Play this tank NOW! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

It's not just the Japanese tank destroyers coming in update 1.20.1 in World of Tanks meaning you should play the Chi-He it's also FILTHY OP!



  1. Why would I grind a new line when War Gaming are about to permanently screw the game. The next patch is uninstall time for lots of players… US server is already down to a max16K-18K online and that’s on a weekend..

    • lol most players are all bark no bite, percentage which will actually uninstall is supermall and not noticeable

  2. They should rename it to the Te-He

  3. Done this a while back when you advised it started on that tank. Easy to grind it out.

  4. MoreAwesomeMetal

    Speaking of low tier tanks, have you checked the battles in tier III (tier III only, not Tier III/IV or tier II/III) lately? It’s the most broken tier of the game. The matchmaker is unable to balance the number of medium tanks between both team so it’s really not unusual (and actually very common) to be in battle ;where all the medium tier III tanlks are on one side (and make like 2/3 up to 3/4 of the team) and all the light tanks on the other. Medium tanks such as the Pz S35, the Somua S35, the T29 or the latest Sahariano have way more structure points than the light tanks, are far easily penetrated than the light tanks, and have guns which can penetrate almost all light tanks very easily (some of them with an insane number of damage per minutes such as the Pz S35), whereas many of the light tanks just have guns that can’t penetrate that easily (especially the ones with the machine gune fire rates, such as the pz IC). If you take in consideration that you are in a low tier game, and that most of the players are rather beginners who do not know how the ammo works, or how to flank, sidescrap, etc… you generally get games where the team with all the light tanks gets mauled by the onslaught of Medium tanks (who acts pretty much as heavies in tier III games), especially on the corridors located on maps. Since the Sahariano has been out this christmas, the phenomenon is even worst, and tier III is nearly inplayable when this lack of balance happens (which happens really often). I like even more to play in a Tier III/IV game than a single Tier III one, because the tier IV on each team can balance the Tier III mediums even if they’re concentrated on a single team…
    I was wondering if you had acknowledged this problem and if you would make a video to show how tier III is way broken due to this inbalance you never see in other tiers.

  5. wow your voice is normal now

  6. I love all the seal clubbing commentary and he didn’t once mention any of the TDs. B1, B2, easily penned by everything, unsure why anyone would claim them as clubbers.

  7. I’ll just HE it in my P26/40

  8. I’ve been playing the Chi-He and it grew on me. Won’t be selling once I get the tds.

  9. Liberty or Death 1776

    Why bother with any tanks? The game is going to be garbage after they break it with the new crew skills.

  10. Memories of the STB-1 there I used to really enjoy playing the high tier high DPM mediums high mobility mediums mid game onwards the free flowing game play was fun. In a wolf pack platoon of 3 you were leathal once you could break behind enemy lines a combined over 9000! DPM would melt faces in pubs.

  11. If you are playing tier 4 to get off or to seal club, its probably time for you to quit and go get a girlfriend.

  12. still despite the conditions of this game. you fight on? 07

  13. Supposedly, this is the same tank that’ll be the branch start for the 2nd Japanese heavy tank line. I got 103K xp on my Chi-He to handle both.

  14. I enjoy some of the lower tier game play vids from time to time, some more tier 6 and 7 games would be great to see 🙂

  15. I noticed that you did not camo the turret. Any reason? Also have you tried the tier 5 – T34. I got re-load down to 1.85sec and DPM at 2763. Its a absolute seal clubber.

  16. Sacharissa Himawari

    Why did you not mention that Italian tier 4 tank. The HE shell is incredible.

  17. What equipment?

  18. this one was a nail biter

  19. Guns and Politics

    Gave away the secret of my current favorite seal clubber. Now it is going to be harder to go after those baby seals!

  20. SARL 42 is a hidden gem at tier 4, it is pretty much like a fast matilda with slightly worse armor but awesome rate of fire with its 47 mm gun with 1,6 sec reload and awesome accuracity!

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  22. Its fun playing lowtier now and then 🙂

  23. S E A L C L U B B E R S

    If you play m*nkey japanese tank, you will be m*nkey nazist.

  25. Chi-He is probably pronounced more like “Chi Heh, than “Chi Hee”

  26. Fake controlled outrage about Crew 2.0 II over, back to shilling. Good work.

  27. i dont need too pkay the tank in fact i will only watch cc’s instead of playing wot, just to see the end of an era of a game.

  28. I am still mad Ke-ho is no longer there on tier 4

  29. omg, killing noobs on low level tank, show there statistic, they all are red

  30. Will try to grind this one.

  31. Say ‘situation’ or ‘scenario’ more noob…

  32. Please change title to: Sealclubb with this tank now!

  33. Jeremy Hans Patrick

    Chi he is my favourite tank weirdly enough. One of the craziest tanks.

  34. Christian Bittner

    yup, low tier Japanese tanks are a sleeper. However I’m sad they chose the tier IV tank to lead to the new TDs…the tier 5 is way cooler in my opinion

  35. The A-32 is the killer tank at Tier IV. Fastest MT in the game.

  36. WG effectively destroyed everything below tier 6 with the frequent battlepass-es. If you’re having to grind more then usual, just to complete the battlepass, you’re not going to spend time at tiers below 6. It’s a sealclubber galore down there.

  37. the funny thing is that the Chi-He has been my second favourite teir 4 ever

  38. I love how he lists the worst tier 4 tanks as seal clubber tanks, personally it goes, M5A1 Stuart, Hetzer, P26/40, Matilda, M8A1.

  39. Thx babyFace, we will start using this machine.

  40. ivandra atmawijaya

    its always the dead player that talk too much lol

  41. Until this video came out, I would never have given it much thought if I was playing against it. However, I bought this today to give it a try since it seems like a little hidden gem at IV. It’s not bad. 4 kills first game, and 9200 xp towards the TD line when it comes out.

  42. Not much chop against gold spamming tier V’s tho’… =/

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