18s should just go down in BR again..

  34. helos should be dumpstered anyways

  35. The Avenger is most definitely not a medium tank. It was technically a turreted tank destroyer.

  36. The reason I quit was because the grind was too long. Been playing since 2014. Maybe more people leaving will make them do more like this

  37. 6.3 brits are now fucked even more. 4 mediums in 1 lineup, nobody asked anton

  38. When will the changes be up?
    Might just leave my Kürassier at 140.000rp, so when the changes are up i have it.

  39. helicopters are even less worth it now lol

  40. Playing Heli EC. Almost split my drink

  41. ShizzleMrsFrizzle

    rip the b29a

  42. Britain now has even fewer useable TDs….

  43. FullSemiAuto357

    RB destroyers were already a money printer for me, so this should be great.

  44. thesparkcraft100

    19:00 I don’t understand why there are so many players with like 30 spaded and 150 purchased vehicles when looking at the playercard
    I personally always move to the next vehicle in the techtree only if the previous is spaded (except some annoying ones, which I spade seperately then)

  45. Furious Flamingo

    I just finished grinding the bmp-2m too 🙁

  46. Don’t know how I stopmed onto this. Anyway GREAT video 🤩🤩🤩. I also watched those rather similar from MStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these clips. MSTAR TUTORIALS also had amazing info about similiar money making things on his vids.

  47. I still think they should stick to the historical definition of the TDs, the main point for the TDs was to take out other tanks. If that is not enough then there is something wrong.

    Of course there are vehicles in that list that certainly should be defined as a “light tank” or scout vehicle, TDs like the M18 should not.

  48. Increasing multipliers and doubling repair costs for naval. Exactly what the game needed. Another backhanded Gaijin move.

  49. Well, gaijin did it again, changing tanks that were historically classified tank destroyers or something similar and making them something they arent. Well done gaijin, ****!

  50. michaelfuego432

    are we not gonna talk about how the jpz4-5 is getting 320mm heat fs at 6.3?

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