Play the F*kin Objective! – War Thunder German Churchill

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War 1.55 British Tanks – Tank!
War Thunder Tanks Gameplay 1.55 – Play the Objective!

War Thunder 1.55 Patch Update Info:
Desert Maps El Alamein and Tunisia.
Japanese Planes: Ki-61-I Tei, A7m2, Ki-44-II Hei, Ki-44-II Otsu
Germany: Ju-88A-1, Kpfw. Churchill
Russia: MiG-17, T-44-122 Premium
Great Britain: Stirling B Mk.I & III, Crusader Mk.2, A13 mk.I, Tetrarch Mk.I, T17E2 Armored Car

Thanks for watching!


  1. First comment

  2. Damn I was seconds away

  3. baron plz play the Centurion mark 3

  4. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    Churchill is slow af

  5. Your gun was damaged!

  6. My comment was in the video. Life is now complete .??

  7. baron your gun barrel was damaged in the beginning

  8. @baronvongamez Your gun was so inaccurate
    because the barrel was damaged!

  9. I hate the Brits in WT
    Now i have even more OPness to go up against in my Panzers :(

  10. umm cannon barrel damaged Baron…not the shells

  11. You’re stupid first vid of yours I’ve disliked

  12. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    barons gun was damaged, thats why the gun was derping so much.

  13. t44 22

  14. How is it possible not to see that your gun is out? -_-

  15. I love playing this in realistic battles i get atleast 4 kills and dont die
    im going to upload a video with 2 replays in it for RB

  16. Wow pretty amazed that after many hours of playing this game you still are
    unable to notice that your gun is damaged

  17. Baron, your barrel was damaged and made every shot inaccurate/ineffective.
    It is not the rounds.

  18. Play CHURCHILL 3 inch gun carier.

  19. Lol. Didn’t you notice that your gun barrel is fucked up?

  20. Baron ur cannon was damaged

  21. where are the weak points of the churchill??

  22. Jesus dude. a shitload of times the repair option shows up and you still
    don’t notice anything?

  23. your gun barrel was destroyed…

  24. anyone else got frustrated by baron not noticing that his barel was broken?
    i always get frustrated when watching baron btw good vids but sometimes

  25. Play the Crusader Mk. III
    Presently my favorite Brit tank

  26. At the start you say you are grinding for the centuriun, but you arent even
    playing the britsh tree!

  27. People have already said it but… I play on minimum graphics settings on
    my laptop, I’ve only been playing for a year, and I still know when things
    are damaged even when I can’t see the rounds. Check the damage every once
    in a while. Jesus.

  28. Baron, those kind teams are not worth playing with, you’ll just get
    frustrated and start raging. Just leave and find a better match-up next

  29. You need a mlg dubstep intro m8

  30. Your barrel was busted, it lost accuracy and velocity

  31. the comet

  32. baron, love ya, but idk how you are so popular by playing so badly xD

  33. The last guy on your team only have 1pt ?

  34. which British pack do you think is the most worth it?

  35. I wish i could still use my ears.

    I am bleeding from my ear holes.

    I just listened to Paris hilton songs.

  36. What do you guys thank about this idea I have for the solution to the
    German jets. Instead of the German jets versing jets that are way better
    then the them. I think the German jets should be placed in matches to wear
    they are put up against P51s and so on. I think this would be better for
    the German jets and it would also be more historically accurate.
    Me 262
    Horton Ho 229
    Me 163

  37. I’m from VN and I know that sand surfing is pretty fun in Phan Thiết

  38. Dude your cannon was jammed/damaged… How did you not see that!?

  39. hey can you tell me why do you have sooo many good tanks. did you just play
    that much to get them or you just bought them?? like you would have to
    spand alot than?? im playing for 6months now and im slowly getting tiger 2
    p. please tell me?

  40. juan david uran acevedo

    why can´t i investigate british vehicles?

  41. Take out the T25 I don’t think you’ve done a video on it and it’s actually
    pretty good especially coming from the Sherman cus if you angle your armor
    you can reliably bounce shots.

  42. You guys complaining about his barrel being damaged, even Baron can get
    tunnel vision

  43. Baron they fixed that whole bush thing

  44. Valentine Mk 3 nxt plz

  45. Plz shoutout to jackcam

  46. #PTFO

  47. Maybe your aim and acuracy was shit wen engaging the Achiles because the
    gun was like an op banana your noob !!!!!!!!!!! HAHHAHAHAHHA, it was pretty

  48. your gun barrel was rooted

  49. Nobody plays the objective in any game, ever. Too many whiny 12 year olds.

  50. play the 3 inch gun carriage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  52. Barron your barrel was out of action ps your thoughts on Australia

  53. 3 inch gun carrier

  54. T44-122 op use it with the boys make Mother Russia proud

  55. “The Sausage”

  56. got the Churchill yesterday and I LOVE it

  57. Guys its 2am when he was playing. Nothing is wrong with him

  58. Annoys me to hell when no one goes for the objectives, or when they just
    sit there looking at the cap when they could’ve just driven right in and
    capped it.

