Platoon Missions – Live Commentary – World Of Tanks

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Source: Plumb Tanker

A match with Taudru in his arty me in my Spaepanzer. This is a X heavy game…..


  1. lol nice game again 🙂 thanks mate

  2. I need a mic really badly, first thing I thought was – who’s that guy
    playing with you? But yea, good game, bit less entertaining in the end, but
    the start was epic! Thanks for platooning and see you next time in the
    garage ;)

  3. +Plumb Tanker check the end of the vid 🙂 U’ll see “TheBigBison sent a
    friend request.” 😛 Thats me 

  4. The stars aligned for that game lol. Well done. 

  5. Congrats on the game! Also great video! Ah the M12, the tier 7 arty that
    does a ton of damage and is good for shotgunning XD 

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