Platoon Memes on Fjords – Obj.257

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Да memes are good.Balance is here да!

  2. 2k more subs until 100k subs bois. gotta give circon dem shiny silver play button 😀

  3. Marthijn van Oorschot

    Such balance

  4. ALMOST died to Black Prince XD

  5. Circon make the best fucking memes !!

  6. why do you hate 3,5,7 matchmaking so much? Isn’t it good that low tier tanks can have more of an impact?

  7. Never worried

  8. Aleksandria_Samusenko_1stGTArmy

    How many games does Circon have any ways?

  9. Drunk Wolf Productions

    poor snooze, no topgun

  10. “This is a first class in this thing” ಥ_ಥ

  11. Proof that you can still have fun in World of Tanks

  12. when wermacht can’t do any shit to stalinium…….. Hitler: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  13. You should take a -2 heavy more serious …

    … lol !

  14. This tank is so fucking broken.

    • m0nkEz and what are they supposed to do when it’s side scraping ?

    • Well, you see, there are, in fact, multiple buttons on the keyboard. These can be used to drive away so that you don’t have to fight it while it’s on a corner. Alternately, they can be used to drive forward so it’s no longer able to sidescrape. Basically, good players don’t choose to play corners against tanks that are built for playing around corners.

    • This is not a good tank when facing another tier 9/10

    • UnnecessaryAmmoRack

      These tanks don’t seem broken when I’m facing them…

    • Compared to IS-3, the only better part of obj 257 is the side amor.

  15. kavindu wimalasiri

    its a tiger!! omg how did you pen?? lmao

  16. This is just how i play the obj 257…. Just yolo rush tier 7’s and get 6.5k damage

    • Yeah, and a second class to go with that 🙂

    • Ofcourse not. Got around 15 ace tankers in it after close to 100 games. If you rush them, you also get a lot of spotting damage. The ace tanker in this tank is around 1200 base xp i think

  17. The fact that a Black Prince can even meet an Obj 257 in battle shows the glaring flaws in the match making

  18. That tank is so fucking OP…

  19. is that penetration mod even legal?

  20. Thank god for +2mm 😛

  21. HawkUSMC - Legion Gaming

    Man I can’t wait. I just got the 257 and the stock gun can’t pen a cardboard box.

  22. The Black Prince memes tho

  23. Jealous

  24. nice jewish flag above you!

  25. No Cyka Blyat bias here!!!!!1!!!!11!!!!!Eleven!!!!

  26. I love how circon did almost exactly as much damage as the bottom 13 combined.

  27. YES

  28. The Grisha Inquisition

    And sadly, the fact the 257 exists makes the ST-I (and for that matter, the IS-4) irrelevant in the current meta.
    *This is coming from an ST-I owner, so I know how it feels.*

  29. aye, +2mm is great for the top tiers, as bottom tier you’re either food or you need to be damn good. Do you think this has lost WG many players over the years??

  30. Object 257 or Object 704 ?

  31. I have a really GREAT idea ! Why not implement plus 2 match making in world of tanks ? You see it’s good for the lower tier tanks it teaches them humility and discipline !

  32. Russian heavies require skill XD

  33. “Let me kill the waffle” toon friend could get top gun… bad friend circon

  34. sn00ze survived and the game made it to YouTube??? What black magic is this?

  35. This is almost good enough to send to QB. You need to fire more premium rounds though, then it’ll be a good enough replay.

  36. The 257 obviously needs a buff ????????

  37. Almost died to Black Prince ???????????????????????????????? Suka blyat ????????

  38. Did anyone else notice that the Black Prince has 2 MoEs??? ????????????????

  39. Stronk tanks are Stronk 🙂 No wait they still need a Buff 😉

  40. #teampoggers

  41. A ya ya ya.

  42. Can you do a review of the 257? Can’t seem to find any good ones.

  43. MEME this MEME that. You lost me as a subscriber.

  44. patrick ter ellen

    Circon? How can autoaim at the waffle over the hilltop at the end?

    • Auto aim doesn’t need a direct line of sight from your gun. You just need to get that Centre dot on the target which is easy when you zoom out( and even easier with the extra zoom out that circ uses. Took me a couple thousand battles before I realized how autoaim worked properly. My game improved massively in that one moment of realization.

  45. the most risky moment when circon 1v1 blackprince

  46. Close your eyes at 3:14

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