    I feel it’s partly the map’s fault, though. They really should have
    out-of-bounds areas like the Battlefield maps.

  59. Baron you had a broken barrel

  60. how can one be so fucking blind and stupid… sigh…

  61. Play the Stronk Russian T44-122 or gulag!

  62. Hello from Alabama, Baron! Anyways, I feel your pain. The cap point will be
    in the north and 10%-15% of the team will go south. It’s sad, sad, sad.

  63. 7:48 anyone else notice the tank pushing his teammate?

  64. Baron forgetting about is gun barrel once in a while is why we like him ;)

  65. The Reich thing :D

  66. you should look on your damage indicator more often baron xD “this is not
    the best gun man…” when the barrel is seriously damaged xD

  67. Baron, you can be so retarded in some videos. The velocity was bad because
    your fucking gun was damaged for over a min

  68. 3:00 silly baron your gun was broken

  69. Your cannon barrel was damaged. That’s why you couldn’t penetrate that
    tank. Come on man.

  70. The_slayer_player: Thy_slayer

    do the T95 vs the A39

  71. yo +BaronVonGamez if you need a squadie i can help you. i got the mk3
    church and a few others

  72. Your barrel got fucked in the arse so your muzzle velocity just ran away
    and the accuracy was killed, so asap get that repair going, and if the
    barrel is repaired you ll be fine

  73. I have that tank as well, brought it as soon as it came out.

    Personally I like it and it is very fun to play with it

  74. The Caernarvon! Or you shall be conquered! See what i did there?

  75. What a shitty camping team you only saw like 4 team mates in the game and
    that was at spawn haha

  76. That is the team I got all day – while beeing over tiered of course..
    Retard Thunder ftw? :P

  77. T44-122, the e100’s downfall!!!

  78. Baron you were being a potato.

  79. I feel your pain, Baron. I’m usually first of my team, not because I’m
    better than others, but because I nearly always play the objective. Lately
    I’ve been grinding the modules of the PT-76, and the only way that tank is
    effective is with HEATFS rounds from far, FAR away, and behind good cover.
    As a result, my matches have been rather sucky of late, but that’s a forced
    exception. I usually even pilot my tank destroyers around like turreted
    tanks. :p

  80. be a skilled player and not use Russian but use the American lights in the
    tier 1 battles against them brits

  81. +BaronVonGamez I saw a “secret” Brit tank in the British trailer, what the
    heck is it?

  82. Play the ARCHER the strangest tank in war thunder

  83. baron sucks at paying attention to his damage indicators jeez

  84. Why are we complaining about how his gun was damaged and how he raised an
    actual point about people thinking a game about CAPPING POINTS is a team

  85. Yo baron play Whos your dady with phly pls

  86. jesus, baron! Check your tank status on the left side below of the screen,
    your barrel is fked.

  87. 6:02

    As a Tier I-IV German player (no Premium or Bundle tanks), I have never
    ever been able to casually stroll into the open battlefield with my tank
    just happily soaking up enemy shells…

  88. Anyone else notice the Baron’s team-mate bulldozing a friendly tank at 7:44

  89. I think Baron’s ADD, being tired grinding till the early hours and making
    content every day plus getting annoyed he’s the only one playing the cap on
    his team is a pretty valid reason for not noticing his gun was jacked..

  90. I agree, teammates that don’t play the objective are literally the most

  91. Hey Baron now there’s a real butt bait: the SP 17 PDR Valentine XD

  92. +BaronVonGamez dont rush into 5 enemy tanks with the churchill, it has op
    armor but if you get shot in the side and the engine is destroyed then your

  93. Sleepy Baron is best Baron.

  94. Baron, you blew up your barrel in the first game. Remember complaining
    about your velocity and accuracy? Yeah, you were just too bad of a player
    to notice… #gitgud

  95. qwertyqwrtyqwertyuio

    Bananabarrel. That is all.

  96. I remember the video where Baron asks Phly what PTFO meant xD

  97. +BaronVonGamez Well done, amigo: Drunk Thunder is hella fun, more so when
    you’re streaming.

  98. I guess no one heard “grinding at 2am”

  99. Commander Dong of Dong Wars

    People need to play with the idea that you get points but just aiding in
    battle and being within a range of the enemy and capping… all points all
    things that help you look cool. Kill, Kill assist and damaging. all points.

  100. Your barrel was damaged you tityfish

  101. your gun barrel was damaged

  102. I wish more people PTO because I get real tried of being the only person on
    the right half of the map cuz everyone wants some killllss breee

  103. 3:00 It’s your gun barrel

  104. My tanks keep swiveling when I try to turn :(

  105. couldntthinkofone100

    Baron you banana peeled your gun barrel :L

  106. Baron dun goofed

  107. Baron, you foin wo m8? You had your barrel f*cked up all the time

  108. Francisco Ontiveros

    can anyone give a reason why british tier 1 is only available? well for me
    I meant… idk how to continue the others!?

