Platoon with SirFoch – M4 mle. 51

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. So nice to watch the 2 best Twitch streamers play together again 😀

    • I agree. I love watching these two guys play but I would also have to mention SKILL4LTU who at 64.21% sits between Circon and Foch.

  2. The amount of retard playing this tank is high

    Countless time i see them driving side way like an idiot and get nuke by KV-2 or other HT

  3. Wachira Narongsack

    Jaj circon and sirfoch ?

  4. 360P Squad yo

  5. Double trouble!

  6. I didn’t get a notification for this video….wierd

  7. Freshwater Spaceman

    Tiger II and Jagdtiger should be some pretty scary tanks but in WoT they’re total scrubmobiles. 🙁

    • And in War Thunder they are bad as well

    • +Pinedhuitre NA agreed

    • Gallant Fatco Razy

      Because irl jagdtiger never meet any napkin tenks

    • Freshwater Spaceman what do you want from a game made by russians, if you are not playing with any russian tank you get rekt, a tiny sample of that russian bias its in this same video, at 0:57 he gets spotted by the track of, guess what, a russian tank!, what a surprise!!, meanwhile your non russian tank struggles to spot a T54 running towards you at full speed

  8. Why is Foch playing Mauschen?

  9. I would feel extremely threatened if I saw these two names on the other side

    • Кристиян Митев

      wood1155 i saw skill4ltu and sirfoch once on ensk with type 4’s. We lost like 2:15 in under 4 min.

  10. Can someone tell me when this stream was?

  11. Stronk Pkatoon XD

  12. Komrade, Tiger II must get historical armor values because “historical accuracy”, while rasha CYKA heavy tenk must get 50% more armor, and gud gun in a cramped-as-fuck turret.

  13. My Pee Pee is hard.

  14. On a completely different side note I enjoy meeting sirfoch in randoms because not matter what he’ll be raging nonestop. You could be carrying him in your tier 9 platoon and he’d still find something to complain about. Always a joy going back to his streams and watching the playbacks

  15. Please platoon more with foch! And thank you for your great content.

  16. For anyone who hasn’t yet seen the latest mission reward camo that Foch mentioned at the end of the video, all I can say is…

    Trust WG to make a camo that looks like a bunch of potatoes… 😛

  17. I want the 51… but i don’t want to play with this f….g awfull AMX 65t 🙁

  18. nice one what mod are you using to show mark percentage progres?

  19. 0:58 “I was spotted by his left track” No, the left track of the other tank was visible to you from your turret, which is more or less located in the middle of your tank. That means that the front of your tank was probably visible to one of his view points on his tank. Seems that you don’t fully understand how spotting works.

    • This guys is not even peeking his gun out and the most advanced view point is the gun mantlet. I would personally bet on a proxy spot OR a serious hidden advantage to this tank, more likely than just randomly underestimating a dude playing the game everyday for years and years. Also fuck off. Bye.
      Ps: fuck off again AND masturbate furiously on a type 5.

    • Gun mantlet it is not, but middle of the front plate it is.

    • bzlat oh well. no. There a point that can be detected in the middle of the front plate. Not a view point. But it s okay it s 1.0 the game is new. You had no time to figure out.

  20. finally some tooning with foch. do more do more do more do more do more do more do more do more do more do more do more do more love the synergy

  21. Maartens van den Berg

    Good to see the platoons again?

  22. More of this pls 🙂

  23. That was a treat… two of my favorite WOT YTers in the same match. Thanks!

  24. Please do more collaborations with Foch

  25. 0:56 “I just got spotted by his left tracks”. Well, could it have been a proximity spot?

  26. All players have good replays. Play live… Respect yourself!

  27. From all the good tier9 heavies Foch plays the worst xD.

  28. Gotta like that jagdtiger armor uuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!

  29. came out of the first brawl without loosing hp

  30. Will I ever stop trying to change my view while watching YouTube….

  31. Sir foch full of shit as usual

  32. Jeez circon did you not know the Russian put parascopes in there tracks get with the program this is 2018

  33. How I think that spotting went: circon saw his outer track from his point of view (which is connection point of gun with turret); on the other hand the enemy player saw from his point of view (and that was NOT his left track, but also the connection between gun and turret), the front of circons tank. They do not have to “look in each other eyes/view points” to actually spot each other. So it was actually the same for the enemy spotting circon and he must have felt also: WTF?! he spotted me with his tank front! And for the record: yes, I am aware there are actually 2 points of view on each tank from where the spotting is calculated: the connection point between gun barrel and turret, and the commanders hatch… but ingame it “feels” as if you are looking from the gun-turret thingy…

  34. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    More like this. Two very compatible streamers in both play style and temperament. Major thumbs up.

  35. Foch’s hate is somehow invigorating.

  36. Just like in the good old days.

  37. 0:57 of course he can spot you with his track, you dont see that was a russian tank?

  38. Putting SirFoch in the title to click-bait viewers into thinking the video will be full of toxic ranting..

  39. two legends..

  40. Epic platoon, cheers

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