Play this TANK TO WIN | T-64 MBT (War Thunder Top Tier Gameplay)

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Play this TANK TO WIN | T-64 MBT (War Thunder Top Gameplay)


  1. phly i watch all your vids

  2. play the kpz 70

  3. Challenge: Land a bomber on the ground and taxi around shooting tanks with your turrets. Alternatively: Land a fighter on the ground and shoot tanks. Attempt #33

  4. Nguyễn Hải Dương

    The mbt and T-64 both have auto-loader, it doesnt make sense to decrease the loading times by level up loader because basically they dont have one.

  5. I think the M60A1 and ERA need a 6.5 sec reload.

  6. They should add the Chieftain 800 for the British!

  7. Mobility is so lower than the MBT/KPz in terms of reverse speed

  8. Khenghaw Leekhwang Kang


  9. kraut's Space magic

    Chieftain 800? or the challenger 1?
    who knows, when the XM1 arrives, maybe…

  10. Instructions Unclear: played Po-2

  11. The British should get the challenger 2

  12. 14:30 lived the same exact moment 2 days ago

  13. 9.0 is aids because the British don’t have a tank that can compete

  14. Well Russia IS for the brain dead players

  15. Kpz70 for dayz

  16. Kpz70 king tanks

  17. GERMAN BIAS!!!!Play the Pz.IV bfw death panzer!!Attempt # 1

  18. i shit myself when i saw your GE wish i had that much 🙁 ive had the game for 3 years and dont have a tier 5 but its partly on me for grinding my america and Germany to 6.7 and russia to 5.7

  19. >sees this video
    >hops in T-64
    >loses 10 rounds in a row

    yeah pls

  20. i love drinking the salty tears of american and german whiners

  21. Well yeah, how would crew skill affect an autoloaders?

  22. ya exactly, play this tank to win because its russian. bunch of hidden augmented stats like all the other russians. bullshit ricochets and no pens and angle multipliers. typical high tier bias and making sure its a little better than mbt lol. bet kpz is much worse than mbt 70 because war thunder hates germans and loves to nerf them in secret.

  23. Hey phly this is a cutenes challenge/test:
    You will take out the M2A2 at 9.0br and when you encounter an enemy try to look as cute as possible so that he will not kill you (I recommend spinning around and shooting your mg’s into the air)
    Oh and almost forgot!!! You should put cute eyes to your tank good luck!!
    Attempt 9

  24. Phly can you show us your top played vehicles? I’m just curious.

  25. Cyka bylat ćømřáđe

  26. @PhlyDaily you are the shit.

  27. SoftTis second Account

    The T 64 has the Panther Syndrom

  28. Careful Phly, some guys were banned from the game for “negative” impressions. I love your channel even though I am new to WT (ex WOT player started in 2012 and ended this summer), and I am learning a lot from your reviews. I wouldn’t want you to be “left out” because for these kind of videos. Wargaming (world of tanks) for example did a Copyright strike on SirFoch who was criticising the Pay to Win in the game.

  29. Am I the only one kind of piss that he only uses one vehicle in his line up now and doesn’t even get into a jet to assist his team he just leaves trust me I love phly but come on do the vids like the old days bring a line up plsssss

  30. Kpz now has only 3 advantages and all are negligible except for speed, it’s has gun depression and turret rotation otherwise all advantages are with the t-64

  31. Virtual Reality Farmer

    This tank looks like the one from crysis 1

  32. whos bubba??

  33. Challenge time.
    Take out the duck (hs129B3) in to a high tier tankbattle and get atleast 2 kills

  34. “To increase your chances of winning, go with russian”

    War Thunder summed up in one sentence…

    The T64 is so much better than the 70 than I’m wondering how the fuck people manage to pretend the 70 was or is still OP compares to this fucking beast…

  35. Hey Phly. Didn’t you notice inaccuracy problems on this tank?

  36. this has convinced me to drop world of tanks

  37. >balancing tier 6 meta to put the Russians on top again
    >removing all reason to play Germans past tier 3 yet again
    Just another day at gaijin hq

  38. Try the T-64A + Mig 17 in sim battles.

  39. PHLY!!!! send that bounce ammo rack clip to gaijin for the thunder show

  40. I guess they have to bring out the MBT-80 for Britain

  41. WernerSchmidt here 😉 You got me on abandonned factory. 🙁 I’ve got a good game and You finished it.

  42. Basically the ivans cried that their top tier tank wasn’t the best so they nerfed the mbt-70/kpz-70 and buffed the t-64.

  43. Hey. How did you make the multinational voice?

  44. Warning!
    jerking can cause:
    – Bad performance on battlefield
    – Bad gun laying drive
    – Died because of reason 2
    – Killed in action

  45. what are those plates at the side of the tracks?

  46. To bring the british back up in the game i would say the challanger but maybe it would be too strong

  47. What about the challenger 1?

  48. Not many ppl are playing british… Chief’s are very hard to kill. I had one battle full t64 team vs chief mk10/3. They nuked us.

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