PLAY OF THE YEAR!?! QuickyBaby Best Moments #14

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks.


“Onion Capers”, “Gaslamp Funworks”, “Wagon Wheel”, “Ambler”, “Amazing Plan”, “Monkey Spinning Monkey”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


  1. ty @quickybaby i got to laugh a lot.

  2. The STRV flips were sooo painful 😣😖

  3. DanDaMan - Brawl Stars

    These are the best

  4. Physics is one of the worst mechanics WG added to the game, period. Flipping your tank upside-down should not kill you, it should be an auto re-flip. Only time physics should kill your tank is fall damage like jumping of high locations i.e. the edge on overlord.

  5. i hadd the same

  6. Lmfao 😂😂😂

  7. These are great

  8. mooooooooore

  9. U want to know what? i feel like the defender u shoot at 7:27. OnE bOuNcE oMfG hAvE tO lOaD gOlD bC i DoNt HaVe EnOuGh SKiLl To PeNeTrAtE SOmEbOdY….. fking gold only players …..

  10. The worst part of these videos is that they end too quickly

  11. I dont play anymore the wot.. Try been play before.. Sighhhh.. It become harder and harder.. But i reallly enjoy quickbaby do the video.. At last just see the qbaby videos and keep wot game in my pc.. Waiting for courage

  12. Love these, one of my fave series!! Thanks Phil!!

  13. 51 dislikes= 51 ppl trolled by qb

  14. That Why i Hate Play That STRV TD,always hapend like that..

  15. Qb, you have extensive knowledge of stats and maps but you accept no responsibility for when you screw up and blame it on anything else. Other cc’s don’t dislike you, they have no respect for you. Justified

  16. That STRV on the last clip

  17. 10:06 When RNG not on your side

  18. RhmFlipwagon: “Finally a worthy Opponent!!”

  19. I’m definately LMAO!!! Ty for the smiles QuickyBaby.

  20. the ending minutes is the best to this vid

  21. Damm quickybaby, your video is the best always 🙂

  22. Михаил Владимирович Кучин

    2:18 he sounds the exaclt same as he did when he raged in the Indian panzer videi

  23. lmao “go through the building”!!

  24. best result with a leaf blower ever! that’s what you deserve for playing the filth.

  25. 1:17 really 😂

  26. Tank you…that was great!

  27. Nice video, but theres too little rage clips to be representative and fun

  28. 22222222222

  29. Who else thought this was a regular video, not the best moments???!

  30. Qb M6 mutant has that graphical bug.

  31. 13:01 Watch out for bridges and hop-ons

  32. WG: “We should increase the p2w content with a patch no one asked for, Crew2.0 >:D”

  33. Aaaaaahahahaha i never loud an laugh when watch your video, at this time OMFG first scene is awesome hahahahaha

  34. When flipping, at the end of the timer, you should be put back upright…. It’s not the players fault because of a rock

  35. 2:19 As an African American, that hits too close to home.

  36. Grand Admiral Raeder

    yesss another QB best moments -love these!!

  37. that 1st one was a real wtf >_>
    lol, at first I thought he was trying to purposely do that with the STRV @_@ !!!!! Now I know he’s just bad at driving.

  38. The last clip was hilarious

  39. Thanks Phil <3

  40. 9:53 am i the only german understanding “LeberKäse” from a french Crew? 🤔

  41. 7:21 same happen to me 3 times Its awfull

  42. Very funny 😂👍

  43. Too Funny My wife was wondering why I was laughing out loud so much–Good Job QB

  44. Who doesn’t like to crack up when watching these
    Videos 👍

  45. Alexandru Dumitrache

    Still waiting for the video o crew 2.0

  46. Very nice one bud

  47. I’m waiting for the next one

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