  109. German Churchill ? you mean Neville Chamberlain

  110. Your barrel was gone

  111. baron did not know that his barrel was damaged an the the muzzle velocity
    was damaged as well

  112. 7:44 That’s what was wrong with your team Baron lol.

  113. Why was church highlighted

  114. Baron, your gun barrel was fucked when you said the velocity was bad.

  115. Baron you should really take a look at the status of your tank when shot,
    velocity is perfect but in the beginning of the video your gun was damaged,
    altering the shell velocity

  116. nov and dec are the months of the player bots

  117. ‘WOAH YOU LITTLE ASS HOE’ hahaha good old baron

  118. we usually surf in the sea in in sand dunes

  119. Baron, I know this is out of the video context, and in fact Im commenting
    before watching the video, but the thing is that Im pretty curious about
    one thing: The Tiger 1s drivers viewports doesnt have armor values, and I
    do not have a Tiger in WT, so Im asking you to test the driver’s viewport
    protection (I know it is such a small target, but Ive just seen a screen
    shot of a tiger killed by a M3 (
    (I know this post shows an aproximated armor value, but I would like to see
    the tests in the current patch, and with full video proof)
    Thanks for the attention, Baron, and sorry 4 the long text

  120. When does the beta for the British tanks end?

  121. When are British tanks coming out of Beta?

  122. and a tank that can now easyly go beast mode, is the T60 light tank, with
    its BR 1.0, and playing smartly, you can wreck the “red” team (or get
    wrecked trying)

  123. The T-44-122 please intro

  124. Baron play the baby derp no British tanks.

  125. Brian Dunning (Mr666Games)

    Your cannon barrel was all broke lol

  126. Play the objective? people quit doing that with the release of newer
    battlefield and call of duties. Of course developers also place more
    importance on getting kills then playing the objective unless you’re in
    something like Project Reality where you can not fire a single round and
    still come out on top.

  127. The completely balanced T-44-122 comrade )))

  128. +BaronVonGamez They changed the low end graphics in a resent patch so the
    advantage should not exist anymore…might want to check it out, i play on
    High as well so not sure but i have noticed a reduction in shots out of the
    weeds :D

  129. I swear to god if he puts out another video of him being total shit I will
    unsubscribe. Seriously? You blame it on the rounds? YOUR GUN BARREL WAS
    DAMAGED. I think his earlier WT vids were someone else playing with him
    voicing over. Hes total shit.

  130. Baron your videos just keep getting better and better. Seriously keep it

  131. Churchill Mk. III is a Beast played about 8 matches yesterday everytime top
    score and 3 times 10 Kills and 0 deaths British Tanks man #For King and

  132. Heinie van der Walt

    Baron please play RB arcade sucks and is for the noobs :D

  133. lmao 7:45

  134. Baron can you play the Firefly

  135. the canon was broken m8 :)

  136. What’s the rof on that with the loader maxed out?

  137. Ah, the Churchill… Ride Panther D, shoot at it, hits the right side of
    the turret and bounces. Re adjust the aim shoot, still hits the right side
    of the turret, okay, re adjust shot again, still hits the right side of the
    turret… Is that thing has magnet on the sides of the turret or something?
    (‘realistic’ battle.)

  138. Cromwell next plzz

  139. jeremy van der mast

    Baron please play more MechWarrior

  140. Baron, I can’t unlock anything in the British line up above tier 1 top row.
    Why is this? You and some other you tubers have them, how is that??? when I
    try to research them it says they are in beta testing or some bullshit…..

  141. I’ve been grinding British tanks exclusively in RB on max graphics, and
    sometimes yes, the butthurt is real.

  142. you are playing on arcade baron… what do you expect? people not being
    retarded? that’s rich!

  143. hmm what would i like to see next? THE PROPER CHURCHILL!!!!! this is my
    fifth time voting for the proprer churchill and no people with commentery
    have done it so far

  144. Baron you pleb you focking wat m8, your gun barrel was destroyed xD

  145. EVERYBODY IN BOMBERS! I want to see that banana costume belly flip video

  146. Baron.exe has derped – error 502: gun barrel damaged

  147. fuck me you are shit

  148. MrJohnycomelately21


  149. ezra putra sulistyo

    +baronvongamez. m2a4 please

  150. i also like shooting someone with the machine guns or just in their
    direction to let them know i am watching them

  151. Comet next.

  152. Churman :D

  153. How to detrack a Churchill just shoot its tracks with a SPAA

  154. play the tortoise next

  155. It’s arcade. Nobody gives a shit about objectives, they just want to shoot
    each other.

  156. your gun was broken

  157. hmmm… baron, thats an ability called repairing…

  158. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Ouch Baron, taking full ammo with Pz IV?

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